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It's all about the bar chart because humans are visual creatures, and data visualization charts, such as bar charts, scatter plots, line graphs, maps, etc., are extremely important. They provide information instantly, even though you usually have to read tables or text reports to understand the data. Learn Data Visualization online to upgrade to the next level.

Data visualization tools are so popular because they allow analysts and statisticians to easily create visual data models to their specifications, providing an easy-to-use interface, database connectivity, and machine learning tools in one place. These tools are also known as big data visualization tools. 

Popular Data Visualization Tools

This article lists some of the most popular and widely used paid and free data visualization tools. Top data visualization tools are cloud-based applications that allow you to visualize raw data in an easy-to-read graphical format. With the help of these applications, you can create bar charts, pie charts, custom histograms, etc. Data visualization tools free play a very important role in the world of software testing. Data visualization is all about designing and analyzing visual representations of data.


Xplenty is a platform that works on the cloud. This platform prepares data for your data visualization software. It can integrate data from over 100 data sets and SaaS applications.

Using Xplenty's built-in connections, you can easily access or retrieve data from common data sources in public clouds, private clouds or local infrastructure. Includes connections to databases, applications, data warehouses and more.

Xplenty offers a package design for a wide range of data integration use cases. It provides a point-and-click interface for simple replication and complex data preparation and transformation tasks. In addition, Xplenty can be used to schedule jobs, monitor job progress, and check status and output to ensure accuracy and validity.


The pricing of Whatagraph depends on what features you want to use. There's no reason to spend a lot of money on features you don't want to use.
Whatagraph gives marketers an easy way to present campaign data to their customers. The platform generates easy-to-understand visual data no matter who you want to present the results to.

Whatagraph Features

  • Seamless integration with over 40 leading digital marketing platforms such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and MailChimp
  • Unlimited customization options are available in this tool. Choose from nearly a hundred different pre-built report widgets or create your way to present your data.
  • Easily analyses data across multiple platforms. A great way to compare different marketing platforms and their performance in one report.
  • Automated reporting and delivery are simple. However, if you manage many customers, automation features help you process and present data to the right customers with minimal effort.
  • Customize reporting the way you want. For example, add your image or logo - let your brand appear on every report you create!

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a versatile data visualization tool that allows you to create powerful reports and dashboards in minutes. It can use it to analyze any data visually. In addition, it includes an AI-based assistant that allows users to ask questions and get intelligent answers in the form of meaningful reports.

Zoho Analytics Features

  • The app consists of over 100 ready-made connections for popular enterprise applications, cloud storage and databases.
  • A range of visualization options is offered - charts, inversion tables, summaries, dashboards for KPIs and dashboards for custom topics.
  • Unified business analytics to analyses data from multiple business applications.
  • Advanced analytics with artificial intelligence and intelligent assistants with ML capabilities that include natural language queries.
  • Provides white label solutions for integrated analytics and BI analytics portals.
  • Intelligent alerts that indicate anomalies in data or unusual conditions.


Juicebox is the easiest and most beautiful way to create interactive and engaging data presentations and visualizations. Juicebox is different from other tools for data visualization because it focuses on data storytelling and usability. In addition, it's free for individuals and affordable for groups.

Juicebox Features

  • A unique way to narrate data.
  • Easy to learn how to edit.
  • Interactive data visualization with easy configuration.
  • Simple layout options for a professional project.
  • Visualizations are automatically linked to data for in-depth analysis.
  • Connect to multiple data sources via data transfer or database connection.
  • Responsive design for mobile navigation.
  • Manage users with public or private posts.


HubSpot provides sales reports that include a detailed view of the sales process. HubSpot CRM comes with basic sales reports. It offers dashboard-driven reporting features. This dashboard consists of a set of reports. The data coverage on the dashboard can change. Using Sales Hub Pro and the reporting add-on, you can see a complete picture of the sales team's success. It can use a custom reporting tool. You can create custom reports based on your data.

Power BI

Power BI is an application that works as a business intelligence and data visualization tool. The tool will help you transform data from various sources into interactive dashboards and reports. The tool consists of several plugins and software services.

Power BI Features

  • SaaS solution allows you to manage reports easily.
  • Power BI provides real-time dashboard updates.
  • Provides secure and reliable connectivity to the cloud or on-premises data sources.
  • Enables exploration of data through natural language queries.
  • Provides regularly updated dashboard visualization capabilities to the community.


A tableau is a robust tool for providing better data visualization. It can connect to any database to create clear visualizations. Therefore, the tool is considered one of the best data visualization tools for sharing visualizations with others. Click here to learn Tableau online.

Tableau Features

  • The moderate speed with options to optimize and improve workflow.
  • Extensive data protection options are available, and there is no need to use the script.
  • This application is available in different versions such as Tableau server, cloud and desktop.
  • It integrates with more than 250 applications.
  • It can easily resolve Problems related to Big Data through Tableau.


Qlik is data visualization software that is used to transform raw data into insights. This software works like a human brain that works by association and can search for answers by moving in any direction.

Qlik Features

  • The tool supports various forms of data visualization.
  • It supports automatic data linking.
  • It allows you to integrate data from different sources into a single application quickly.
  • Qlik offers a meaningful and innovative way to visualize data.
  • It helps you identify trends and gain insights for decision making.


Domo is a cloud-based platform that helps you analyze and create interactive visualizations. It allows you to visualize large amounts of data with the help of graphs and pie charts. This application helps to simplify administrative data collection.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the online data visualization tools people can use to create reports and deliver them to their respective users. Moreover, This can easily customize these reports with the help of different features.

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