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Automation Anywhere Training Introduction

Automation Anywhere Training is a course in which you will learn about RPA technology and its implementation. This course will be taught by our expert trainer who will make you familiar with all the concepts of RPA. You will be able to understand the concept of automation anywhere architecture bot creation, recorders, commands, metabots, and many more things. The course will help you in getting a job as an automation engineer.

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What is Automation Anywhere?

Automation Anywhere Training

Our expert instructors have designed an Automation anywhere RPA course for those people who want to Learn RPA. This technology will help them in learning about the development of software robots. After the completion of the course, you will be able to perform all the tasks related to automation.

The Automation anywhere online course will include the interview questions which will help you to enhance your Automation Anywhere careers. Opportunities for various Automation Anywhere jobs will open for you.

Automation Anywhere Certification Key features

  • Learn from fundamentals and its relation with Robotic Process Automation.
  • Understanding the concept of Automation anywhere architecture.
  • Concept of Automation Anywhere architecture will be included in this training.
  • We will provide an Automation Anywhere tutorial in which you will learn all the concepts of Automation Anywhere RPA.
  • Automation Anywhere certification questions will help you in becoming proficient for the real interview.
  • Automation Anywhere videos of lectures will be provided for all the classes.
  • We will provide job assistance and resume development facilities.
  • Instructors will be available 24/7.

Who should learn Automation Anywhere RPA?

The Automation RPA course can be done by any person whether fresher or experienced. People need to have some technical background to understand the concepts easily.

Course curriculum
    • Overview of RPA
    • Introduction to Automation Anywhere
    • Automation Anywhere Architecture
    • Automation Anywhere Editors
    • Control Room View
    • Features of Task Editor
    • Different sections in Task Editor
    • Automation Anywhere Commands
    • Insert Keystrokes, Mouse Click
    • Insert Mouse Move, Mouse Scroll
    • Open program/File
    • Files/Folders
    • Window Actions
    • Log To File
    • Manage Windows Controls
    • Concept of Object Cloning
    • Concept of System
    • Pause / Delays / Wait
    • now about Web Recorder
    • Know about Launch Website
    • How to Send Email?
    • About Internet Connection
    • About SOAP Web Service
    • About REST Web Service
    • How to Run Task?
    • How to Stop Task?
    • Read from CSV/Text
    • Introduction to Excel
    • Introduction to Database
    • Introduction to XML
    • Know about Prompt
    • Know about Message Box
    • Know about Comment
    • Know about Play Sound
    • Know about Variable Operation
    • Know about String Operation
    • Clip Board Operations
    • Know about Printers
    • Know about Services
    • Know about Error Handling
    • Know about Image Recognition
    • Know about Screen Capture
    • What is App Integration?
    • What is OCR (Optical Character Recognition)?
    • Know about Email Automation
    • Know about Terminal Emulator
    • Know about PDF Integration
    • Know about Citrix Automation
    • Understand the concept of PGP
    • Upload / Deploy Project
    • Add AA Clients
    • Operations Room
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Automation Anywhere Training FAQ’s:
1.What is Automation Anywhere Certification?

Automation Anywhere Training is a certification which will help you in getting the job of a RPA developer. You will be able to work on RPA platform after pursuing the course

2.Why is Certification necessary?

This training will make you an experienced professional in RPA and you can get a senior position during your job application.

3.Will you provide job assistance?

Yes! We will provide job assistance and provide automation anywhere interview questions for your reference.

4.What will happen if I miss a class?

Automation Anywhere videos of training for each missed class will be provided.

5.What will happen if I fail in the Automation Anywhere Certification exam?

Don’t worry! We will guide you in an efficient way. If you didn't pass the exam also, you can take the exam again.

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