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AngularJS for .NET Developers

AngularJS for .NET Developers Online Training through Folksit will help you to learn different types of binding like data binding, event binding, attribute binding, and many more. You can learn about managing server and client. The jobs that you can get after the angularjs for .net developers course are .Net developer, Angular developer, Server Applications developer, and many more. Everything will be taught to you step by step and a project will also be assigned to you.

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AngularJS For .NET Developers Course Overview

 AngularJS for .NET Developers

The AngularJs ASP Dot Net MVC course will let you learn about the usage of ASP.Net with Angular JS. Along with this, you will also learn web services and web forms. The things that you will learn in the course are as follows.

  • Maintaining and organizing the code
  • Using Angular JS in ASP.Net code
  • Delivering the code to the client

After the completion of the course, you will be able to use ASP.Net and Angular JS simultaneously.

Angular JS Dot Net MVC Training Key Features

  • 24/7 availability of instructors
  • Angular js ASP.Net training will  be given by expert trainers
  • Make applications with rich user interface after completing AngularJS .Net certification
  • Use data binding to maintain the UI after completing angular js with ASP.Net course
  • Create single-page applications easily.
  • Learn ASP.Net MVC with AngularJS step by step
  • Use AngularJS MVC tutorial for self-learning
  • Get various benefits after learning AngularJS for .Net developers

Who Should Take AngularJS .Net Course?

The Angular JS with DOT Net training course should be done by those students who want to make their career as ASP .Net developer. The course will also include the topics of MVC and Web APIs. Along with this, web developers, backend developers, and frontend developers can also do the course for the enhancement of their careers. Beginners can also do this course even if they do not have any experience of programming. You will get a lot of job opportunities after completing the course.

Course curriculum
    • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Control Structures
    • Loops in JavaScript
    • Operators in JavaScript
    • Handling functions
    • Objects and Functions in JavaScript
    • JavaScript DOM
    • JavaScript Events and Event Handling
    • Angular Advantages
    • Opportunities for Angular
    • Angular Versions
    • AngularJS to Angular 6
    • Semantic Versioning
    • Understanding Typescript
    • Basic Types
    • Working with Variables
    • Working with Arrays
    • Working with Classes
    • Working with Objects
    • Working with Interfaces
    • Working with Constructors
    • Type Definitions
    • Compiling Typescript
    • Linting
    • Understanding Let and Const
    • Working with Template Strings
    • Mastering Lambda Functions
    • Working with Generics
    • Working with Modules
    • What is Node and NPM
    • What is Polyfills JS?
    • What is Babel in AngularJS?
    • Using Typescript in AngularJS
    • How to use Module Bundler (Webpack)
    • What is Code Linting
    • What is Test Setup and how to use it?
    • Application File Structure
    • What is Angular CLI
    • What are Code Editors
    • Why and when to use Modules
    • Understanding NgModule
    • Working with Declarations in Modules
    • Using Providers
    • Managing Imports
    • How to use Bootstrapping
    • The Core Module
    • Shared Modules
    • Introduction to Components
    • Working with Component Architecture Patterns
    • Decorator Metadata
    • State & Behavior in Angular
    • Inputs and Outputs
    • Inline vs External
    • Mastering Template Expressions
    • Data Bindings
    • Data Bindings Syntax
    • Working with Data & Event Bindings
    • Working with Built-in Structural Directives
    • Working with Built-in Attribute Directives
    • Directives Overview
    • Types of Directive
    • Create your own Attribute Directive
    • Writing Attribute Directive Code
    • Respond to User Initiated Events
    • Pass values into the directive with an @Input data binding
    • Binding to an @Input property
    • Bind to an @Input alias
    • Write a harness to try it
    • Create your own Structural Directive
    • NgIf case study
    • Inside *ngFor
    • Inside NgSwitch directives
    • The
    • Working with
    • TemplateRef and ViewContainerRef
    • Using pipes
    • Built-in pipes
    • Parameterizing a pipe
    • Chaining pipes
    • Custom pipes
    • The Pipe Transform interface
    • Power Boost Calculator
    • Pipes and change detection
    • Pure and impure pipes
    • Getting familiar with Services
    • Building a Service
    • Getting familiar with Dependency Injection
    • Working with Injectors
    • Working with Providers
    • Registering Providers with real-time examples
    • Understanding Component Lifecycle
    • Using ngOnInit
    • What are lifecycle hooks in Angular?
    • Understanding Change Detection
    • Working with Zone.js
    • The Component Router
    • Defining Routes
    • Working with Navigation
    • Understanding Route Params
    • What is Child Routes and how to use them
    • What is Route Guards
    • How does Route Resolves work
    • Introduction to forms
    • Overview of Template-driven forms
    • Understanding Validations
    • Introduction to ‘Reactive’ forms
    • What is Form Control Class and Form Group
    • What is Validators Class
    • Introduction to Asynchronous operations
    • Describe Promises interface
    • Working with Observables feature
    • What is Event Emitter and how it is used?
    • What is Async Pipes in AngularJS
    • Concepts of handling HTTP Response and Request
    • How to set Request and Headers
    • Providing HTTP service in AngularJs
    • Introduction to Angular Styling
    • Using Component Styling
    • Usage of Style Scope
    • What is Shadow DOM
    • What are the types Loading Component Styles
    • Introduction to Animations
    • Animations Setup
    • Understanding Transitions and States
    • Concepts of Entering or Leaving from States
    • What is Animatable Units
    • Automatic property calculation
    • Understanding Animation Timing
    • Multistep Animation using Keyframes
    • Introduction to Testing
    • Concepts of Unit Testing
    • E2E Protractor and Testing
    • How to Setup Jasmine Framework
    • Component Test Basics
    • Component Test Scenarios
    • What is Karma programming in AngularJS
    • Importance of Security
    • Security in Angular
    • Sanitize the Dangerous Values
    • What is the function of Trusted Values
    • Implementation of bypassSecurityTrustHtml
    • Implementation of bypassSecurityTrustScript
    • How to use bypassSecurityTrustStyle
    • How to use bypassSecurityTrustUrl
    • What is bypassSecurityTrustResourceUrl
    • What is Cross-site Request Forgery
    • Usage of Runtime and Pre-compiled
    • Using ng2-Translate
    • Change Detection Strategy
    • Running outside the Zone
    • What is Production Mode and how do I enable it?
    • Understanding Web Workers
    • What is Precompiling (AoT)
    • How to use Lazy Loading techniques?
    • Deployment Best Practices
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AngularJS for .NET Developers FAQ’s:
1.What is .net development?

The .Net development is a framework which people can use to make desktop applications and web applications. Web applications are developed through ASP.Net and if Angular JS is included, the functionality of the apps enhances.

2.What is angularjs used for?

Angular JS is a framework which is used to make dynamic apps. HTML is the main language used in coding and coders can create various components through HTML.

3.What about the preparation of interview?

Angularjs .net interview questions will be provided to you for preparation of the interview. Mock interview sessions will also be arranged for your practice

4.How the AngularJS for .NET Developers Online Training will start?

You will be provided angularjs for .net developers from scratch so that you can learn every concept which will help you in making your career.

5.Will I get any course completion certificate?

Yes! You will get course completion certification after successful completion of angular js net certification.

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