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GraphQL API Certification Course

GraphQL is a course in which students will learn about backend part of the web development. They will also learn application programming ReactJs, and web application. GraphQL API can be used to connect the web pages to databases if required. So it can be said that GraphQL training can be used for making APIs that can be used again and again. Many companies have started using GraphQL API for different purposes.

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GraphQL API Online Training Overview

GraphQL API Certification

GraphQL Certification is a course in which students will learn about server side query language. GraphQL API tutorial will be provided to them which they can use for self-learning. The applications made by using GraphQL work faster. Students will learn the making of such applications through GraphQL course. Get an idea about the relation with ReactJS and web development.

GraphQL API Course - Key Features

  • Understand the fundamentals, abbreviation, and usage.
  • Learn the usage of GraphQL API gateway.
  • Get knowledge about architecture and implementation.
  • Learn comparison between GraphQL vs Rest through GraphQL API example.
  • Know the process of documenting a GraphQL API.
  • Test the code through the GraphQL test tool.
  • Learn the process of API design through GraphQL.
  • FolksIT provides Tutorials, recorded classes, live projects, and Certification.

Who should take this course?

GraphQL course is best for web developers who want to make APIs with the help of GraphQL and React. React developers and JavaScript developers can also do this course. The course does not have any prerequisite but it is recommended that the candidates should have the knowledge about transfer of data between servers and websites. They should be familiar with clients and servers. This will help them in designing a GraphQL API easily.


Course curriculum
    • Introduction
    • Fields and  Arguments
    • Preview
    • Aliases and Fragments
    • What is Variable in GraphQL and also its structure
    • What is Query and Mutations in graphQL
    • Introduction of API
    • Creating the project structure
    • Installing dependencies
    • Configuring Babel
    • Practice on Dummy database
    • Introduction
    • Implementing "Object types"
    • Implementing "Queries"
    • Implementing the "Input Object Types"
    • Implementing "Mutations"
    • Combining everything into a Schema
    • Testing our API 
    • What is GraphiQL?
    • Installing & configuring GraphiQL
    • Using GraphiQL
    • Conclusion & next steps
    • Source code & useful resources
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GraphQL API Certification FAQ’s:
1.What are the reasons behind learning about GraphQL API gateway?

GraphQL API gateway is used to design various APIs and there is no need of GraphQL API versioning. The problem of under and over fetching of data is eliminated. GraphQL API gateway will also help in getting data from various sources.

2.What is GraphQL API security?

GraphQL API security can be used to secure the servers. One thing that can be done is setting the timeout period of the servers. In order to eliminate the problem of Denial of Service, complex queries should not be used.

3.What is GraphQL used for?

GraphQL is a query language which be used to transfer data from servers to clients. The clients will get the ability to search for the exact data that they want with the help of this query language.

4.How to learn GraphQL?

People can use GraphQL tutorial or they can join a training course to learn the language. Students will learn about clients and servers and transfer of data between them. They will also learn to make various APIs as per the requirement.

5.Can GraphQL be used for only backend?

GraphQL can be used for backend as well as frontend. It is so because it has to transfer data between servers and clients. The language checks the procedure of sending data from client to server and sending data back to the client.

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