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Usage Of Phones

You can make a call to your instructor if you are facing any issue . The instructor will provide you the solution. Though we provide 24/7 support but it is not a good thing to call the instructor at odd times. Students can even ask the instructor the time at which they can contact him on phone. Students can also go for a group call so that all of them can resolve their problems at one time.


Some students are not good at verbal communication and they may even face problems in asking questions directly on phone. In such a case, they may contact the instructors on email and ask their problem. This is a better solution than a phone call. Students can write their problem in detail and the instructor will also tell the detailed solution. Students can make notes out of the solution provided by the instructor.

Availability Of The Tutorials

Online tutorials and other course materials should also be available so that students can access them any time to look yup to the solution for their problems. We provide detailed tutorials which students can go through after the classes to grasp the concept and make notes. The tutorials available with us have basic to advanced topics and students will be able to learn the topics much better from the tutorials after attending the classes.

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