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Coded UI Online Training

Automation testing is one of the most in-demand domains and Coded UI is one of the most widely used automation testing tools it is particularly useful for running functional tests. Coded UI uses the visual studio as IDE to write scripts. FolksIT is designed by our experts keeping given the requirements needed to become a pro in the Coded UI test. This Coded UI course is packed with all the critical concepts and techniques necessary for running Coded UI. By the end of this course, you will be proficient in the concepts of Coded UI automation.

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What is Coded UI?

Coded UI Certification

Coded UI test is an automated test that drives applications through its user interface. The test involves functional testing of UI controls. It also automates manual testing. In this Coded UI course, you will learn to build automation testing projects that run tests through the user interface.

You will develop skills to automate web applications with Coded UI framework using real-time examples and you can understand what is coded UI and its applications. This Coded UI certification will help you gains trust and credibility among the organizations hiring.

Coded UI Certification Key Features

  • Fundamentals of Coded UI testing, UI map
  • In-depth knowledge of Coded UI framework
  • Learn usage of Automation Testing tools
  • Create and execute Coded UI tests using the recorder and import functionality
  • Key Concepts of Using Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Application of UI Automation Testing
  • Get Coded UI certification
  • Practical experience as UI Designer
  • Guidance for building a good resume
  • Provide you with important Coded UI interview questions
  • Choose your schedule according to your convenience

Who Should Take Coded UI Course?

This course primarily benefits testers who want to shift to the Coded UI test domain and other professionals who want to change to the testing domain. Manual testers who are willing to learn UI Automation Testing and Coded UI framework can also opt for this course. Additionally, individuals who want to pursue a career in the testing domain. Individuals who need Coded UI certification to boost their career can also opt for it.

Course curriculum
    • Visual Studio Interface Overview
    • Basic on C#
    • Understanding Coded UI Test Structure
    • Defining Test File Types with examples
    • Understanding File Relationships
    • Creating a Coded UI Test
    • Recording Test Steps
    • Using the Recorder Controls
    • Method Generation in UI
    • Assertions using UI Locator
    • Selecting Objects with the UI Locator
    • Using Coded UI Comparators
    • Manually Coding Assertions
    • Accessing the UI Map
    • Understanding Parent Windows and Control Names
    • UI Map Maintenance
    • Running Coded UI Tests
    • Evaluating Log Files
    • Understanding Assertion Failures
    • Collection Files
    • Evaluationg Assertion Statements
    • Storing Expected Results
    • Updating Control Statements
    • Debugging Process
    • Creating Data Sources
    • Creating Data-Driven Tests
    • Modifying Assertions with Data Driven Tests
    • Creating Multiple UI Maps
    • Regular Expressions
    • Regular Expression Operators
    • Using Regular Expressions for Data Capture
    • Dynamic Object Handling
    • Modify Mapped Objects
    • File Input / Output
    • Reading and Writing data from files
    • Team Foundation Server API
    • Logging Options
    • Database Connectivity
    • Connecting to Databases using SQL and ODBC Connection
    • Executing Queries in UI
    • Managing Playback Settings
    • Synchronizing Coded UI Tests
    • Wait for Condition Controls
    • Test Lab set up Guide.
    • Mapping Automated TC’s to TFS Work item
    • Continues integration build configurations
    • Framework Concepts
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Coded UI Certification FAQ’s:
1.What is a Coded UI?

Coded Ui tests drive your application through the user interface. These tests include functional testing of the UI controls. It can also automate the manual test.

2.What is Coded UI web testing?

Coded UI web testing includes both functionality and usability of the website or web app. It specifically uses GUI testing.

3.How do we launch the Coded UI test builder?

To launch the Coded UI test builder you have to move the cursor to the test method and then open the context menu by right-clicking and then select Coded UI Test and use Coded UI Builder from the menu. After Test Builder is opened the Metro UI will be displayed.

4.How do I get Coded UI certification?

We provide certification upon completing the course and clear an online exam. Our certificate has to stand in the market and is accredited by many leading organizations. It will be another advantage to your resume.

5.How does Coded UI vs Selenium fare?

Coded UI is a tool used for desktop and web-based automation. It uses the .Net framework and Visual Studio. Selenium is an open source automation tool and is compatible with any programming language across multiple platforms.

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