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Mobile Application Testing

This mobile application testing training program is designed by our experts in the field of the mobile application testing domain. Mobile application tests are against application software on mobile devices. They are tested for speed, consistency, and functionality. This course will help you to master the skills requires for mobile application testing. Mobile application testing is a lucrative career option. This mobile app development training and certification program will gain trust and credibility among the companies hiring for mobile app developer jobs.

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Course Overview

Mobile technology has been growing by leaps and bounds and the mobile application market is also on the rise making it a lucrative career. There are many mobile application testing tools and they focus on different aspects of mobile automation testing. In this course, you will learn different types of mobile application testing. This course will help you learn about mobile application penetration testing. You will learn about how to effectively use mobile automation testing tools across different platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. This program will enrich you with different techniques and tools used for mobile application testing and will make you confident in dealing with real-time scenarios.

Key Features

  • Introduction to different types of mobile application testing like Mobile automation testing and Manual mobile testing.
  • Core concepts of the mobile application framework
  • Fundamentals of mobile application architecture
  • Concepts of mobile application penetration testing
  • Usage of different mobile application programming languages
  • Mobile application projects for training
  • Get mobile application testing certification
  • Guide you in building a good mobile application testing resume
  • Provide some of the important mobile application testing interview questions
Who should take this course?

This course primarily benefits professionals in the testing domain and people who want to change their career to a mobile application testing environment. The course is also beneficial for the Individuals who want to pursue a career in mobile application testing and also professionals who require mobile testing certification.

Course curriculum

    • What is Mobile Testing?
    • How is Mobile Testing different from Web Testing?
    • What is Android Emulator and IPhone Simulator
    • Exercise & Assignments

    • Setting up Eclipse IDE
    • Setting up Android SDK
    • Setting up Eclipse Android ADT Plugin
    • Setting up Android Virtual Devices
    • Android Versions and SDKS
    • Types of Android AVDs

    • Architecture Overview
    • Application Life Cycle Management
    • Application Components
    • Using Resources
    • Activities
    • Intents
    • Services
    • Content Providers
    • Exercise & Assignments

    • Various Layout types, such as LinearLayout, RelativeLayout etc
    • Views
    • View Hierarchy
    • Layout
    • Widgets
    • UI Events
    • Adapters
    • Exercise & Assignments

    • SQLite on Android™
    • SQL Basics
    • Database Connectivity
    • Data Binding
    • Using ContentProvider
    • Implementing ContentProvider
    • Exercise & Assignments

    • What is HTML5
    • Mobile Browser Compatibility
    • Testing Strategy
    • Testing Steps
    • Industry Tools for Web Application Testing on Mobile Devices
    • Exercise & Assignments

    • Android Test Projects
    • Android Test Case Classes
    • Additional Android Assertions
    • Mock Object Classes
    • Touch and Key Events
    • Testing and Threading Issues
    • Exercise & Assignments

    • Getting Started with JUnit
    • Creating JUnit Test Cases
    • Assertions
    • Testing for Exceptions
    • Test Fixtures
    • Test Suites
    • Running Tests and Reporting
    • Exercise & Assignments

    • The Android Debug Bridge (adb) and the Android Emulator Console
    • Installing and Uninstalling Apps
    • Copying Files to and from the Emulator/Device
    • Issuing Shell Commands on the Emulator/Device
    • Viewing the System Log with adb logcat
    • Emulator Runtime Images: User Data and SD Card
Mobile Application Testing FAQ’s:
1.What is mobile testing?

Mobile testing is a process for testing mobile application software. They are tested for different attributes like functionality, speed, and Usability

2.How do I get certified?

We provide you with Mobile testing certification upon the completion of the course and clearing an online exam successfully. Our certification is accredited with many leading organizations and it will increase your trust and credibility.

3.What is mobile app load testing?

In-app load testing we increase the number of users and concurrent transactions to check the app's load’s peak. Mobile app load testing is normally performed to check speed and response time during heavy traffic loads.

4.What is mobile application penetration testing?

The process of security testing to analyze security from inside the mobile environment that is built on OWASP mobile application security verification standard.

5.What are the mobile application programming languages?

Some of the most used mobile application programming languages are

  • Javascript
  • C#
  • C++
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Kotlin

6.What is a mobile application framework?

A mobile development framework is a software framework that is used to support mobile app development. It is a software library.

7.What is mobile application architecture?

Application architecture is the pattern and techniques used to design and build an application. It acts as a roadmap for building an application.

8.What are the mobile application testing tools?

Few important mobile application testing tools are.

  • Appium
  • Monkey talk
  • Xamarin
  • Test complete

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