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Lean Management Online Training

Lean Management is defined as a set of principles in management practices to improve efficiency and effectiveness eliminating waste. This is an essential part of increasing business prospects by focusing on customer satisfaction. This lean management training is tailored by our expert faculty to help master all the principles and techniques to improve the company’s performance. This training will make you proficient in applying all the tools to streamline the workflow and improve the production of the company.

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Lean Management Course Overview

Lean Management Online Training

This is the most sought-after business strategy among the top and progressive organizations thus the demand for certified professionals is huge in the market. Lean management techniques focus on developing, maintaining systems and processes to create value for the customer. In this course, you will learn about lean tools and techniques. How to eliminate unwanted and waste exercises to streamline the workflow by continuously improving processes.

This course is packed with all the best industry practices of applying lean management principles to excel in businesses or personally. This course with every lean management skill required for you to solve the issues that may arise in real-time scenarios.

Lean Management Training Key Features:

  • Core concepts of Lean Management System
  • Live projects
  • Case studies
  • Lean Management tools
  • Brief knowledge in healthcare
  • Choose schedule according to our convenience
  • 24*7 online assistance
  • Learn lean Management Tools

Who should take this course?

This course primarily benefits business managers, entrepreneurs, and all the professionals involved in business decision-making. And also individuals who want to pursue a career in the Lean management domain. Additionally, it benefits individuals who are looking for Lean management Certification to boost their careers.

Course curriculum
    • What is Lean?
    • Lean in a Nutshell
    • The Lean Temple
    • Fables and Facts
    • What Lean Should Look Like?
    • Lean Thinking Can Transform your Business
    • Lean is not just for Manufacturing
    • What’s changing at Service Companies?
    • Origins of Lean
    • Customers, Processes, and Waste
    • What are Customers?
    • Anatomy of a Process
    • Who Wants the Outputs?
    • The Tension between the VOB and VOC
    • What Do We Mean by Value?
    • The Path to Value
    • Value-Added Quiz
    • Dealing with Values
    • The Seven Wastes (Muda) of Lean
    • Introducing Lean Methodologies
    • The Lean Principles
    • Understand the concept of 3Cs
    • Key Lean Metrics
    • Gemba The Real Place
    • What are the Gemba Tools used?
    • Concepts of Gemba Kaizen
    • What does Hoshin Kanri mean? (Policy Deployment)
    • What is the principle of Jidoka (Autonomation)?
    • Concepts of Just in Time (JIT)
    • Explanation of Six Big Losses
    • What is 5S system and the implementation of steps of 5S
    • What is Poka-Yoke?
    • What is SMED?
    • Implementation of TPM: Total Productive Maintenance
    • What is Standardized Work and how to apply it?
    • Implementation On the Ground Instructions (OTGIs)
    • What is Visual Factory and how to implement it?
    • What is Value Stream Mapping in Lean?
    • The Iceberg Theory       
    • The Cost of Poor Quality
    • Categories Associated with the Cost of Poor Quality
    • In Practice, it’s a Balancing Act
    • Setting up Lean Thinking in your Business
    • The Cost-effectiveness of Lean Adoption
    • Prerequisites and Essential Requirements for Lean
    • How to implement Time frames in lean?
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Lean Management Online Training FAQ’s:
1.What is a lean management system?

Lean management is a concept of managing and organizing work to improve a company’s performance. It streamlines the workflow by eliminating unwanted tasks.

2.What are the 5 lean principles?

The five principles where lean management is based on

  • Defining Value
  • Mapping the value stream
  • Creating Flow
  • Using Pull system
  • Pursuing perfection

3.What is lean management in healthcare?

Implementation of Lean management ideas and methodology in healthcare to streamline and eliminate unwanted tasks and improve clinical tasks and healthcare systems.

4.How do I get Lean management certification?

We provide you with lean management certification upon completion of the course successfully. Our certificate has to stand in the market and is accredited with leading organizations. It will be an added advantage while hiring.

5.What is lean certification?

Lean management is a globally recognized certificate in providing the best end to end business processes in product development, manufacturing, operations, customer relations, and many other fields

6.What are the Lean management examples?

Four good examples for successfully implementing lean management system are

  • Nike
  • Toyota
  • Intel
  • John Deere

7.How does lean vs six sigma fare?

Six sigma aims at improving process performance by reducing the rate of defects. Lean focuses on improving speed and operating costs.

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