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What is CMS (Content Management System)?

First, let us know what CMS is. A content management system or CMS is a software application that can help you to create different types of content. Modification and management of content are also accessible with this CMS software.

In other words, Content management system (CMS) is nothing but an application that is helpful for creation, editing, and production of digital web pages, blog posts. It is most powerful tool for the Digital marketing and its operations.

You can work on different types of content management systems without having any technical knowledge. There are various content management systems, and each has some common and some unique features. In this article, we will discuss everything about content management systems. If you know how to work on any CMS, you can get different types of CMS jobs.

Type of Content Management Systems

The first thing that we will discuss is the types of the content management system as you have to choose the best CMS to make your website. You need to understand the CMS guidelines so that you can work on them quickly. CMS certification courses also available for learning content management system like CMS WordPress.

Open Source CMS

Content management system, an open source software application that can be downloaded, and there is no need to pay any prices for having a license. Here are some things related to the open-source CMS for which you may have to make payments.

  • Technical help is needed for the installation of the system
  • Customizing the software
  • Adding templates and plugins for enhancing the features of the CMS
  • Updating the software regularly

Proprietary CMS

Proprietary CMS software is also known as commercial software. This type of software application is developed by a single company. The same company manages all the things related to the software. If you want to use such a CMS, you will have to fulfil the following conditions.

  • A license fee has to be paid to use such a software application
  • Payment for updates and support should also be made, and this payment can be made on a monthly or annual basis.

Proprietary CMS can be customized by using the inbuilt functionality. Be aware of using this type of CMS for an existing website. It is sobe3casue a lot of work has to be done Proprietary CMS is a good option for a new website.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is a software application that is used for the management of website content. Other things where this type of content management system can be used are technical support, and web hosting and all these features are provided by a single supplier.

You have to purchase a subscription for such software as all such applications are based on the cloud. The payment has to be made either based on users or based on the website. The price is also based upon the following things.

  • The amount of data that is to be transferred
  • Storage space for the data and the content
  • Provision of support

Component Content Management System (CCMS)

This type of content management system is issued to change and manage repetitive content present in different documents. The content can be easily translated into other languages. The content can also be stored in building blocks, and they can be used to create new documents.

Document Management System (DMS)

It is a type of content management system which is used for storing the content efficiently. Documents can also be easily formatted in such a content management system. Different users are given access to these documents, and they can change and manage them simultaneously.

Digital Asset Management System (DAMS)

It is a content management system in which you can manage different types of media files like images, videos, audios, etc. and other graphical and media content. The content management system can manage all the media files, and a particular type of media easily found in such kind of content management system.

How does CMS work?

There are two parts of the content management system, and both these part are used to make and deliver the content. These parts are discussed below.

Content Management Application or CMA

This part of the content management system is the place where you can write your content daily. The CMA will also provide a dashboard. The content can be written and formatted easily in this tool.

Content Delivery Application or CDA

The task of this tool is to take the content into an interface and use it as a website. The tool also handles all the code that is necessary to make a website.

CMS Core functions & features

A content management system comes with many features which have different functions, and we will discuss some of them here.


Admin dashboard is present in all the content management systems. The dashboard will help you to manage everything that you are doing on content management. These tasks are listed below.

  • Content scheduling
  • Threats monitoring
  • Installation of the plugins
  • Performance review


The content management systems consist of differe4nt types of themes that can be used in the website to enhance their look and feel. Some of these themes are available for free, while some are paid ones. The themes will bring consistency to all the web pages. You can manage the layout, background images, and other things related to the website.


A content management system also has publishing tools in the form of a content editor. You can add content and publish them on your website. Other things that you can add and publish are videos, images, slides, and many other things. The publishing tool also consists of a preview option where you can see the output of your content. If there is any error, you can eliminate it and then publish your content.

Different Languages

You may want to reach the target audience of different countries. In such a case, your website should have the option to translate the content into a particular language. Some of the content management systems have multiple language feature that can be used to translate the content.

Difference between CMS, ECM and WCMS

Content management systems are of many types like CMS, ECM, and WCMS. Let us find the difference between all the three.


CMS or content management system is used to write and organize all the content to be used on the website. The work can also be shared among different members of the team. CMS can be used to prepare technical documentation, make contracts with suppliers, provide backups for websites, and many other features.


ECM or enterprise content management system consists of different types of management. This management includes web content, documentation, asset management, workflow management, and many others. This type of content management system can be used only by enterprises to manage their content.

Website CMS

WCMS or website CMS or website content management system is an application in which you can write content and directly publish it to your web page. Different types of content can be published like text, images, videos, audios, etc. Some content management systems can also provide the facility of SEO.

Wrapping Up

Content management systems come with many features and CMS tools. All of them can be used to create a good website. Hope this blog had given enough information to know about the best CMS content management system. You can also join FolksIT for learning content management system.

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