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Data Warehouse Online Training Introduction

The Data Warehouse training has been comprehensively designed by our industry experts to give learners functional knowledge. Data Warehouse is a collection of the software tool that help analyze large volumes of unstructured data. The data warehouse is the core of the BI system that is used for data analysis and reporting. Data Warehousing is a process of transforming data into key business information for making strategic business decisions. This Data Warehouse training online will make you efficient in handling Data Warehouse tools and create dynamic dashboards and visual analytics. By the end of this course, you will be able to handle all the real-time issues that may arise in your business or organization.

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What is Data Warehouse?

Data Warehouse Training

Data Warehousing for business intelligence will give an insight into the data and help you make better decisions. Our industry professionals are always active to solve individual queries and gives the best information followed and practiced in the industry. FolksIT online classes are designed to give you the best learning environment with classes being much more interactive, interesting, and engaging.

The online Data Warehouse training program is packed with real-time Data Warehousing concepts to make you a pro. You will learn about data integration, data modeling, ETL concepts, and many more key concepts. Data Warehouse tutorial covers all the aspects from beginner’s level to advance level. Data Warehouse certification is in line with market requirements and industry standards.

Data Warehousing Course Key Features

  • Core concepts of Data Warehouse.
  • Fundamentals of Data Warehouse tools.
  • Understanding Data Warehouse architecture.
  • Provide you with important Data Warehouse interview questions and answers.
  • Real-time-based scenario projects for practice.
  • One to One session.
  • Guidance in building Data Warehouse resume.
  • Get Datawarehouse certification.

Who should take Data Warehousing Certification?

This Data warehouse training course primarily benefits data engineers, data analysts, and business analysts who either want to shift to the Data Warehousing domain. Fresher’s who want to pursue a career in Data warehouses. Professionals who want Data Warehouse certification to advance their career.

Course curriculum
    • Need of Data Warehousing
    • Definitions for Data Warehousing
    • Architecture of OLTP Systems
    • Drawbacks of OLTP Systems
    • Introduction to SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
    • Difference between OLTP Systems and OLAP Systems
    • General Architecture of Data Warehousing
    • What is Top Down DWH?
    • What is Bottom Up DWH?
    • Understanding components of Data Warehousing
    • What is Logical modeling?
    • What is Physical modeling?
    • Complete comparison
    • Exploring different types of Dimensions
      • What is Normalized dimension?
      • What is De normalized dimension?
    • Different Types of Fact Tables
      • What is Periodic Snapshot?
      • What is Accumulated Snapshot?
      • Understanding Transactional grain
      • What is Fact less?
    • What is ROLAP with examples?
    • What is MOLAP and example?
    • Understanding HOLAP
    • What is DOLAP and its uses?
    • What is TOLAP and its uses?
    • Enterprise Data Warehousing
    • What is Independent data marts?
    • What is Dependent data marts?
    • Understanding of ODS (operational Data Store)
    • Difference between OLTP, OLAP, ODS
    • Difference between DWH and Data Marts
    • What is Star Schema?
    • What is Snowflake Star Schema?
    • What is Galaxy Schema?
    • Difference between E-R Model and Dimensional Model
    • Conceptual model
    • Logical model
    • Physical model
    • Introduction to Erwin
    • Design logical model with entities, attributes and relationships
    • Design Physical model with tables, columns and relationships
    • Working with identifying and non-identifying relationships
    • What is Unary relationship?
    • What is Binary relationship?
    • What is Ternary relationship?
    • Working with m-m and 1-m relationships
    • Working with associate or bridge tables
    • Working with forward engineering process
    • Working with reverse engineering process
    • Working complete comparison
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Data Warehouse Training FAQ’s:
1.What is Data Warehouse?

Data Warehouse is a collection of unstructured data getting transformed into key business intelligence data to help organizations make strategic business decisions.

2.How do I get Data Warehouse certification?

We provide you with a certificate upon the completion of the course. Our certificate is accredited by leading organizations. It will be a value add to your resume and help in getting hired.

3.What if I miss the DW Online class?

Don’t worry! You can get the online data warehouse training videos & recording of the session.

4.Do you provide job assistance?

We do provide Job assistance and help you prepare for the interview. Our courses are Job oriented.

5.What is Data Warehouse definition?

A data warehouse is a type of data management system that is designed to support business intelligence activities, especially analytics.

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