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JQuery is a JavaScript library which helps the coders to do JavaScript programming easy. The library consists of many functions to make the programming easy. Previously, a lot of coding has to be done to write such functions. There are many other features of Important CSS JQuery which are listed below.

  • Manipulation of HTML and DOM
  • Inclusion of AJAX
  • Event methods related to HTML
  • Manipulation of CSS

History of JQuery

John Resig is the developer of JQuery. He developed it in 2005 and its launching was done in 2006. There are two main features involved in the library. The first one was to select objects on the basis of ids or class. The selection of the elements was also done on the basis of their relationship with other elements.

The second thing is that the webpages and website that are created shall run on other browsers also. Before JQuery, there are different codes for different browsers which was a hard task for the programmers. JQuery made it easy to write one program and run it on any browser. The latest version of JQuery is 3.6.0 and it has been released recently.

Why JQuery Training is important?

JQuery Training is important as it will open the path of various opportunities for the trainee. There are various things that a candidate will learn with this training, check out the JQuery Training Syllabus here. Let us know some of the benefits of JQuery which will create interest of learning the technology.

Benefits of JQuery

In order to make a webpage functional, JavaScript is added to the code. In order to simplify JavaScript programming, JQuery library is used. Let us see the benefits of using JQuery.


Web developers prefer JQuery because it is very simple to use. If there is any problem in using any function of JQuery library, people can research on internet and see the usage. It is so because a lot of information on JQuery is available online. The coder will get all the information regarding the library and he can use it easily.

Easy Learning

JQuery is easy to learn and that is the reason many people are going for JQuery Online Training. They will easily learn the relationship between JQuery CSS, JQuery AJAX, and JQuery JavaScript. JQuery has a simple syntax and programmers can use it easily in their code. It has reduced much time of the web developers in making a functional web page or website.

Only one Code for all Browsers

JQuery has resolved the problem of compatibility between different browsers. The programmers faced various problems to write different codes for different browsers for the same website. A website has many elements which could work in some browsers but not in others. That was the reason that different codes have to be written. JQuery has resolved this problem. Now one code is usable for all the browsers even the browsers on mobile.

Easy Syntax

The syntax of using JQuery library is very simple and easy to use. The DOM elements in a webpage can be connected through JQuery and events can also be added to them. CSS version 3 is being used by the current version of JQuery in order to select the elements present on the webpage. People want to take JQuery certification as there is no need to learn any new programing language.


The JQuery library is light in weight it is so because many functions have been omitted and many of them have been transferred into plugins. The functions that have been omitted can also be easily used on the webpage in the form of plugins. The lines of code have become less and this has reduced the parsing time. Due to this feature, the pages load much faster. This also has reduced the consumption of bandwidth.

Free to use

JQuery is an open source library and can be used without paying any money. Nobody will face any compatibility or licensing issue. Microsoft has already included the library in Visual Studio in the year 2010.


All these features and benefits of JQuery makes it one of the popular JavaScript libraries which people can use in their code and do a lot of miracles just with one code. FolksIT is happy to train the individuals on such concepts and much more courses.

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