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Salesforce Developer Training

Salesforce developer training will help you advance your career and gain valuable experience in the salesforce field. Sign up for our job-oriented training to obtain Salesforce developer certification. You can also download the Interview questions and answers pdf for both freshers and experienced candidates.

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Salesforce Developer Course Overview

Salesforce Developer Training

FolksIT's Salesforce Developer Certification Program will help you master salesforce skills. Salesforce is a top-class software company that provides software solutions around the cloud, which have entirely changed the usage of business software. This course covers all the fundamentals of development through real-time projects and case studies. In simple terms, we strive to provide job-oriented training with real-time exposure.

Salesforce Developer Online Training - Key Features

  • Understand from scratch such as what is salesforce, programming methodologies, etc
  • Usage of CRM System, code level problem solving
  • Get an in-depth understanding of all salesforce tools.
  • Learn about various Development tools.
  • Guidance to pass the Salesforce Developer Exam
  • This course covers everything that’s needed for salesforce developer jobs
  • Build different programmatic applications and custom declarative.
  • Download the Salesforce developer tutorial pdf
  • Get salesforce developer certification.
  • Real-time scenarios and case studies, lab tests.
  • Refer to the salesforce developer interview questions and answers for experienced &freshers also

Who can take Salesforce Developer Certification?

  • Salesforce Developer training for beginners is a must; a beginner should grab information about basics. You cannot be a good Salesforce programmer until you do not know the concepts apart from code.
  • Fresher’s looking to start their careers, other CRM professionals, and functional consultants looking for an exciting job can take up this SFCC Developer certification.
  • Developers who are willing to boost their career, are ready to earn more than the average Salesforce developer salary. 
Course curriculum
    • Object Oriented Programming (Oops)
    • Understand MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture
    • How does Apex work?
    • Working with Data Types
    • Concept of Classes
    • Usage of Access Modifiers
    • Declaring Class Variables
    • Making and working with Object
    • How to declare Constructors?
    • Working with Arrays
    • Understand Collection (List, Set & Map)
    • Example for Getter Method
    • Example for Setter Method
    • What are SOQL Queries?
    • Relationship from Child to Parent on custom and standard objects
    • Relationship from Parent to Child on custom and standard objects
    • How to work with SOSL Queries?
    • What are DML (Data Modification Language) operations?
    • Usage of Apex Program within VF page
    • Using Apex Class in VF page
    • Call Apex methods in VF page
    • Using Simple Apex class
    • Working with Batch Apex
    • Invoking Batch Apex
    • Scheduled Apex (Apex scheduler)
    • Batch Apex Example with test case
    • Schedule Apex example with test case
    • Interface Iterator & Iterable
    • Concept of Database.QueryLocator class
    • Usage of Database class Methods
    • DML methods vs Database class methods
    • Triggers and Examples
    • Invoking Apex methods in Triggers
    • What are Recursive Triggers?
    • Order of Execution of Triggers
    • Introduction to VisualForce Page
    • What is Apex Page?
    • Working with Apex PageBlock
    • Using Formula & Expressions in VF
    • About PageBlock Section
    • Using PageBlock Button
    • Purpose of Command Link
    • Using Command Button
    • Using Input text
    • Using Input Secret
    • Using Input Hidden
    • Using Input Checkbox
    • Using Input text area
    • Using Select List
    • Using Select Option
    • Using Select Radio
    • Using Input field
    • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Arrays in JavaScript
    • Methods in JavaScript
    • Reading sObject data in JavaScript
    • How to read VF input component data in JavaScript?
    • Validations in JavaScript
    • What are Page Block Tables?
    • What is a Data Table?
    • Using Data List
    • Using Insert & Include commands
    • Using VF page in PDF format
    • Comparison of Action Function, Action Region, vs Action support
    • Real Time Scenarios
    • Reports and Dashboards in VF
    • Google Maps in Salesforce
    • Remote Method Invocation JavaScript
    • Using Eclipse
    • Using Change sets
    • About SOAP API
    • About REST API
    • About HTTP Callouts
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Salesforce Developer Training FAQ’s:
1.How to become a salesforce developer ?

There are several directions that you may take to become a salesforce developer. However, Salesforce development deals with programming, not Java but Apex, a programming language similar to Java, but still contrasts. There are absolutely no prior requirements. An applicant who attends training regularly with the right amount of practical training will pass the exam and become a developer. Even if you are an experienced developer working on another platform and would like to jump into salesforce, you should still start with the basics.

2.What is salesforce developer certification?

Salesforce Platform Developer certification is designed for programmers who are willing to opt for MNC job. Salesforce developer certification guarantees good career benefits. To become a Salesforce Developer, it is vital to take some time to understand the platform and its declarative capabilities. Folks IT guide you at every step for successful certification.

3.What is average salesforce developer salary ?

An average salesforce developer salary ranges between $78K/yr to $80K/yr.

4.Is salesforce training for beginners good?

Yes, Salesforce is regarded as the most promising career people can pursue. It has the best career opportunities in the future. Training is the key to the right knowledge. With the proper training and guidance, we at Folks IT make your workout much enjoyable and more comfortable. There has been a steady rise in demand for Salesforce certified professionals, which will help you find many openings as a beginner.

5.How much is senior salesforce developer salary?

Senior salesforce developer earns between $104K/yr to $139K/yr

6.What is the Junior Salesforce developer salary?

The entry level salesforce developer jobs salary began from $4000.

7.What are the Salesforce developer roles and responsibilities?

The roles of Salesforce dev includes following tasks along with much more: 1. Demonstrating an understanding of software engineering concepts 2. Working on full lifecycle engineering efforts using object-oriented design, Agile methodologies, and accepted design patterns 3. On-call rotation

8.Are you giving Salesforce Developer Tutorial for beginners pdf?

Yes!!! We providing salesforce developer tutorial pdf for beginners and experienced candidates also

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