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AJAX Online Training

We provide AJAX Online Training in which you will learn about framework along with programming. The AJAX certification will lead you to get jobs like Java developer with AJAX, Testing Engineer, PHP developer with AJAX, and many more. You will also be able to know about AJAX benefits. So join the course and boost your career.

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Learn Ajax Online - Overview

AJAX Online Training

AJAX training course has been designed for beginners, it will help them to start their career with a good designation and salary. The course will start with the teaching of AJAX basics and later it will go to AJAX architecture, framework, and programming. You will also be taught other advanced topics related to AJAX. Highlighting the AJAX course in the resume will open a lot of job opportunities.

AJAX Full Course Key Features

  • Know what is ajax basics and its applications
  • Understand its relation with other web development languages such as JavaScript
  • Learn about AJAX success function and success error
  • Availability of instructor 24/7
  • Ajax tutorial for beginners and experienced is also available
  • How XSLT related for Data transformation.
  • Expert instructors to teach the course
  • AJAX interview questions along with answers given by professionals & interviewers
  • Finally, get the Ajax Certification

Who should take this course?

AJAX coaching course should be done by web developers and web designers. This course will take their career to the next level and they will be able to make more complex applications. Creative designers can do this course to learn different aspects of web design through AJAX. The course can also be done by beginners to give a boost to their career from starting. AJAX training provided by FolksIT lets the individuals learn about client and server, XML and JSON, and many more things.

Course curriculum
    • The Purpose of Ajax
      • Traditional Web Application
      • An Ajax Web Application
    • The XMLHttp Request Object
      • Using an XMLHttp Request Object
      • Handling the Response
    • The Callback Function
    • Using AJAX with XML
      • Creating an addChild() Function
    • How to create Dynamic Tables?
    • How to JSON with AJAX
    • Review of Object Literals
    • How to send Arrays in AJAX
      • Define Objects in AJAX
      • Arrays in Objects
      • Objects in Arrays
    • Back to JSON
      • JSON Syntax
    • JSON Parsers
    • JSON Advantages and Disadvantages
    • What is Login Form
      • How to create Quick Lookup Form?
      • What is Preloading Data Form?
    • How to create Ajax Slideshow?
      • How to use Navigable Tables?
    • Using XSLT for Data transformation
    • What is the use of Basic XSLT
    • How to run XSLT file in the Browser?
    • The Mozilla Method
    • The IE Method
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of XSLT in Ajax Applications
    • The Purpose of Frameworks
    • Choosing a Framework
      • How to use Dojo?
      • Downloading Dojo
      • Using Dojo for Ajax
    • What is Prototype in AJAX
      • Downloading Prototype
      • Using Prototype for Ajax
    • Other Frameworks
    • Inline Editing
    • Using Content Editable Attribute
    • Detailed Information on Demand
    • How to create Auto logout
    • How to create Autocomplete form and usage of Autocomplete feature
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AJAX Online Training FAQ’s:
1.Is AJAX a programming language?

No! AJAX is not a programming language. It is a script that enables communication between
• client side and database
• client and server
The technology can be used only to reduce loading time of page. Adding AJAX to the code help in updating only parts of page and reloading of the whole page is not required.

2.What is AJAX loading?

AJAX loading is actually asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX loading helps in loading the page quickly. When a user clicks another page on the same website, that page also loads quickly.

3.What is AJAX architecture?

When a client sends a request to the server, the response from the server comes in the form of web page that consists of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. After the completion of the loading of the page, the client side JavaScript may send more requests to the server with the help of XHR (XML HTTP request).

4.What more AJAX benefits will I get through the course?

You will learn the AJAX technology from basic to advanced and this will be beneficial for your career and future. You can get AJAX jobs for developing frontend or backend applications. You can also get the jobs of administration level which will give you a high salary.

5.Is there any need to find AJAX near me?

No! There is no such need to find AJAX near me. You can attend the classes online at your convenient time.

6.What will happen if I will miss some Ajax classes?

You need not worry about it. Video recording of those classes will be provided to you.

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