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Oracle Apex Online Training Introduction

Oracle Apex Training or Oracle Application Express training is a course from FolksIT in which you will learn about different types of tools and techniques. These tools and techniques will help you n making different types of web applications. You will also be able to learn about SQL and PL/SQL and their usage in the applications. After pursuing the course you will get the job of application developer, application analyst, and many other Oracle Apex jobs.

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What is Oracle Apex?


Oracle Apex training online program will help you in getting the job of Oracle Apex developers. The course will start by telling you about what is Oracle Apex. After introducing the subject, basic and advance topics will be covered.

The whole course curriculum has been designed by FolksIT’s industry professionals and everything regarding Oracle Apex will be covered. Oracle Apex interview questions and answers also be provided with the course.

Apex Oracle Certification Online Key features

  • Learn oracle apex from scratch including definition, architecture, etc.,
  • Earn a certificate after completing the Oracle Apex certification
  • Get Oracle Apex interview questions and answers
  • Learn Oracle Apex from expert trainers
  • Oracle Apex  tutorial for beginners will be provided during the course
  • Get the facil