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SOA Web Services Testing Training (Service Oriented Architecture)

SOA web services testing is a course in which you will learn various things like deployment, design, and management of a business enterprise. One of the best advantages that businesses are adopting SOA is cost efficiency. If you want to become a tester in web development, you can pursue the course of SOA web service.

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SOA Web Services Testing Course Overview

SOA Web Services Testing

Before knowing about the SOA web services course, first, let us discuss what is SOA testing. The full form of SOA is Service Oriented Architecture. This technology is used to develop and design various applications that can be installed on the client system. In the SOA web services tutorial, you will learn about all these things and instructors will also guide you in designing, developing, and deploying applications made through SOA.

SOA and Web Services Training Key Features

  • Compare SOA vs Web services
  • Learn the technology through SOA web services example
  • Know the ways of using SOA in web services
  • Study about web-oriented architecture
  • Learn about the SOA testing tools list and how to work on SOA testing tools
  • Get a certificate after completing SOA testing certification
  • Availability of SOA testing tutorial for beginners
  • Get SOA testing interview questions after course completion
  • Learn about web-oriented architecture

Who should take SOA Testing Online Course?

The SOA Online course can be done by experienced testers. The prerequisite for this SOA web services testing course is that experienced testers should have knowledge of functional testing. Fresh graduates who do not have any testing knowledge and who do not have the knowledge of SOA testing can also do this course.

Service Oriented Architecture Web Services Course Important Facts

  • Users get the options of using the facilities for form applications. These facilities are available in the existing services.
  • Existing infrastructure is used to make SOA.
  • The main feature of SOA is process automation.
  • The architectures made through SOA can either be simple or complex.
  • SOA can have many automation layers.
Course curriculum
    • Overview of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
    • Overview of Web Services Overview and its Relationship to SOA
    • Understand Web services Architecture
    • Overview of SOAP and WSDL
    • Java Web Services
    • JAX-WS and JSR-181
    • A Simple Service definition with @WebService
    • JSR (Java Business Integration)-181
    • @WebService, Modifying the Generated Service
    • Other Annotations (@WebMethod, @SOAPBinding)
    • The SEI (Service Endpoint Interface)
    • JAX-WS Capabilities
    • Mapping between WSDL and Java
    • Capabilities (Handlers, XML Messaging, Client Programming , SOAP/HTTP)
    • Working with JAX-WS Clients
    • Generating Classes from WSDL, Programming Model
    • Writing a JAX-WS client
    • What are Dynamic Clients?
    • XML Schema and XML Namespace Overview
    • Schema and Namespaces in WSDL Documents
    • Structure and Elements in WSDL
    • What is a WSDL Document?
    • SOAP 1.1 Binding for WSDL
    • SOAP Overview
    • Understand Message Structure
    • SOAP Faults, Attachments
    • HTTP Binding and SOAP Messaging
    • SOAP Styles and Encoding
    • Overview  of SAAJ and Message Structure and API
    • Creating/Sending Messages
    • DOM Overview
    • Using DOM with SAAJ
    • Concept of Soap Handlers
    • Overview of JAXB and its Architecture
    • Generation of Java Classes through XML Schema
    • Customization of Generated Java
    • Usage of Annotated Java Classes to generate XML Schema
    • Working with Web Services, WSDL, JAXB
    • Starting from WSDL
    • Binding Customizations
    • Starting from WSDL and Java
    • XML Messaging Overview
    • Concept of JAX-WS Providers
    • What is a SOAP Provider and a Source Provider?
    • Know about XML Clients with Dispatch
    • How to use XML/HTTP Messaging with Provider?
    • Overview of REST and JAX-RS
    • Overview and Issues
    • Default Handling
    • Overview of MTOM (Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism)
    • How to use MTOM in Services and Clients
    • Using DataHandler
    • Role Based Security and Java EE Security
    • How to secure Web Services with BASIC Authentication
    • Transport Security / HTTPS
    • WS-Security (WSS)
    • EJB Overview and concept
    • Understand Session Beans
    • Understand Programming EJB
    • Creating/Configuring EJB Based Web Services
    • WS-Interoperability (WS-I)
    • The WS-I Basic Profile
    • WS-Addressing
    • Coarse Grained Web Services
    • Optimization and Caching
    • XML Handling
    • Interoperability
    • Top Down / Bottom Up
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SOA Web Services Testing FAQ’s:
1.What will I learn in this SOA web services testing course?

In the SOA web services testing course, you will learn about deployment of SOA for different organizations. You will also learn about web oriented architecture and SOA testing tools in this course.

2.What are the prerequisites of the course?

People who want to do the course should have the basic knowledge of web services along with the knowledge of how an enterprise works. If a candidate does not have this knowledge, he still can pursue the course as these prerequisites are not mandatory.

3.Why this course should be done?

Many of the companies are adopting SOA and it requires people to manage it. There are many job opportunities so it is beneficial to join SOA testing certification.

4.Will the organization provide a certificate?

Yes! You will get a certificate after the course is successfully completed.

5.Is there any facility of mock tests and mock interviews?

Yes! The company will provide the facility of mock tests and mock interviews.

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