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Talk To The Instructor Any Time

During the e-learning session, some students may have problem in asking questions to the instructors directly. In such a case, they can send their message on Zoom, Google Meet, or the tool that the instructor is using to take the class. Other people can talk directly to the instructor during online class or take direct guidance after class. Students can choose any method of contacting with the instructor.

Online Recording Of The Classes

Students will get the recording of every online session. This will help them to grab the concept if they have missed any. They can also make notes of the topic taught in a lecture. Students will also be provided the videos of those online lectures for the classes that they have missed. All such features are not available in offline classes. If a student has missed any class, the instructor will not take a class separately for him. The student has to contact other students to get the notes of that class.

Developing New Skills And Getting More Knowledge

Online learning has benefitted the students in getting more and more information which they cannot get through offline learning. Students will understand the concept easily and practical sessions will also be arranged for them. If they face any problem in installing a software application, running a code, or any other practical problem, they can contact the instructor to help them.

Different Styles Of Learning

Students may adopt different styles of online learning. Some need peaceful environment while some want that there should be an instructor who should teach them. If online learning is combined with instructor-led learning, the students will be able to get more knowledge and grab the concepts.

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