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Research Skills

The candidate must have research skills so that he can research on any topic and create notes before taking a class. He need to research deeply to grab all the information that he has to teach on each day. The syllabus of the course will be provided to him and he can perform his research accordingly. We check this skill in a candidate and ask him about the different ways of searching that he applies while searching for a particular topic.

Communication Skills

The important skill that an instructor should have is the good communication skills. The skill will not only help him in teaching the subject but he will also be able to resolve the problems of the students whether during the class or after that. Besides verbal communication, his written communication skill should also be good so that he can resolve the problem in detail to help his student to understand the subject or perform practicals.

Adaptable To Any Good Or Bad Situation

The instructor must be adaptable to handle any bad situation. There can be problems that can occur any time. Any student may not be able to connect to the ongoing class or he may face problems in doing practical or understanding any concept. In all these cases and any other such situations, the instructor should have the ability to deal with all such problems and resolve all the issues.

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