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PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Training

You may want to become a better PHP developer so that you can make dynamic web applications. Avail PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Training course from FolksIT to meet your goals. The course has been designed for beginners so that they can give a good start to their career. If you are an experienced web developer, then the PHP MVC course will boost your career from your current position. You can get the job of a web developer, PHP developer, and full-stack developer after completing the course. So join the course and give a boost to your career.

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PHP MVC framework Codeigniter Course Overview

PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter

The course will give you the knowledge of the PHP MVC framework. This is a framework that has the ability to hide the complexities of the code. Many standard methods are available in this framework. These methods help to write the code easily to make an application. The course will also include a PHP MVC framework tutorial and a Codeigniter CMS tutorial which you can use for self-study.

The course will also include PHP MVC interview questions which will help you to prepare for the real interview. A Codeigniter PHP MVC framework tutorial for beginners is also available for beginners who want to become a PHP developers.

PHP Codeigniter Course Key Features

  • 24/7 support of an expert instructor
  • Get tutorial for beginners step by step
  • Know about PHP MVC folder structure to save files and run the code perfectly
  • Get the knowledge about Codeigniter MVC architecture
  • Learn how to use the Codeigniter framework in PHP
  • Learn coding through PHP MVC example
  • Create your own MVC framework in PHP
  • fabricate your own Custom PHP Framework
  • Create a simple PHP MVC Framework
  • learn How to Use PHP to Create an MVC Framework

Who Should Take PHP MVC Framework Course

The course should be done by web developers who want to make dynamic PHP applications. Besides this, freshers can also do the course to start their career with a good designation and salary. The recommended prerequisites of the course are that the candidates should have a basic knowledge of PHP and OOPS.

Course curriculum
    • What is use of oops programming?
    • What is Class in PHP?
    • Declaration of Class.
    • Creating an object for class
    • PHP Access Specifier Private, protected and public
    • What is Inheritance in codeigniter?
    • Concepts of Encapsulation?
    • Understanding Polymorphism in codeigniter?
    • What is Abstract Class and how it used?
    • Whatis Final Class in oops?
    • Constructor – php 4
    • Constructor and Destructor – php5
    • Scope Resolution Operator (::) in php
    • Parent keyword in oops
    • What is Self keyword in oops?
    • What is This keyord in oops?
    • How to define Class constants?
    • Making Life Easier for the Developer
    • What is Model?
    • What is Views?
    • Helpers and Libraries
    • First Things First: The Model
    • Creating the Controller
    • Creating the View
    • Modifying the Controller
    • Modifying the View
    • The system/Folder
    • The system/application Folder
    • Configuration file.php
    • What is database configuration .php
    • How to setup autoloader?
    • What is route file? routes.php
    • The Database Library
    • The Session Library
    • The Form Helper
    • The URL Helper
    • Models and Database Tables
    • How to create Controllers
    • What are Views?
    • Using Folders to Organize Controllers
    • Creating the Login Mechanism
    • Creating the Home Page of the Admin Panel
    • Creating an Export Function for Categories
    • Creating an Export Function for Products
    • Importing a CSV Import Library for Products
    • Creating a Newsletter Tool
    • Creating the Database Table and Model
    • Adding a subscribe() Function
    • Creating the Form
    • Creating Administrative Screens
    • Filtering User Input
    • Encrypting Sessions
    • Additional Security Resources
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PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter FAQ’s:
1.What is PHP MVC framework?

PHP MVC framework has the ability to separate business logic and application data. The framework has the ability to hide the complex data from the end user. This also increases the productivity level of the developer as many methods are available to write the code easily. The coder can also connect the code to the database to store and retrieve information.

2.What is PHP MVC framework list?

There are different types of PHP MVC framework list which students can use for their code. Some of them are Laravel, Codeigniter, Symfony, Zend Framework, etc.

3.Is there an availability of interview questions?

Yes! PHP MVC Interview questions are available and will be given to the students. Besides this, mock interview sessions will be arranged for making a student confident about the real interview.

4.Which tutorials are available for the students?

The tutorials available for the students are as follows.
• PHP framework tutorial for beginners
• PHP MVC framework tutorial
• PHP MVC tutorial for beginners step by step
• Codeigniter CMS tutorial

5.What is the value of PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Training in the market?

The PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Training course is very valuable for the freshers as well as experienced PHP developers who want to make their career as a PHP developer for developing dynamic applications.

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