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A Closer Look at Web Design

The web designer then starts creating mockups and eventually moves on to the development phase. Web designers can use basic design principles to achieve beautiful layouts and a good user experience.

Design Principles

There are many design principles that web designers have to follow. The main principles for designing a website are as follows.


Web designers need to create a balanced look; in web design, we talk about heavy elements (big, dark colours) and light elements (small, light colours). It is very important to balance each element to achieve a balanced website design.


In colour theory, contrasting colours are those colours that are opposite each other on the colour chart. In web design, contrast can be used in many other areas. Designers look for contrasting sizes, textures, and shapes to help define and draw attention to certain parts of a website.


We had already touched on this subject when we discussed contrasts. Accentuation is a design principle that intentionally highlights key elements of a website's structure. It is important to note that if you highlight everything on a page. Take this opportunity to review your information architecture and set the tone.


Consistency, also known as repetition or rhythm, is an important principle of web design. Consistency is the relationship between different layout elements and the overall organization of a website. Consistency is an examination based on design theory of how the human brain visually organizes information into categories.

What is Web Development?

Web developers, also known as programmers, take the projects they create and build fully functional websites. In simple terms, you can think of a design as a non-interactive image of a website. The developer then breaks this design down into its components. They then develop each page of the site using either HTML alone or a more dynamic approach using a programming language such as PHP. Advanced web developers can use a content management system (CMS to simplify development and make it easier for clients to maintain and update their sites.

Web developers can transform a static layout into a dynamic site using images, content sliders, links, buttons, and other interactive elements. Businesses can contact a web development company to perform the development of their website. Many such companies provide ecommerce web development services to their clients. These companies also provide web development jobs to certified developers. People can learn web development to get various opportunities in the field of website design and development.

Now let us compare the job roles done by web developers and web designers.

Web designer & Categories

A web designer is a person who makes a website look beautiful. They are primarily concerned with the look and usability of the website. The main task of web designers is to focus on the overall style of the website, using different software such as Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc.,to make the website more attractive.

Can categorize Web designers according to their roles, and these roles are discussed below.

User Experience (UX) Designer

UX is known as user experience. In principle, it is about how a user feels and how his needs are met when using software, a car or other designed gadget. Put, whether the user can use the product as the developer intended.

User interface designer

User interface design uses graphics, illustrations, photographs and typography to enhance the display and design of a digital product in different views of the device. User interface elements consist of input elements (buttons, drop-down menus & data fields), navigation components (search fields, selectors, icons, labels) and information components (status bars, messages, notification boxes).

Visual designer

The role of the visual designer is to emphasize that the overall product should look attractive. They are a mix between a user interface designer and a graphic designer. Graphic designers and visual designers should not be confused.

Web developer & categories

Web developers are usually referred to as programmers. They take a design created by web designers and turn it into a fully functional website. They use different web development software and web development tools such as JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, PHP, ASP.NET, Python, etc. Their main goal is to create a website that works well and is functional. Web developers work with UX designers, UI designers and visual designers to create websites based on their designs.

Web developers can be divided into three different types depending on their roles.

Front-end developers

The front end is the portion of the website which users use for interaction. It is also called the client-side of the application, and front-end developers perform this web application development or web app development. It contains everything that users experience directly, like text colours and styles, images, graphics and tables, buttons, colours and navigation menus. The front end is developed with a combination of JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Front-end developers implement all the structure, layout, behaviour and content during front-end web development & mobile app development that appears on the browser screen when websites, web applications or mobile apps are opened. Responsiveness and performance are the two main goals of the front end. The developer must ensure that the website is responsive, meaning that it displays correctly on devices of all sizes and that no part of the website behaves incorrectly, regardless of screen size.

Backend developer

The server side of the website is known as the backend. It stores and organizes data and keeps the client side of the website running smoothly. Users are not given access to the backend, so they cannot interact with it. Users have indirect access to parts and features developed by the backend designers through the front-end application. The backend also includes writing APIs, creating libraries and working with system components that do not have user interfaces or even scientific programming systems.

Full-stack programmer

Full-stack programmers can do the job of both web design and development. They work on the front end, back end, database and troubleshooting of web applications or websites. Many companies are looking for candidates who can perform full-stack web development.

Wrapping Up

Web designing and web development have many other differences, but these are the major ones. Designers only have to make the website look beautiful while developers make it functional and even connect the websites to databases if needed. To advance your career in web development or designing refer FolksIT.

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