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Open Span Online Training

FolksIT provides Open Span Online Training to the students who want to learn the concepts of Windows integration, web integration, automation, and many other things. You will attend theory as well as practical sessions and these sessions will be held online. You can establish yourself as an automation engineer, Software developer, software engineer, robotics engineer, and many more. Do you want to get these jobs which have high salaries? Then, you should pursue this course. Learn how this combination enables employee productivity & a better customer experience.

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About Open Span Training Program

Open Span Online Training

OpenSpan training will help you in automating the manual tasks. Manual processes can be inefficient and tedious to do but when they are automated, their efficiency increases. You will be given an OpenSpan tutorial with the essential materials in which all concepts of the course will be available. Other things that you will learn are as follows:


  • Automation
  • RPA
  • Architecture
  • Management console

Instructors will also teach you about Blue Prism Vs OpenSpan and you will be able to know which one is better.

OpenSpan Training Key Features

  • Know about OpenSpan documentation
  • OpenSpan latest version will be taught
  • Learn OpenSpan automation in detail
  • Work on Realtime projects
  • Understand the differences with Blue Prism
  • Get guide for reference and tutorials to professionals
  • Resolve your problems 24/7 as instructors will always be available
  • Get high-salary jobs by doing OpenSpan certification
  • Provision of OpenSpan interview questions will also be there

Who Learn Open Span RPA Course?

Many types of people can take up the course and some of them are listed here.

  • Any Department Engineers
  • IT Experts
  • Automation Students
  • Digital Marketing Authorities
  • Business Professionals
  • Executive Specialists

You can also check Online Open Span RPA for beginners. There are no prerequisites for the course but having the knowledge of Database, ETL testing, automation, etc. will be an advantage in learning

Openspan Training Important Facts:

  • Multiple processes can be converted into a single process.
  • RPA can be managed for good results.
  • Organizational operations can be mastered.
  • Desktop analytics is performed efficiently.
  • Graphical design environment can be automated.
Course curriculum
    • Concepts of Windows Application Integration
    • Studying OpenSpan Interaction Framework
    • OpenSpan Web Integration concepts
    • Project Deployment necessities
    • Diagnostics and Debugging in OpenGL
    • Getting Started with Open Span Studio
    • Recommended Practices for Solution Building in OpenSpan
    • Developing OpenSpan Solutions and Projects
    • Defining Windows Adapter Design Properties
    • Working with the Windows Adapter
    • Recommended Practices in Solution Development
    • Working with Open Span Automation
    • Working with MDI Child Windows
    • Working with Interaction Framework
    • Working with Activities and Active MDI Windows
    • Defining Web Adapter Properties, Events, and Methods
    • Using the Web Adapter
    • Interrogating a Web Application
    • Working with Web Adapter Match Rules
    • Automating the Training Web Site
    • Using the Agile Desktop Framework
    • Building Project Files using Agile
    • Deploying Open Span Solutions
    • Using Configuration Project Items
    • Using Open Span Management Console
    • Debugging Open Span Projects
    • Using Studio’s Diagnostics Publishers
    • Handling Errors
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Open Span Online Training FAQ’s:
1.Which roles will we get after completing the OpenSpan training course?

You will get the roles of technical architect, senior developer, automation engineer, and many more.

2.Will you provide OpenSpan interview questions?

Yes! We will provide OpenSpan interview questions.

3.Can we also get OpenSpan RPA jobs?

Yes! You can get RPA jobs.

4.Which version will be taught to us?

You will be taught the latest version of OpenSpan. The latest version is 8.0 but many companies are still working on 7.1 version.

5.Will the certification have any effect on resume?

Yes! The certification will affect your resume and it will lead you to various job opportunities.

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