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Six Sigma Black Belt Online training

Six sigma certification of the level of black belt helps a candidate to grow his career in the terms of leadership. The candidate will have deep understanding of six sigma and he will be able to handle its projects easily after pursuing lean six sigma black belt certification.

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Six Sigma Black Belt Course Overview

Six Sigma Black Belt

A person who has an understanding of the philosophies and principles of six sigma can go for the six sigma black belt course online. A candidate who has gone through black belt training will get high pay in his job as passing the lean six sigma exam is not easy. understand team dynamics and assign team member roles and responsibilities. Through Black belts, we can understand all aspects of the DMAIC (define measure, analyze improve and control). 

Six Sigma Black Belts are expected to have sound working knowledge of Six Sigma techniques. excluding the technical knowledge, They are expected to lead a change within a company and disport a strong leadership role.

Six Sigma Black Belt Training Key Features

  • The lean six sigma training is led by an instructor.
  • The six sigma black belt salary is very high.
  • The lean six sigma black belt certification will bring the career to an advanced level.
  • Pursuing a six sigma course online will bring job security.
  • The candidate will get the opportunities of leadership after pursuing six sigma training online certification
  • Profits of an organization are increased while costs are reduced
  • Customer satisfaction is also increased.
  • Decision-making quality is improved
  • Listen to classes at your flexible schedules.
  • Problems are resolved on a permanent basis

Who should take 6 Sigma Black Belt Training?

The 6 Sigma Black Belt certification should be taken up by those candidates who want to improve their leadership skills. Since the course is of high level so fresher cannot pursue the course. The candidates will know about different tools as it is included in the six sigma black belt syllabus.

Course curriculum
    • What is Six Sigma?
    • DMAIC, DFSS , IDOV approaches to Six Sigma
    • Six sigma and Organization Structure
    • What is CTQ (Critical to Quality) Tree?
    • Learn how to make Affinity Diagram
    • Concept of Kano Model
    • Translating business issues to projects
    • Building Goal/Problem Statement
    • What is Project Scoping?
    • Selection of Team Members
    • Assigning of Roles for Team Members
    • Deriving Project Schedule
    • Putting together Project Sign Off and the Business Case
    • Six Sigma Finance – Potential savings and their link to defects; Cost Avoidance vs. Costs Reduction; estimating potential savings.
    • SIPOC (Supplies, Inputs, Process, Outputs, Customer) or COPIS (Customers, Outputs, Process, Inputs, Suppliers) or POCIS (Process, Outputs, Customer, Inputs, Supplies)
    • What is ARMI (Approver, Resource, Member, Interested Party)
    • What is GRPI (Goals , Roles, Processes, Interpersonal)
    • Types of process flow charts
    • VA (Value Added) / NVA (Non-Value Added) Analysis
    • Types of FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis)
    • Process FMEA
    • What is a Lean or Toyota Production system?
    • Why Implement Lean?
    • Understanding the Lean Concepts
    • What is Eight Waste?
    • Understand 5-Whys
    • Value Stream Mapping
    • Explore Takt Time
    • Understand Continuous Flow
    • Explanation of Kaizen
    • What is Automation?
    • Why Push vs Pull is needed?
    • Elements of current VSM (Value Stream Mapping)
    • Elements of future VSM
    • Understand Normal distribution
    • What is Z Value computation?
    • Handling of non- normal data and normality test
    • How to perform Random Sampling?
    • How to perform Random Stratified Sampling?
    • How to perform Systematic Sampling?
    • Understand Rational sub-grouping
    • Exploring Sampling considerations
    • Calculating sample size: Continuous Data
    • Calculating sample size: Discrete Data
    • What are Cp and Cpk (Process Capability)?
    • What are Pp and Ppk (Performance Capability)?
    • How to make Pareto Chart?
    • How to make Histogram?
    • How to make Run Chart?
    • How to make Box plot?
    • How to make Scatter Plot?
    • How to make Multi Vari chart?
    • How to make Process Behavior charts?
    • How to make ImR chart?
    • How to make x bar S, X Bar R chart?
    • How to make Charts for Binomial count?
    • How to make np chart?
    • How to make p chart?
    • How to make Chart for Poisson count?
    • How to make c chart?
    • How to make u chart?
    • What is Hypothesis testing?
    • What is z test?
    • What is t test?
    • 2 sample t test
    • What is Paired t test?
    • Understand Sample proportion
    • Understand 2 sample proportion
    • How to perform One Way ANOVA (Analysis of Variance)?
    • How to perform Two way ANOVA?
    • How to perform  Chi Square test?
    • 1 sample Wilcoxon
    • One way Mood’s Median Test
    • One way Kruskal Wallis Test
    • 2 sample Mann-Whitney
    • What is Regression Analysis?
    • How to perform Multiple Regression Analysis?
    • Understand Logistic regression?
    • Understand SCAMPER (Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to different use, Eliminate & Reduce)
    • What is Brain writing?
    • Control-Impact Matrix
    • Prioritizing solutions
    • Piloting the Solution
    • Process Control systems
    • Process control charts- ImR, p, np,c,u charts
    • New Process capability-Cp, Cpk
    • What is QFD (Quality Function Deployment)?
    • Introduction to TRIZ (The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)
    • Core concepts of TRIZ
    • Contradiction thinking
    • Ideal Final Result
    • Systems Thinking
    • Functional Modeling
    • Introduction to DOE- Design of Experiments
    • Aspects of Shainin DOE
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Six Sigma Black Belt FAQ’s:
1.What is the duration of the best six sigma certification programs?

The duration of the best six sigma certification programs depends upon the student. After completing the six sigma black belt course material, he can give the exam and avail the certificate if he passes.

2.Is it necessary to give the exam immediately after registration?

No it is not necessary. The candidate will get the exam code which will be valid for one year. He can use the code any time within the year to take the exam.

3.What is six sigma black belt certification cost?

The six sigma black belt certification cost is $438 and the retake fee is $338.

4.How to get black belt in six sigma?

If candidates have received training and have enough knowledge then they have the option to attend the exam directly. If any candidate has prepared for the exam through study guides, then he can sit for short exams which are related to different sections.

5.Is six sigma certification online free?

Six Sigma is providing only white belt of six sigma certification online free for a limited period. The exams of other belts like yellow belt, green belt, black belt, and master black belt are not available for free.

6.Which is the best six sigma certification online?

The exams of black belt and master black belt are considered as best six sigma certification online. White belt is of beginner level then comes yellow belt and then green belt.

7.What is six sigma black belt salary?

The average six sigma black belt salary is around $66137.

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