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UI Developer Training

UI Developer Training is a simple course that can be joined by any candidate belonging to any field. This UI Developer Training will help the individuals to apply for UI developer jobs and he/ she can get a good salary. Upon the course completion, an aspirant can also be capable of launching his own website in which they can apply the knowledge of UI development.

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UI Developer Training Online Overview

UI Developer Training

Individuals can get the best UI Developer Training through a professional trainer/ instructor. The UI developer course syllabus will be told to him/her and he/she should also get familiar with development skills. The training will make each and every individual capable of handling UI developer job roles easily. Online Training providers take full responsibility for deep knowledge sharing and placement. People will learn various languages which will open a lot of opportunities to get a job in different fields.

UI Course - Key Features

  • Learn from scratch like what is UI, fundamentals, etc.,
  • Professional trainers giving real-time experiences with lab experiments
  • Download UI Developer tutorial
  • Get course completion certification
  • Great job opportunities for certified UI developers
  • Check out the UI Developer interview questions

Who can apply for UI Developer Certification Course?

User Interface developer online course can be taken by many people like product managers, mobile app developers, web designers, Photoshop experts, and many other people. No prerequisites are required to opt for this course.

Course curriculum
    • HTML Fundamentals Introduction
    • HTML Text
    • HTML Lists
    • HTML Links
    • HTML Tables
    • HTML Form and Form Elements
    • HTML forms fundamentals
    • HTML form inputs
    • HTML Images and Objects
    • Introduction to HTML5
    • Page Layout Semantic Elements
    • Form Elements and Attributes
    • Working with Canvas
    • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
    • Media - Audio and Video
    • Drag and Drop
    • Web Storage
    • Working with CSS
    • CSS Rules
    • CSS Selectors
    • CSS Cascade
    • CSS Fonts and Typography
    • Working with Links and List
    • Working with Table
    • CSS Color & Positioning
    • CSS Box Model
    • CSS Display and Positioning
    • Working with CSS3
    • CSS3 Borders
    • CSS3 Backgrounds
    • CSS3 Gradients
    • CSS3 Text Effects
    • CSS3 Web Fonts
    • CSS3 2D Transforms
    • CSS3 3D Transforms
    • CSS3 Transitions and Animations
    • An Introduction to SASS
    • Features
    • Installation
    • Variables, Mixins, Includes, Extend, Nested, Import
    • Tips & Tricks
    • An Introduction to LESS
    • Features
    • Installation
    • Variables, Mixins, Includes, Extend, Nested, Import
    • Tips & Tricks
    • SASS vs LESS
    • Style Guide
    • Introduction
    • Variable Declaration
    • Arithmetic Operations
    • Array
    • Array Methods
    • String
    • String Method
    • JavaScript Function
    • Function Closure
    • Prototype Chaining
    • Regular Expression
    • Error Handling
    • Event Listener
    • Date Methods
    • JavaScript Form Validations
    • Navigator
    • E6 Features
    • jQuery Introduction
    • jQuery Selectors
    • Find Dropdown Selected Item
    • jQuery Document Traversal
    • jQuery Event
    • jQuery Effects
    • jQuery HTML Manipulation
    • jQuery UI
    • Working with Bootstrap
    • Bootstrap Grid System
    • Bootstrap Text/Typography
    • Bootstrap Images
    • Bootstrap Jumbotron
    • Bootstrap Buttons
    • Bootstrap Button Groups
    • Bootstrap Glyphicons
    • Bootstrap Pagination
    • Bootstrap Pager
    • Bootstrap List Groups
    • Bootstrap Forms
    • Bootstrap Inputs
    • Bootstrap Carousel
    • Bootstrap Plugins
    • What is AngularJS?
    • What is Single Page Application?
    • Features of AngularJS
    • Advantages of AngularJS
    • MVC structure
    • MVVM structure
    • Services
    • Dependency injection
    • Controllers
    • Directives
    • Built-in Directives
    • Template
    • Routing (with server configurations)
    • Digest Cycle (Watcher in AngularJS)
    • Introduction
    • Features of Typescript
    • Why use Typescript
    • Component of Typescript
    • Typescript – Environment Setup
    • Basic Syntax (Compiler Flags, Identifiers & Object Orientation)
    • Inferred Typing in Typescript
    • Variable Declaration Types
    • Tuples, Enum, Nullable, Union (New types in Typescript)
    • Typescript Decision making conditions
    • Typescript Function
    • Inheritance and Constructor
    • Static properties and Methods
    • Abstract Class
    • Private Constructor
    • Singletons
    • Namespace Modules
    • Modules
    • Architecture
    • Components
    • Templates
    • Directives
    • Meta Data
    • Data Binding
    • Curd Operations Using HTTP
    • Error Handling
    • Routing
    • Navigation
    • Forms
    • CLI
    • Dependency Injection
    • Data Display
    • Handling Events
    • Custom Pipes
    • User Input
    • Life Cycle Hooks
    • Nested Containers
    • Services
    • Unit Testing Using Jasmine
    • E2E Testing Potractor
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UI Developer Training FAQ’s:
1.Which objectives are defined for UI developer certification course online?

The main objectives of UI developer certification course online are to learn various things like JavaScript, CSS, JQuery Ajax, JQuery UI, and many other topics.

2.How the course will affect your career?

The UI developers job demand has increased and is providing good opportunities for the freshers as well as experienced professionals. This growth in job opportunities shows that UI developers future scope is bright.

3.Does the training provider provide UI developer training and placement?

Yes! The training provider will provide UI developer training and placement.

4.What does a UI developer do?

After completing UI developer certification, a UI developer will become familiar with many programming languages and he can apply the skills to make websites. The candidates will become aware of UI developer responsibilities.

5.What is the future of UI developer?

The future of a User Interface developer is very bright as more and more UI developer job openings. The UI Developer salaries are also good and huge.

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