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Salesforce Administrator Certification Program

Salesforce administrator jobs have an average salary of $88k. Our program is a combination of lectures and hands-on experience. This enables you to explore in-depth features of salesforce administration. Instructors will guide during the training to get through it.

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Salesforce Administrator Online Training Overview

Salesforce administrator training

FolksIT’s Salesforce Administrator Certification program is curated by top industry experts. This program helps you gain a deep understanding of salesforce administration to do your best for your company. In simple terms, this enables users to make the most out of salesforce. Also, entry-level salesforce admin jobs are much easier to secure. Through this course, you learn to bridge business with technology. We train you to administrate salesforce like a pro.

Salesforce Administrator Course Key Features:

  • Become Certified Salesforce Administrator
  • The advantage to learn from reputed industry experts
  • 100+ practical examples and case studies applied
  • Use salesforce lightning and classic
  • Get updated with the latest advancements
  • Get hired by top MNC companies
  • Learn How To Become a Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Administrator Training

  • This program is for people new to the Salesforce Platform. This course covers the complete concepts required for salesforce administrator jobs.
  • People who have Salesforce expertise will also benefit from this course. We proceed through each part of this Salesforce Administrator Course, teaching you not just core notions, but providing hands-on expertise.
  • Anyone interested in getting Salesforce Administrator Certification will gain from this program.
  • Anyone who wants to prove their skills, knowledge and needs an entry-level salesforce admin jobs
Course curriculum
    • What is Salesforce.com
    • Overview of ERP and CRM.
    • What is Cloud Computing
    • Why Salesforce CRM is #1 on Demand.
    • Setting UP Chatter in Salesforce.com.
    • What is login Salesforce
    • Different Salesforce Editions
    • Lifetime access practice Developer Org set up
    • Personal Setup and Company Setup in Salesforce.com
    • Understanding Salesforce.com application
    • How to create an App in SFDC (Salesforce dot com)?
    • Creating a custom object in SFDC
    • How to create TABS in Salesforce.com?
    • How to create fields using different field types in Salesforce.com?
    • Install and set up the Salesforce1 app in Mobile.
    • Overview on Salesforce Object Relationships
    • How to create Master-Detail relationship in SFDC?
    • Cannot create a Master-Detail Relationship?
    • How to create a Lookup relationship in salesforce.com?
    • Creation of Many to Many Relationship in Salesforce
    • What is Schema Builder?
    • What is a Formula Field?
    • What are Cross Object Formulas?
    • What are the Validation Rules?
    • Roll up Summary Fields
    • Field Dependencies
    • Page Types and Page Elements
    • What are page Layouts?
    • Home page layouts and components
    • Why Documents are used in Salesforce?
    • How to use List Views?
    • Overview on Salesforce security Model
    • How to create New Users in SFDC?
    • What is SAML?
    • Public groups in Salesforce
    • Role Hierarchies in Salesforce.com
    • How to create and manage Profiles?
    • What is the Field Level Security?
    • How to use Permission Sets?
    • Control Record visibility using Organization wide Defaults
    • Control Record visibility using Role Hierarchy
    • Control Record visibility using Sharing Rules
    • Configuring different types of records
    • What are Page Types and page Elements
    • Application Level security
    • Field Level Security
    • Object Level Security
    • Record Level Security
    • Setting up Search layouts
    • Different Data Management Tools
    • What is the Data Import wizard?
    • How to Upsert/Update/Import data using Data Import Wizard?
    • Installation of Apex Data Loader in MacOS and Windows
    • Inserting a record using Apex Data Loader
    • Updating and Inserting records in Apex Data Loader
    • Deleting and Exporting records Apex Data Loader
    • Field History Tracking
    • Setup Audit Trail
    • Different Email Templates in Salesforce
    • Workflow rules creation with Rule Criteria
    • How to configure Immediate and Time dependent Workflow rule actions?
    • Configuring Approval Process
    • Assignment rules for Leads and Cases
    • Process of converting business requirements to Reports and Dashboards
    • How to use report builder?
    • How to create Tabular reports?
    • How to create Summary reports?
    • How to create matrix reports?
    • How to create Joined Reports?
    • How to create custom report types?
    • How to schedule reports?
    • Salesforce Dashboard tutorial
    • Scheduling Dashboard Refresh
    • Overview on Salesforce Service Cloud
    • How to create a service cloud console?
    • Configuring Agent console in Salesforce
    • Developing Force.com Sites
    • How to enable and use Customer Portal?
    • How to enable and use Partner Portal?
    • Integrate Salesforce with websites
    • Web to Lead forms creation in Salesforce
    • Web to Case forms creation in Salesforce
    • Different Sandboxes and Sandbox Environment Types
    • How to create Sandbox in Salesforce?
    • How to create a Sandbox template?
    • How to login Sandbox?
    • Salesforce AppExchange
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Salesforce administrator training FAQ’s:
1.What is salesforce administrator certification?

Salesforce is cloud based CRM software which has more than 800 applications. Any business which is into sales and customer relation management can make full use of salesforce and its features.A Salesforce Admin best knows how to create the platform work for their business's unique needs. Some businesses may use a lot of individuals in this function. A Salesforce Administrator's coworkers can rely on them for platform maintenance, technical level issues, new tools and updates.

2.Are salesforce administrator jobs a good career?

Yes, salesforce administrator jobs are in huge demand, salesforce administrator earns $88K/ Year on an average. That’s 80% higher than in 2016. Entry level salesforce admin salary ranges from $37K/year to $55K/year. Salesforce changed how a business treats and preserves its own customer base. It’s a fantastic technology in a market flooded with jobs. Salesforce administration is growing over 60% per year.

3.Is getting a salesforce admin jobs easy?

Getting your first job can be difficult; but we guide you to get through the process. There are several opportunities to build your career and experience. Entry level salesforce admin jobs are plentiful.

4.What are the prerequisites for salesforce administrator jobs?

For entry level salesforce admin jobs, fine set of technical skills and certification is necessary. At Folks IT we train you in the right direction to get a job.

5.How long does it take to learn Salesforce administration?

If you consider only learning, salesforce administration takes 2-3 month. But it till take time to improve skills and you need to work at real time to improve practical experience.

6.Which is better salesforce admin or developer?

Salesforce admins usually manages salesforce organization, they are responsible for managing releases into production. Developers would build functionality and handover the deployment to administrators.

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