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Ruby Online Training

Are you a fresh graduate and want to make a career in the field of programming? FolksIT has brought Ruby Online Training for you which you can learn easily in comparison to other programming languages. The course has been designed for beginners as well as experienced web developers. The language has little or no syntax and that is a very good feature. The Ruby online course will let you know different aspects of programming and you can get a job of a web developer through this course. You can also get the post of Ruby developer.

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Ruby Training Overview

Ruby Training

Ruby certification is a course in which you will learn new ways of web development. The best way to learn Ruby Online on rails is to go through Ruby API tutorials besides attending online classes. You will be taught about the technology through Ruby on rails examples and you will also know about Ruby programming language uses. In this course, you will acquire knowledge of  Ruby and basic programming concepts including variables, loops, control flow, and most importantly, object-oriented programming. You’ll get feasibility to test your acknowledge in a final project, which you’ll build.

Ruby Course Key features

  • Learn Ruby web scraping through Ruby coding examples
  • Learn Ruby Online
  • Ruby coding exercises will be provided for practice
  • The Ruby programming certification will start with the basics of Ruby programming along with the history of the Ruby programming language.
  • Get Ruby on rails online tutorial and ruby selenium tutorial for more learning
  • Get Ruby on rails jobs after completion of the course
  • Learn the way of installing Ruby on rails
  • learn ruby on rails
  • A Complete Guide To Ruby On Rails
  • How to learn ruby for beginners
  • Ruby Programming Language

Who should take Ruby Certification?

Web developers who want to enhance their career and salary package can take up this course. Programmers and application developers can also take up the course to become a web developer. Fresh graduates are also eligible for the course even if they do not have any programming experience.

Ruby Online Course Important Facts:

  • Simplest programming language to learn
  • Little or no syntax
  • Good for beginners as well as experienced web developers
  • Rubygems, the central library management system, manages Ruby libraries.
Course curriculum
    • Ruby Environment
    • Using Ruby Syntax
    • Declaration of Variables
    • Working with Operators
    • How to write Comments?
    • Using if...else statement
    • Using if modifier
    • Using unless Statement
    • Using unless modifier
    • Using case Statement
    • Using while Statement
    • Using while modifier
    • Using until Statement
    • Using until modifier
    • Using for Statement
    • Using break Statement
    • Using next Statement
    • Using redo Statement
    • Working with Blocks
    • Working with Strings
    • Working with Arrays
    • Working with Hashes
    • Working with Date & Time
    • Working with Ranges
    • Working with Iterators
    • Working with File I/O
    • What are Instance Variables?
    • What are Class Variables?
    • What are Global Variables?
    • What are Constants?
    • Concept of class definition
    • Concept of ruby objects
    • Concept of initialize method
    • Concept of instance variables
    • Using accessor & setter methods
    • Using instance methods
    • Using class methods & variables
    • What is to_s Method?
    • How to perform Access Control?
    • Understand Class Inheritance
    • Concept of Methods Overriding
    • Concept of Operator Overloading
    • What are Freezing Objects?
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Ruby Training FAQ’s:
1.Why Ruby programming is used?

Ruby is a scripting language and you will learn about it in Ruby online course. Codes are easy to write in this general-purpose language. Declaration of variables and accessing objects is also easy. Beginners having no knowledge of programming can also learn this language easily.

2.Does Ruby work as frontend or backend language?

Ruby works as a backend language and you will face Ruby coding challenges while writing codes. The programing language has the feature of accessing data of the application through backend. The language has many features which help in writing the codes easily. You need to choose the best place to learn Ruby on rails.

3.Where is the usage of this language?

The language is used in many places which are as follows

  • Web development
  • Test automation
  • Socket programming
  • Data analytics
  • Mathematics
Besides these, there are many other Ruby language uses.

4.Differentiate Ruby and PHP

Ruby works faster in comparison to PHP. Another advantage is that Ruby can be learnt easily in comparison to PHP. In spite of this, PHP is more4 popular than Ruby.

5.What are the prerequisites of the course?

You should have knowledge of XML, CSS, and HTML though these are only recommended prerequisites and not mandatory.

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