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CompTIA offers three types of certifications that test computer technology skills: the A+ certificate, the Security+ certificate and the Network+ Certificate. Network Specialists deal with all issues related to Internet networks, including operation, security and functionality. A good IT network specialist knows how to diagnose the causes of network problems, how to test and protect network privacy and how to comply with industry standards and protocols.

To earn the Network+ Certification, you must pass a 90-question exam. The questions are multiple-choice and contextual. Candidates must pass the CompTIA Network+ exam with a score of 720 out of 900. The practice exams are available online via the CompTIA website and other resources.

The normal test fee is $319. However, there are a number of ways in which you can receive various discounts. Discounts are available for those who are currently in school, participating in government IT training or receiving support from non-profit organizations such as IT-Ready.

Jobs you can do while qualified as a Network+

Many employers prefer employees with Network+ qualifications. The CompTIA Network+ Salary for each position is different. Here are some of the CompTIA Network Jobs you can do with a CompTIA Network+ Certification in IT.

Help desk technician

Average wage in the US: $18.33 per hour

Helpdesk technicians have the key responsibilities of communicating with customers over the phone and online to help them solve technical problems and issues. Helpdesk Technicians need both technical and personal skills to build a successful career.

They typically spend most of their day directly interacting with customers, answering questions, providing advice and offering solutions. A service technician's job is to provide both technical expertise and customer service.

Helpdesk technicians are familiar with all types of networks, security systems, software, hardware and operating systems. They can also provide effective support to customers with different technical levels. A good helpdesk technician can diagnose problems and clearly communicate solutions to customers.

Network administrator

National average salary: USD 69 721 per year

Network administrators have to maintain the maintenance of the employer’s network as it is their primary duty. Network administrators monitor network speeds and how the network is coping with the traffic load. They ensure that each employee's privacy is protected when using the network. We will also deal with connection problems and user complaints. The network administrator is the first person to assess and report any problems or network outages.

The network administrator is the most accessible person in the IT team. Any employee with a complaint can contact them personally to report a problem, ask for advice or make suggestions. In some workplaces, network administrators may be asked to troubleshoot problems with employees' personal desktops that are not network-related.

Network engineer

Average salary in the USA: USD 87 809 per year

Network engineers design, implement and maintain the networks of organizations and businesses. Network engineers design network infrastructure and configuration. They manage and oversee the installation of new networks and network upgrades. They diagnose and troubleshoot network problems and faults.

Network engineers work as part of the company's IT team. They work with analysts, managers and other engineers to ensure the most efficient and user-friendly network. Network engineers are responsible for planning and carrying out all the necessary updates and security checks to keep the network in top shape.

Reasons to use CompTIA Network Plus training

There are many reasons that people are taking up the network+ course. One of the benefits is that most of the training providers provide CompTIA Network+ study guide for reference. The detailed description of these reasons has been given here.

CompTIA A+ is the key to your IT career

CompTIA A+ certification means you know the basics of modern hardware and software. The course will let you know the methods of troubleshooting the network problems of various devices like smartphones, laptops, desktops, etc.  CompTIA A+ is the best starting point for an IT career. It can help you land your first IT job and ensure your success in IT.

With CompTIA A+, you can go anywhere

CompTIA A+ has no limits. Because the certification doesn't focus on specific hardware and software, you can focus on building the technical knowledge base and technology vocabulary you'll need throughout your career, whatever career path you choose. CompTIA A+ gives you access to in-demand areas such as cyber and cybersecurity in any vendor environment. Plus, A+ is ISO/ANSI accredited, which means employers around the world trust its certification.

CompTIA A+ can open the door to better pay

Working in the IT industry is one of the best paying jobs today, with plenty of jobs available and new ones being created every day. Finding a job depends on many factors, but the CompTIA A+ certification is a solid and recognized certification that employers trust and can help you find your first job in IT. As you continue your career, gaining experience, additional certifications and training, you have the opportunity to succeed in your career and achieve your goals.

CompTIA A+ paves the way for a better work-life balance.

Starting your IT career with CompTIA Network+ Training gives you the opportunity to improve your work-life balance. Moving from a stressful, physically demanding or unsatisfying job to IT can give your life new meaning. Many IT jobs are characterized by manageable stress levels, a sense of achievement, opportunities to improve your mental and physical health and opportunities for development. Not to mention the fact that you still have enough time to maintain meaningful relationships with friends and family.

CompTIA A+ has been developed by IT experts

The CompTIA A+ certification has been developed and is continually updated by a team of IT experts from a wide range of disciplines and professions. When you earn the CompTIA A+ certification, you know that your skills meet the requirements that today's employers demand of their IT staff. This means that those who live and breathe IT and are on the pulse of change every day can be confident that you have the skills to do your job.

CompTIA A+ is owned by more than one million people.

By earning the CompTIA A+ certification, you'll join more than one million IT professionals who have built their careers on this certification.

Wrapping Up

The course of CompTIA network plus will open the door for different types of job opportunities. The course can be done by freshers and experienced people. Experienced people can get promotion and increment while freshers can start a good career.

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