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Siebel CRM Online Training (Customer Relationship Management)

The Oracle Siebel CRM online training has been designed and conceived with a holistic approach to give learners functional knowledge by our industry-certified experts who have substantial working experience in the Oracle Siebel domain. Siebel CRM provides comprehensive solutions to design, develop, and support customer relationship management applications. Siebel CRM system provides solutions for integration, deployment, and diagnostics services as well. Siebel CRM modules boast customer order management, contact management, and other data management features. Siebel CRM helps in expanding the customer base and also helps in maintaining them. This Siebel CRM course helps you to master all the concepts and help you build an effective customer relationship strategy that promises the growth of the customer base. This course will help you use the Siebel application effectively and handle all the real-time issues that may arise. By the end of this course, you will be able to land the in-demand high-paying Siebel CRM jobs.

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Siebel Customer Relationship Management Course Overview

Siebel CRM Training

Siebel CRM software helps the company with its CRM processes. Oracle Siebel CRM program runs as a standalone program, it is considered the best in managing a large customer base. Our expert faculty are always proactive in helping and solving your queries at any given time, and also provide you with the latest information followed in the industry.

In this course, you will learn the end-to-end process of building and deploying CRM applications. You will learn about various Siebel CRM modules, applications of CRM Siebel, and many more key concepts. This training program will help you take and clear Siebel CRM certification which is in line with market requirements and industry standards.

Siebel CRM Tutorial Key Features

  • Learn from scratch about Oracle Siebel Customer Relationship Management
  • Installation and Configuration of Siebel CRM software
  • Understanding Siebel CRM architecture
  • Using Oracle Siebel CRM system
  • Exploring Siebel CRM Domain Certification modules
  • Provide you with important Siebel interview questions
  • Real-time based projects for practice
  • Get Siebel certification
  • One to One sessions

Who should take this Siebel CRM Online Course?

This Oracle CRM course primarily benefits software developers, administrators, and IT professionals who want to upskill or shift to the Customer relationship manager domain. Individuals who want to pursue a career in the Siebel domain can also opt. Professionals who want Siebel certification to advance their careers can also go for it.

Course curriculum
    • Understanding Siebel Applications
    • Introduction of Siebel Application
    • Implementing Siebel Applications
    • Using the Siebel Client
    • Working with Data in the User Interface
    • Comparison of the Siebel CRM versions (7.5/7.7/7.8/8.0)
    • Explaining the Siebel Architecture
    • How Clients Access Seibel Data?
    • How to Install Siebel software?
    • Introducing Server Administration
    • What are Server Components and Parameters?
    • What are Server configuration and Management?
    • Securing Siebel Access to the Applications
    • Controlling Access to views
    • Controlling Access to Customer Data
    • How to Create the Company Structure
    • Controlling Access to Master Data
    • Methods of authenticating users
    • Understanding object Definitions behind a Siebel Applications
    • Understanding Siebel Tools to Examine Object Definitions
    • Understanding the Siebel Data Model
    • Understanding Business Components
    • Understanding Party Business Components
    • Understanding Business Objects
    • The Configuration Process
    •  Managing Object Definitions
    •  Editing and Compiling Object Definitions
    •  Understanding the Physical User Interface
    • Configuring Applets in Siebel
    • Configuring Applications, Screens and Views in Siebel
    • Configuring Drilldowns in Siebel
    • Configuring Business Components and Fields
    • Creating business Components and Fields
    • Configuring Pick Lists
    • Configuring Multi-Value groups
    • Extending the Seibel Database
    • Exploring Integration Strategies 
    • Managing Object Definitions
    • Editing ad Compiling Object Definitions
    • UI Layer Configuration: Web Templates
    • UI Layer Configuration: Applets
    • UI Layer Configuration: Applications, Screens, ad Views
    • UI Layer Configuration: Drilldowns
    • Business Layer Configuration: Joins
    • Business Layer Configuration: Existing Business Components and Fields
    • Business Layer Configuration: new Business Components and Fields
    • Business Layer Configuration: Pick lists
    • Configuring Multi-Value Groups
    • Data Layer Configuration
    • Understanding Siebel Event models
    • Using Siebel State Model
    • Introducing Siebel Workflow
    • Deploying Siebel Workflow Processes
    • Invoking Siebel Workflow Processes
    • Understanding Interactive and Long-Running Flows
    • What is assignments manager in Siebel CRM
    • Introducing Assignment Manager in Siebel CRM
    • Creating Sales Assignment Rules in CRM
    • Assignment Manager Configuration
    • Deploying Assignment Manager
    • Introducing Application Deployment Manager
    • Deploying Application Customizations
    • Introduction about reports Architecture of report server
    • What is Simple reports?
    • What is Master-child reports?
    • What is Parameterized reports?
    • How to use Browser script?
    • What is Server script and how to use?
    • What is Applet level?
    • What is BC level?
    • How to use Application and Business services level
    • What us Definition stage?
    • What is Discovery stage in Siebel CRM?
    • How to Design stage in Siebel CRM?
    • How to Configure stage in Siebel?
    • Implementation CRM
    • What is Deploy stage?
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Siebel CRM Training FAQ’s:
1.What is Siebel?

Oracle Siebel CRM technology provides the framework for designing, building, and deploying CRM applications. It provides complete customer relationship management solutions.

2.How do I get Siebel CRM certification?

We would provide you with certification upon the completion of the course. Our certificate is accredited by many leading organizations. It will help you gain trust and credibility among the companies hiring.

3.What if I miss the online class?

We would provide you with the recording of the session. And also eLearning material for self-study.

4.Do you assist with Siebel jobs?

Yes, we would provide you with job opportunities and help you prepare for the interview.

5.What is the Abbreviation of CRM in Siebel CRM?

CRM means Customer Relationship Management.

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