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PHP Online Training

PHP is a widely used open source general scripted language and mainly suited to web developement. This course let you know all the information about PHP development. If you want to become a web developer and want to make dynamic and interactive web pages and websites You should pursue Online Training provided by FolksIT By pursuing this course, you can get different jobs liked web developer, PHP developer jobs, website designer, and many more.

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PHP Programming Online Course  Overview

PHP Training

This course will be provided all the knowledge and information about PHP development. Theory and practical classes will be held online and you will be given guidance regarding the coding. You can also take up the facility of the PHP crash course in which everything will be taught to you in less time. This a widely-used open-source general-purpose scripted language this course is mainly for Web Development and Web Designers.

Online Course For PHP Key Features:

  • Learn Online Course for Web Development And Web Design.
  • You, Will, Get The Facility Of Online Class Any Time As Per Your Requirement
  • After Pursuing The Course, You Will Be Able To Understand PHP Developer Job Description Before Applying For The Job
  • The Instructors Will Be Available 24/7 To Resolve Your Problems
  • Mock Test Sessions Will Be Held To Help You Prepare For The Real Test
  • Get the interview questions after the training
  • Online raining With free live Project 
  • Get the certification after course completion

Who should take PHP programming language ?

If you want to became a Web Developer you will need to master the Hypertext Preprocessor Language.This Course realted to CSS and HTML Courses.so, you need to have basic knowledge about CSS and HTML Courses.Starting Off learning Web Application Development which covers all Web Development Languages within a single Course you want to know building Web Application, Unit Testing and MYSQL Professional Courses.

  • Students who want to make a career in PHP development 
  • A professional who want to do jobs related to this course
  • SEO professionals who have some basic knowledge of programming
  • Web designers who want to learn server-side programming

PHP Course Important Facts: 

  • More than 200 million websites are using PHP
  • PHP is a mixture of procedural and object oriented programming
  • Compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.
  • A replacement of Perl scripts
  • Latest version is 7.3.0
Course curriculum
    • History of PHP
    • Versions and Differences between them Practicality
    • Power of PHP
    • Installation and configuring Apache and PHP
    • Usage of Default syntax
    • Styles of PHP tags
    • Comments in PHP
    • Output functions in PHP
    • Datatypes in PHP
    • Configuration Settings in PHP
    • Error Types in PHP
    • Variable Declarations
    • Variable Scope
    • PHP’s Superglobal Variables
    • Variable Variables
    • Magic Constants
    • Standard Pre-defined Constants
    • Core Pre-defined Languages
    • User defined Constants
    • Execution Control Statements
    • Conditional Statements
    • Looping Statements with Real-time Examples
    • Creating Functions
    • Passing Arguments by Value
    • Passing Arguments by Reference
    • Understand Recursive Functions
    • What is an Array?
    • How to create an Array?
    • What are Array Functions?
    • What are Traversing Arrays?
    • Understand Include, Include_once
    • Understand Require, Require_once
    • Validating Textboxes, Emails, Phone Number, etc.
    • Creating Custom Regular Expressions
    • Classes, Objects, Fields, Properties, _set(),
    • Working with constants and methods
    • Concept of Encapsulation
    • Inheritance and types
    • Usage of Polymorphism
    • Constructor and Destructor
    • Static Class Members, Instance of Keyword,
    • Usage of Helper Functions
    • Object Cloning and Copy
    • What are Reflections?
    • What is MySQL?
    • Integration with MySQL
    • MySQL Functions
    • Gmail Data Grid options
    • What is SQL Injection?
    • Uploading and downloading images in Database
    • Registration and Login forms with validations
    • Understand Paging and Sorting
    • Declarations styles of String Variables
    • What is Heredoc style?
    • Working with String Functions
    • Regular Expression Syntax(POSIX)
    • PHP’s Regular Expression Functions(POSIX Extended)
    • Different types of File Functions
    • Open, Create and Delete files
    • Create Directories and Manipulate them
    • Information about Hard Disk
    • Types of Directory Functions
    • Calculating File, Directory and Disk Sizes
    • Performing Error Logging
    • Understand Configuration Directives
    • PHP’s Exception Class
    • Throw New Exception
    • Making Custom Exceptions
    • Date and Time Functions
    • HTTP Authentication
    • PHP Authentication
    • Authentication Methodologies
    • Why Cookies?
    • Types of Cookies
    • How to Create and Access Cookies
    • Session Variables
    • Creating and Destroying a Session
    • Retrieving and Setting the Session ID
    • Encoding and Decoding Session Data
    • How to perform Auto-Login?
    • Recently Viewed Document Index
    • Why Web Services?
    • What is RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Syntax?
    • What is SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)?
    • How to Access Web Services?
    • What is XML?
    • Creation of a XML file from PHP using Database records
    • Reading Information from XML File
    • Introduction to MySQL
    • Storage Engines in MySQL
    • Functions and their types
    • Operators and their types
    • Constraints and their types
    • DDL (Data Definition Language) commands
    • DML (Data Manipulation Language) Commands
    • DCL (Data Control Language) Command
    • TCL (Transaction Control Languages) Commands
    • What  are Viewsand what are theoir functions?
    • Using Joins in queries
    • Using Cursors in queries
    • Understanding Indexing
    • Working with Stored Procedures
    • MySQL with PHP Programming
    • MySQL with SQL Server (Optional)
    • Protocols and their types
    • HTTP Headers and types
    • Sending Mails using PHP
    • Email with Attachment
    • File Uploading and Downloading using Headers
    • Implementing Chatting Applications using PHP and Ajax
    • SMS Gateways and sending SMS to Mobiles
    • Payments gateways and How to Integrate them
    • Understand MVC Architecture
    • Introduction to DRUPAL
    • Introduction to JOOMLA
    • Introduction to Word Press
    • Introduction to AJAX
    • Introduction to CSS
    • Introduction to JQUERY
    • Introduction and few plugins only
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PHP Training FAQ’s:
1.What is PHP developer?

A PHP developer has the responsibility of writing code that will be used at the backend. Different kinds of plugins are also included in the code to increase the functionality of the website.

2.What will be included in the PHP course content?

The PHP course content will include basic and advanced topics related to PHP. You will be taught basic topics first and then you will be led to advanced topics

3.Is PHP course for beginners also available?

Yes! PHP course for beginners is also available so students who do not have any knowledge of programming can pursue this course.

4.Will I get any certificate for the course?

Yes! FolksIT will provide a course completion certificate.

5.Why PHP developer certification is required?

PHP developer certification will lead you to get jobs as PHP developer. You will get the knowledge that is required to become a PHP developer. You can also choose other designations like web developer, web designer, etc.

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