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Data Visualization

The Data visualization training program has been carefully crafted by our expert faculty working with leading organizations in the data science domain. Data visualization is the process of communicating complex information with simple graphics and charts. Data visualization is a strong and powerful communication format it allows people to see patterns and relationships found in data. This data visualization online course gives a comprehensive understanding of data visualization tools and data visualization techniques. This course will help you master drafting presentations by visualizations, animation, and storytelling techniques to provide data-driven recommendations. This data visualization certificate will help you gain trust and credibility among the organizations hiring.

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Course Overview

Data visualization is important because of the processing of information using charts and graphs to visualize a large amount of complex data. The data visualization infographics can predict sales volumes, can identify areas that need to be improved or modified, can shed light on factors influencing customer behavior. Data presentation and persuasion is one of the most in-demand skills making a data visualization career lucrative. This online data visualization classes are in sync with best industry practices and standards. Some companies have data visualization internships. We also have data visualization workshops. This course will teach you from data visualization basics to advanced level and make your data visualization expert. You will also be briefed about various data visualization languages.

Key Features

  • Introduction of Data Visualization
  • Core concepts of data storytelling, Dashboard designs
  • Concepts of a data visualization framework
  • Live data visualization projects for practice
  • Guidance in building good data visualization resume
  • Assist you with data visualization jobs
  • Provide you with data visualization course syllabus material for self study
  • Important data visualization interview questions
  • One to one training sessions
  • Choose your schedule according to your convenience
Who should take this course?

This course primarily benefits programmers, marketers, people with data analysis skills, etc. Individuals with statistics background can also opt. And also individuals who want to pursue a career in the data visualization domain. Additionally, professionals who want data visualization certificate to boost their careers.

Course curriculum
Data Visualization Online Training FAQ’s:
1.What is Data visualization?

Data visualization is the process of communicating complex information with simple graphics and charts. It tells data-driven stories and allowing people to see patterns and relationships found in data

2.Why data visualization is important?

Data visualization gives a clear idea of what the information means by giving it visual context through maps and graphs. It gives insight into the vast amount of data.

3.What are the different data visualization types?

The different data visualization types are

  • Column chart
  • Bar graph
  • Line graph
  • Stacked bar graph
  • Dual-axis chart
  • Mekko Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Scatter Plot

4.How do I Get a data visualization certificate?

We provide you certification upon completing the course successfully. Our certificate is accredited with many leading organizations and it would be an added advantage for your hiring. Our certificate helps you gain trust and credibility among the companies.

5.What are data visualization methods?

Data visualization methods refer to the creation of graphical representations of information. Visualization plays a crucial part in data analytics and helps to interpret data in real-time structure by utilizing complex data sets.

6.What are the Data visualization languages?

Some of the best data visualization languages are

  • Python
  • Language R
  • Java
  • Language C#

7.What do data visualization engineers do?

Data visualization engineers are responsible for designing, maintaining, and developing user-friendly data visualizations and dashboards using complex datasets. Implementing best practices to ensure dashboard design.

8.What is a data visualization analyst's salary?

The average salary of a data visualization analyst is $73,620/Yr.

9.What is a data visualization developer?

Data visualization developer creates graphic representations including software to create dashboards to showcase information, performing data analysis and data modeling.

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