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Oracle SQL Online Training

The Oracle SQL training has been designed and conceived by our leading industry experts who have substantial experience in this domain. Oracle SQL Developer is a free graphical tool that enhances productivity and simplifies databases for development tasks. This course helps you master all the tricks and techniques of database programming and database design. Oracle SQL developer helps you in browsing database objects, run SQL statements. This training is in line with the latest industry standards and helps you land high-paying jobs in this ever-demanding domain.

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Overview of Oracle SQL Training

SQL Online Training

This Oracle PL SQL Course is one of the most popular databases with a graphical user interface. Our expert faculty are proactive in solving your queries and providing you with the best and latest information used and followed in real-time scenarios. This training will make you proficient in using the database and help the end-user save time and maximize the return on investment.

In this course you will learn nuances of database programming, creating a table using GUI interface, and many more critical tasks. Our training is in regards to the requirements of the Oracle SQL Certification exam and you can clear the Oracle SQL certification with ease. This Oracle SQL tutorial covers all the topics from beginners to advance level

Oracle SQL Certification Key Features

  • Installation and Configuration of Oracle SQL
  • The architecture of Oracle SQL
  • Core concepts of creating, navigating tables, and managing database
  • Get Oracle SQL certification
  • Provide you with Oracle SQL Interview Questions
  • Get Oracle SQL Developer Tutorial
  • Live instructor-led classes
  • Guidance in building a good Oracle SQL resume
  • One to One sessions

Who Can Take Oracle PL SQL Online Course?

This Oracle SQL Course primarily benefits database administrators, developers, and architects who want to upskill or shift to the Oracle SQL domain. Individuals who want to pursue a career in the Oracle SQL domain. Additionally, it helps Oracle developers who want certification boost their careers.

Course curriculum
    • Introduction to Programming Languages
    • Introduction and Overview of PL/SQL
    • The Advantages of PL/SQL
    • Understanding PL/SQL Architecture
    • What are the different PL/SQL Data types
    • What are Variable and Constants in Oracle SQL
    • Using Built_in Functions and advantage of it
    • Using Conditional and Unconditional Statements in PL/SQL
    • Using SQL commands Simple if, if…else, nested if..else, if..else Ladder
    • Using PL/SQL commands Selection Case, Simple Case, GOTO Label   and EXIT
    • Iterations in PL/SQL
    • Exploring concepts of Simple LOOP,WHILE LOOP,FOR LOOP   and NESTED LOOPS
    • Understanding SQL within PL/SQL
    • Understanding Composite Data types (Complete)
    • What is Cursor Management in PL/SQL?
    • What is Implicit Cursors and how to use it?
    • What is Explicit Cursors and how to use it?
    • What are Cursor Attributes?
    • How to use Cursor with Parameters
    • How to use Cursors with LOOPs Nested Cursors
    • Cursors with Sub Queries
    • What is Ref. Cursors and how to use it?
    • Concepts of Record and PL/SQL Table Types
    •  Advanced PL/SQL
    • What is STORED PROCEDURE in SQL with example?
    • Understanding PROCEDURE with Parameters (IN, OUT  and IN OUT)
    • Understanding POSITIONAL Notation and NAMED Notation
    • What is Procedure with Cursors and examples?
    • What is Drop Procedure in SQL
    • Exploring Functions in PL/SQL
    • Difference between Procedures and Functions
    • Learning about User Defined Functions
    • Learning about Nested Functions
    • Using stored function in SQL statements
    • Creating PACKAGE Specification and  PACKAGE Body
    • What are Private and Public Objects in PACKAGE
    • Types of exceptions
    • Learning about User Defined Exceptions
    • What are Pre Defined Exceptions and how to use it.?
    • SQL Error Code Values
    • Types of Triggers
    • Understanding Row Level Triggers
    • How to use Statement Level Triggers?
    • How to use DDL Triggers
    • Trigger Auditing
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SQL Online Training FAQ’s:
1.What is Oracle SQL?

Oracle SQL database course is a graphical user interface which enhances productivity and simplifies database development tasks. It also supports cross-platform workings.

2.Do you assist in the Oracle SQL certification exam?

Once you decide on the type of certification needed, we do assist you in taking and clearing the Oracle certification exam. You have to take the exam at the designated parametric center as it is a proctored exam.

3.How much does Oracle SQL certification cost?

The cost of Oracle SQL developer certification is USD 245.

4.Does your institution provide Oracle SQL expert certification?

Yes, we do provide our certification upon completing the course successfully. Our certificate is accredited by many leading organizations which will help you to get hired. It helps you build trust and credibility.

5.What if I miss the Oracle PL SQL online class?

We will provide you with a video recording of the class. And also eLearning Oracle SQL Tutorial to self-study.

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