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RPA Blue Prism Training

Top industry experts curated this RPA Blue Prism Training to help learners gain expertise. This course allows learners to know about various Robotic process Automation tools and use Automation technology

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RPA Blue Prism Course Overview

RPA Blue Prism Training

Blue Prism is an RPA Tool that grasps the capability of an effective workforce powered by software robots. Blue Prism is a leading automation tool that is effective in delivering improved revenue and outcomes. This tool had shown tremendous growth in recent years and is perfectly suitable for anyone who wishes to shift into the automation industry. Blue Prism is the software that is built on the Microsoft .NET framework. Blue Prism will offer high-quality information.

Blue Prism Key Features 

  • Learn about the fundamentals of robotic process automation.
  • Through this course, learn to set up blue prism infrastructure.
  • Get an overview of current trends and RPA blue prism jobs.
  • Get Blue Prism certification.
  • download blue prism pdf
  • login blue prism portal

Who should take Blue prism Course online:

This course is suitable for everyone, even beginners, and it has no pre-requisites. This course is also ideal for individuals looking to utilize the maximum benefits of robotic process automation and its growing job industry.

Course curriculum
    • What is RPA?
    • Implementation
    • Benefits of RPA tools
    • Comparison of popular RPA Tools
    • Blueprism Installation process
    • Running a Process
    • Basic Skills
    • Process Validation
    • What is Decision Stage
    • What is Calculation Stage in Process studio?
    • What are Data Items and how to use it?
    • What is Decision workflow?
    • What is Circular Paths?
    • How to use Controlling Play
    • What is Set Next Stage and how to use it?
    • What are Breakpoints?
    • How to use Collections and Loops?
    • Layers of Logic
    • Pages for Organization
    • Input Parameters
    • Stepping and Pages
    • Data Item Visibility
    • Data Types
    • Output Parameters
    • Start-up Parameters
    • Control Room
    • Object Studio
    • Business Objects
    • Action Stage
    • Inputs and Outputs
    • The Process Layer
    • Creating a Business Object
    • Application Modeler
    • Spying Elements
    • Attributes
    • Launch
    • Wait
    • Timeouts
    • Overview of Case Management and Error
    • Exception Handling
    • Recover and Resume
    • Throwing Exceptions
    • Preserving the Current Exception
    • Exception Bubbling
    • Exception Blocks
    • Exception Handling in Practice
    • Queue Items
    • Work Queue Configuration
    • What is Defer?
    • How to use Attempts
    • Pause and Resume
    • How to filter collection in Blue prism?
    • How do I create Report in Blue prism
    • How to configure Safe Stop
    • What is Collection in Blue prism?
    • What are Choices Stage
    • Logging
    • Log Viewer
    • System Manager
    • Process/Business Object Grouping
    • Process and Object References
    • Export and Import
    • Release Manager – Packages and Releases
    • Order System Process
    • Consolidation Exercise Checklist
    • Submitting Your Completed Solution
    • Undefined Collections
    • Data Item Initialization
    • Data Item Exposure
    • Casting
    • Code Stage
    • Run Mode
    • Initialize and Cleanup
    • Attribute Match Types
    • Dynamic Attributes
    • Active Accessibility
    • Global Clicks and Keys
    • Credentials
    • Resource PC
    • Mainframe Applications
    • Java Applications
    • Match Index and Match Reverse
    • Surface Automation
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RPA Blue Prism Training FAQ’s:
1.Why should people take up RPA Blue Prism Training?

There are many benefits of this course which are as follows.
• There are job openings in various sectors like Finance, Banking, IT, and many other sectors.
• You will learn about automated marketing strategies.
• Customer behavior can be tracked easily through analytics.

2.Are there any prerequisites for the course?

There are no prerequisite for the course. Freshers as well as experienced people can pursue the course and get various job opportunities.

3.What can I do in the case of missing one or more classes?

In such a case, you will be provided with recorded videos of the missed classes.

4.How many demo classes will be available?

Three demo classes will be available and then you can decide whether to take up the course or not.

5.How can I make payment for the course?

The payment options available are debit card, online banking, credit card, email, and many more.

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