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Unit Testing for C# Developers

FolksIT is providing Unit Testing for C# Developers Training course to the people who want to boost or start their career. The course will let you know the ways of running the code in automated form. This will help you in catching the bugs easily and eliminating them. After doing this course, you can get the job of senior C# developer and will get a high package.

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Course Overview

The unit testing for C# course has been designed by the experts of FolksIT which will help in enhancing your skills in the case of C# programming and testing. They have prepared unit testing guidelines and the course will be taught on the basis of these guidelines. You will also get a unit testing C# tutorial in which you will get the concept along with unit testing C# example. The course will start with the teaching of fundamentals of unit testing and then the following things will be explained

  • unit testing C# tools
  • unit testing tasks C#
  • unit testing vs integration testing
  • unit testing tools

Key Features

  • 24/7 support of expert instructors
  • Learn about unit testing best practices
  • Get unit testing C# interview questions after the course for practice
  • Availability of unit testing in C# for beginners
  • Know about C# unit test framework and C# unit test properties
  • Attend mock test and mock interview sessions
  • Get calls from clients for jobs
Who should take this course?

The course can be taken up by beginners as well as experienced people. The beginners should have the knowledge of C# fundamentals. This will help them in understanding the topic easily. The unit testing for C# developers course will let the developers get senior positions.

Important Facts

  • New tools have been introduced for automated testing.
  • NUnit unit test framework has been introduced.
  • Integration of NUnit with visual studio is different in comparison to MSTest. Installation of extra tools is needed for the purpose.
  • Unit test will let the developers know about the number of switches and loops that they have used in their code.
  • It will also check the exceptions used in the code.

Course curriculum
    • Introduction
    • Overview of unit testing
    • Unit testing vs functional testing
    • Preparing the test environment
    • Working with xUnit.net and NUnit
    • Writing your first test
    • Executing and debugging the test
    • Extending test coverage
    • Managing test cases
    • Test driven development (TDD) and continuous integration
    • Closing remarks
Unit Testing for C# Developers FAQ’s:
1.What is unit testing C#?

Unit testing C# is a method of testing the code in order to check whether they are working fine or not. Developers can write the test code beside the actual one so that they can check its working.

2.What will I get after doing unit testing C# course?

After doing unit testing C# course, you can get the developer post of senior level. You can also become a tester who tests the code and finds the bugs if any.

3.What will be included in the unit testing guidelines?

In the unit testing guidelines, the syllabus of the course will be included. The guidelines will also include the topics that the instructor will teach first and then he has to go on to the next topics till the whole syllabus is complete.

4.Will we get any unit testing C# tutorial?

Yes! You will get a unit testing C# tutorial for self-study.

5.What are the different unit testing tools?

Different unit testing tools include xUnit, NUnit, JUnit, TestNG, and many more.

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