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Oracle Apex Online Training Introduction

Oracle Apex Training or Oracle Application Express training is a course from FolksIT in which you will learn about different types of tools and techniques. These tools and techniques will help you n making different types of web applications. You will also be able to learn about SQL and PL/SQL and their usage in the applications. After pursuing the course you will get the job of application developer, application analyst, and many other Oracle Apex jobs.

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What is Oracle Apex?

Oracle Apex Training

Oracle Apex training online program will help you in getting the job of Oracle Apex developers. The course will start by telling you about what is Oracle Apex. After introducing the subject, basic and advance topics will be covered.

The whole course curriculum has been designed by FolksIT’s industry professionals and everything regarding Oracle Apex will be covered. Oracle Apex interview questions and answers also be provided with the course.

Apex Oracle Certification Online Key features

  • Learn oracle apex from scratch including definition, architecture, etc.,
  • Earn a certificate after completing the Oracle Apex certification
  • Get Oracle Apex interview questions and answers
  • Learn Oracle Apex from expert trainers
  • Oracle Apex  tutorial for beginners will be provided during the course
  • Get the facilities of mock tests and mock interviews
  • Instructors will be available 24/7

Who should learn Oracle Apex Online?

The people who will be benefitted by the course include Database Administrator, SQL Developer, Data Analyst, Web Developer, and many more. The one who want to become Oracle apex developer can also join now.

Course curriculum
    • Overview of Oracle Apex
    • Oracle Apex Architecture
    • Versions of Oracle Apex
    • Understand Apex Documentation
    • Software Requirements
    • Application Homepage
    • Developer Navigation Bar
    • Using Page Editor
    • Page Rendering and Processing
    • Concept of Shared Components
    • Browsing, Creating and Modifying Objects
    • Issuing adhoc SQL commands
    • Processing Ad Hoc SQL Statements
    • Process of Managing Scripts
    • Creating, Running and Saving SQL Queries
    • Basic Reports
    • Report Analysis Pages
    • Interactive Reports
    • Report and Column Attributes
    • Report Layout and Pagination
    • APEX ITEM package
    • Master Detail Form
    • Generating Primary Keys
    • Procedure based Form
    • Calendar wizard
    • SQL Calendar
    • Calendar Attributes
    • Date Intervals
    • Calendar Links
    • Flash Charts
    • SVG Charts
    • HTML Charts
    • Chart Asynchronous Updates
    • Session overview
    • Page URL Syntax
    • Session State Page
    • Setting and Getting Session Data
    • Clearing Session Data
    • Bookmarking Public Pages
    • How to use Navigation Bars?
    • How to use Bread Crumbs?
    • How to use Tab Sets?
    • How to use Lists?
    • How to use Trees?
    • Item level validations
    • Page level validations
    • Custom validations using PL/SQL
    • Page Computations
    • Item level validations
    • Page level validations
    • Custom validations using PL/SQL
    • Page Computations
    • JavaScript Overview
    • Adding JavaScript to an Application
    • Referencing Page Elements with JavaScript
    • JavaScript Events
    • Cascading Style Sheets Overview
    • Uploading and using CSS in Apex
    • Different types of Page Templates
    • Usage of Substitution Strings
    • What are Regions?
    • What is Page 0?
    • Uploading Documents to Apex
    • Displaying Uploaded Documents
    • Making Documents Available for Download
    • Storing Document Attributes
    • Storing Documents in Custom Tables
    • Web Service Overview
    • SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol
    • WSDL Web Services Description Language
    • What is UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration)?
    • Creating Web Services from a WSDL (Web Services Description Language)
    • Creating Web Services Manually
    • Displaying Web Service Results
    • Configuring Email Settings
    • Enabling Network Services for Oracle 11g
    • Sending Text and HTML Email
    • Sending Email Attachments
    • Viewing Email Queue and Logs
    • PDF Printing with Apex
    • Installing BI Publisher
    • Configuring Apex to Work with BI Publisher
    • Creating Simple PDF Report
    • Creating Master-Detail PDF Report
    • Using BI Publisher Desktop for Customized PDF Reports
    • Managing Users
    • Provisioning options
    • Provisioning a schema
    • Provisioning extra workspace storage
    • Workspace reports
    • Locking workspaces
    • Removing workspaces
    • How to perform Authentication?
    • Configuring LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Authentication
    • What are Authorization?
    • Creating and Using Access Control Page
    • Session State Protection
    • Importing and Exporting Data
    • Generating Data Definition Language Statements
    • Viewing Object Reports
    • Monitoring the Database
    • Language Preferences
    • Translating Applications and Messages
    • Language Identification
    • Translating Internal Messages
    • Deployment Options
    • Packaged Applications
    • Exporting Application Metadata
    • Supporting Objects Page
    • Exporting Supporting Objects
    • Importing an Application
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Oracle Apex Training FAQ’s:
1.Which types of jobs will I get after completing the Apex course?

The jobs that you can get after completing this course are application developer, application analyst, database administrator and many more.

2.How will I earn an Oracle Apex certificate?

You will have to complete the Apex oracle course successfully with all the projects to earn a certificate.

3.What type of projects will we get?

You will get the projects related to developing web applications. You will also have to test the application after the completion of its development.

4.Will we get guidance during the project?

Yes! Our instructors will guide you to complete your project.

5.Will I get the facility of mock test and mock interview?

Yes! Our organization will make arrangement for mock test and mock interview.

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