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UiPath Courses Introduction

The UiPath training has been exclusively designed as per current industry standards and trends by our leading industry-certified experts having substantial experience in Uipath Domain. UiPath is one of the popular RPA tools. It is an end-to-end platform for the automation process. It streamlines the processes, and eliminates obsolete processes, laying the path to digital transformation fast and cost-effective. It leverages existing systems to minimize disruption. The UiPath online training will help you master the techniques of Robotic Process automation and deploy the UiPath tool effectively.Learning UiPath will make you efficient in the life cycle of RPA and equip you with the skills necessary to tackle the real-time issues that may arise. This course will make you confident to take and clear the UiPath certification which will help you land high-paying UiPath jobs.

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UiPath Online Training Overview

UiPath Training

UiPath is a popular RPA tool. UiPath makes the organization design its automation process through diagrams. Check out UiPath Certification cost and join the course immediately to become a certified Uipath developer.

Learn how to implement UiPath, designing the user interface, excel automation, and many more key concepts. Our UiPath tutorial covers all the aspects from beginners to advanced level. By the end of this RPA course, you will become a pro in UiPath processes. This training program will open the doors for these lucrative UiPath careers in a big way.

UiPath Certification Course Key Features

  • Installation and Configuration of UiPath
  • Designing User interfaces
  • Get UiPath certification
  • Provide you with important UiPath interview questions
  • Guidance in building UiPath resume
  • Provide you with UiPath training material for self-study
  • Schedule your timings according to your convenience
  • One on One sessions

Who should join Online Learning UiPath?

The UiPath courses primarily benefit developers, system administrators, system engineers, and IT professionals who either want to upskill to the UiPath domain. Freshers who want to pursue a career in UiPath can also opt. Professionals who want UiPath certification to advance their career.

Course curriculum
    • Getting into the world of RPA
    • RPA Tools in the Market
    • Comparison of Various RPA Tools
    • Job Market for RPA
    • Master the UIPath User Interface
    • Understanding Ribbon in UIPath
    • Understanding Quick Access Toolbar
    • Understanding Universal Search Bar
    • Understanding Designer Panel
    • Understanding the Outline Panel
    • Understanding Activities Panel
    • Understanding the Library Panel
    • Understanding the Project Panel
    • Understanding the Properties Panel
    • Understanding the Output Panel
    • Types of Workflows
    • Understand Sequences
    • Understand Flowcharts
    • Creating a Basic workflow
    • Debugging a Workflow
    • Managing Packages
    • Understand how to manage Variables
    • Learn the Naming Best Practices
    • Working with Variables Panel
    • Understand the Types of Variables
    • Generic Value Variables
    • Text Variables
    • True or False Variables
    • Number Variables
    • Array Variables
    • Date and Time Variables
    • Data Table Variables
    • Managing Arguments
    • Creating Arguments
    • Removing Arguments
    • Naming Best Practices
    • Using Arguments
    • Understand Namespaces
    • For Each Activity
    • Importing New Namespaces
    • About Control Flow
    • Control Flow Activities
    • Assign Activity
    • Do While Activity
    • Delay Activity
    • If Activity
    • Switch Activity
    • While Activity
    • For Each Activity
    • Break Activity
    • Recording Overview
    • Recording Types
    • Automatic Recording
    • Automatically Generated Activities
    • The Active UI Framework
    • Example of Automatic Recording with Basic and Desktop
    • Working with UI Elements
    • UI Activities Properties
    • Input Methods
    • Example of Using Input Methods
    • The output or Screen Scraping Methods
    • Examples of Using Output or Screen Scraping Methods
    • Generating Tables from Unstructured Data
    • Relative Scraping
    • Data Scraping
    • Real-time Examples
    • Importance of Data Scraping
    • Working with Data Scraping
    •  Working with Selectors
    • UiPath Explorer
    • Introduction to Selectors
    • Selectors with Wildcards
    • What are Full Selectors?
    • What are Partial Selectors?
    • Creating activity using .net
    • Exception Handling
    • XML Configuration
    • Transactions
    • Linq Operations
    • Collections
    • Creating activity using .net
    • File Handling Overview
    • Handling Excel Formats
    • Working with Database Operations
    • Working with various PDF operations
    • Working with Emails
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UiPath Training FAQ’s:
1.What is UiPath?

UiPath is a popular RPA platform for end-to-end high-scale automation. It offers a solution for enterprises to automate repetitive office tasks for business transformation.

2.How do I get Uipath certification?

The certification is provided by the UiPath organization. Once you decide on the type of certification we can customize your course accordingly. And prepare you to clear the certification in distinction.

3.What is the RPA UiPath exam format?

This proctored exam was conducted at the Pearson VUE test center throughout the world.

4.What is the UiPath certification cost?

The exam is a minimum of $150 and further, it depends on the type of certification which can extend up to 200$.

5.What if I miss the online class?

We would provide you with the RPA Uipath tutorial videos for beginners, recording of the session, and also eLearning material,uipath tutorial for self-study.

6.Can I attend the demo class?

Yes, you can attend the demo class and decide on your continuation.

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