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React JS Online Training (React JavaScript)

Learn React JS online training which is a course provided by FolksIT. The subject will be taught by our expert trainers who have experience in this field for more than ten years. Theory and practical classes will be arranged along with hands-on projects. You will become a certified expert of React JS after completing the course.

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React JavaScript Course Overview

React JS Training

Facebook has developed React.js and the reason behind its development is the handling of the front layer of mobiles. You must pursue the course as it is a trending topic in the market. In the React JS online course, you will be taught about various components of React JS with the help of React JS examples.

React JS projects will also be given to you to clarify the concepts more deeply. You need to understand the working of React JavaScript framework along with React JS basics to develop the applications.

ReactJS Certification Key features

  • Get a React JS tutorial that will include all concepts of React JavaScript.
  • The course will be started by introducing what is React JS.
  • Understand the usage of React JS online editor
  • Compare ReactJS vs AngularJS
  • Compare React JS Node JS
  • How to Use React JS CSS
  • Get ReactJS interview questions and answers for practice
  • Get the job of React JS developer and other React JS jobs

Who should learn React JS Course Online?

The React course has been designed for those people who want to make their career as a frontend developer. The course is also good for UI/UX designers. React JS can also be studied for developing backend applications but it is better to develop front end applications

Course curriculum
    • JavaScript – Basics and In-depth
    • React – Basics and In-depth
    • Node – Basics
    • React with Node
    • Basics of JavaScript
    • JavaScript in depth
    • Creating classes
    • Creating private/public/global fields
    • Creating private/public/global functions
    • Dynamic rendering with JavaScript
    • Understand the concepts of Events
    • Introduction to React
    • Original DOM (Document Object Model) vs Virtual DOM (Document Object Model)
    • Understand different types of React Components
    • React Components with JSX
    • React Components with ES6
    • Props and state
    • Basics of Node and Installation
    • Introduction to Npm
    • Adding and removing modules
    • Creating an application using Create React App
    • Undrstand the Life Cycle of Ract with Node
    • How to perform Debugging?
    • Concept of Default values
    • Concept of SetState in React JS
    • Steps of Creating Forms
    • Steps of Creating Table
    • Steps of Handling Events
    • Steps of Applying Filters
    • JSX (JavaScript XML) in depth
    • Concept of Validations
    • Applying Styles
    • Backend calls
    • What are Stateful Components?
    • What are Stateless Components?
    • Concept of Local Storage
    • What is Routing?
    • Basic Routing and Passing Params
    • Usage of Hyperlinks
    • Concept of Master Pages
    • What is Reconciliation?
    • Creating Reusable Components
    • React.Component vs React.pure Component
    • Composition vs Inheritance
    • Code Reusability and Optimization
    • What are Fragments?
    • What is Bundling?
    • Steps of Deploying
    • Google Maps
    • Bootstrap Controls
    • Material UI
    • Toast Messages for notifications
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React JS Training FAQ’s:
1.Will I be able to boost my career after completing the course?

Yes! You will be able to boost your career after completing the course. There is a high demand of a certified React JS professional in the market so the course will be a good option for getting increment in salary and make a good career.

2.What will be included in the demo classes? Are they paid or free?

Demo classes are free and they will be arranged to let you know about the quality of education that we provide?

3.Is there any refund policy?

Yes! There is a refund policy. If you do not like the demo classes, your registration fee will be refunded.

4.Will we get any projects?

Yes! You will work on hands-on projects and instructors will guide you to complete them.

5.When will we get the React JS tutorial and material?

If you like the demo class then decide to take up the course, you need to make further payments and the course material will be given to you.

6.Do you provide React JS Interview Questions?

Yes, FolksIT provides ReactJS Interview questions and answers for the registered freshers and professionals.

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