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Robot Framework Test Automation Online Training

This Robot Framework training program is designed and conceived by our expert instructors to make you proficient in all the concepts and techniques of using Robot Framework. Robot Framework Course is an open-source test automation framework for acceptance testing, acceptance test-driven development, and RPA(Robotic Process Automation). Robot Framework uses a keyword-driven method with easy-to-use data syntax. This Robot Framework testing course will enable you to write effective test scripts using various libraries of Selenium. This course’s goal is to make you industry-ready and to deal effectively with all the real-time scenarios that may arise.

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Robot Framework Training Overview

Robot Framework test automation

Robot Framework is a test driver. the main advantage of the Robot Framework is that it allows individuals with little to no programming experience to create test automation or RPA. The Robot Framework provides benefits from cost savings to increased quality assurance in software delivery. In this course, you will learn about various libraries, how to write effective scripts for testing network protocols, web services, and databases.

You will learn to create a selenium web driver test automation script. By the end of this course, you will be to build effective automation tests. You will be provided with every assistance and guidance required to make you Pro.

Robot Framework Course Certification Key Features

  • Installing and configuration of Robot Framework
  • Core concepts of Robot framework operating system
  • Understanding Robot Framework API Testing
  • Brief understanding of Robot Framework collections
  • Get Robot framework Training certification
  • Live projects on Robot Framework test automation
  • Choose your schedule according to your convenience
  • Important Robot framework interview questions
  • Assist you with Robot Framework jobs

Who should take Robot Framework Test Automation Training?

This Robot test automation course primarily benefits manual tester, programmers, and professionals with IT backgrounds who want to shift to the testing domain. Additionally, it also benefits individuals who want to pursue a career in the testing domain. The Robot Framework is assembled on top of Python and assimilates multiple open source tools to provide a single tool for test automation.

Course curriculum
    • Introduction of Robot framework
    • Installation and uninstallation of Robot
    • What are Demonstrations?
    • Test data syntax
    • Creating test cases
    • Creating test suites
    • Using test libraries
    • What are Variables in Robot Framework?
    • Creating user keywords
    • Resource and variable files
    • Advanced features
    • Basic usage
    • How to run Tests in Robot framework?
    • What is Post-processing outputs?
    • Configuring execution
    • Created outputs
    • Creating test libraries
    • Remote library interface
    • Using listener interface
    • Extending the Robot Framework Jar
    • Library documentation tool (libdoc)
    • Test data documentation tool (testdoc)
    • Test data clean-up tool (tidy)
    • Other tools distributed with Robot Framework
    • External tools
    • All available settings in test data
    • All command line options
    • Test data templates
    • Documentation formatting
    • Time format
    • Internal API
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Robot Framework test automation FAQ’s:
1.What is a robot automation framework?

It is an Open source test automation framework for acceptance tests, acceptance test-driven development, and RPA. It has easy-to-use test data syntax and is a keyword-driven testing framework.

2.What is Robot Framework built-in?

Built-in is Robot Framework’s standard library with a set of generic keywords needed.

3.What is the robot framework set the variable?

The set variable keyword is assigned values to variables outside the header. They are useful when strings can change often in the tasks with the variables you need.

4.What is a Robot framework operating system?

The operating system is a standard library of Robot Framework which enables all the tasks to be performed in the system.

5.What is a Robot Framework user guide?

The robot Framework user guide is a reference manual explaining all the features available in Robot Framework

6.What are Robot framework keywords?

Robot Framework is a keyword-driven automation framework. There are two types of keywords. They are Library Keywords and User Defined Keywords.

7.How do I get Robot framework test automation certification?

We provide you with certification upon completion of the course successfully. Our certificate is accredited with leading organizations in the market. And it will be added advantage while hiring.

8.Is Robot Framework easy to learn?

Yes, the Robot framework is easy to understand open-source tool which has a modular interface to build custom automation test cases.

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