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There are various tools for development available in this SB framework. Database connectivity, XML configuration, and batch processing can be easily done with Spring Boot. Individuals can do various courses to learn the technology, this Spring Boot Training will help them in getting various jobs and make their career. Here are the things that students can learn if they join any training course. They can also learn these things through self-study.

Things to learn in Spring Boot Training

There are many things that people can learn through Spring Boot training. Some of these things are listed here.

  • Individuals can learn about the basics of Spring Boot and the framework. Also learn the ways to start the framework and start coding.
  • They will learn about the different features provided by the framework. These features will make the coding easy.
  • Start modules are present in the framework and students will have to add various parts of applications to these modules. These parts can be functional or non-functional. Some of these parts include connectivity to databases, monitoring, security, and many more.
  • The students will learn the making of the applications that can run in any environment.
  • Testing of the application is the next thing for learning.
  • The last thing to do is deploying and running the application on the client website and that will also be taught in the training.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Spring Boot

There are many advantages and disadvantages of Spring Boot. Some of them are described below.

SpringBoot Advantages

  • The framework has been made for making applications through Java. There is no need to configure the application when it has to be deployed and run on the client’s site.
  • Free learning materials and courses are available for the technology. It is so because a lot of users have joined the community and are providing their learning experiences and materials.
  • Multithreaded coding can also be done easily.
  • The efficiency of the development team increases as the framework consists of many features which can be used in making an application. These features reduce the coding time and let the application run smoothly.
  • All components of the application can be configured automatically when the application is installed on the client site. This reduces the time of deployment
  • After the completion of development, the app can be tested easily in the same framework. The framework consists of a default setup unit and the application can be tested easily.
  • There is no need to type the complex codes as the framework does for the developers. Complex XML configurations are also not required.
  • The framework comes with web servers called Jetty and Tomcat which are pre-installed. These web servers can be used for testing web applications made in Java.
  • The framework consists of many plugins which developers can include in their code to increase the functionality of their application. These plugins are preinstalled in the framework. These plugins can also be used to make connectivity to the database to store and retrieve data.
  • Developers can connect their applications to various databases like Oracle, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, and many more.
  • Remote access to the application is also available with the framework.
  • Servlet container is available with the framework which helps the developers to make applications based on servlets.
  • Configuration of Java Beans, XML, and others is very easy.
  • Access to the command-line interface is also easy. This helps to test the Java applications easily.
  • Docker container is another thing on which the Spring Boot framework can be implemented.

Spring Boot Disadvantages

There are many disadvantages of using Spring Boot and some of them are mentioned below.

  • The first and the challenging disadvantage of the Spring Boot framework is that developers lack control of the framework. Additional things have to be installed which create a deployment file of large size.
  • In spite of the fact that the Spring Boot framework has monitoring tools, but they are not sufficient. People have to install additional tools for the monitoring of the application.
  • Conversion of legacy code is difficult and this problem can be resolved with the help of Command Line Interface.
  • Beginners should not start their career through Spring Boot as there are many things to learn like AOP programming, proxies, dependency, etc.
  • People need to know the history of Spring Boot and after that, they can learn the technology. There are a lot of things which people have to learn so that they can work smoothly and peacefully on the technology.
  • Large apps should not be made with Spring Boot as they can cause problems during installation and deployment on the client site.
  • A person who wants to make a career in Spring Boot development must have knowledge about Spring Boot security, AMQP, Integration, etc. If he will not learn them, he will not be able to use various concepts and this can make the application development difficult.


These are some of the advantages and disadvantages that people should know before learning Spring Boot and making a career. Individuals also need to learn Java as they have to use the language to make applications in Spring Boot.

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