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RPA Automation Testing Training (Robotic Process Automation)

Robotic Automation Processing is a technology that is used to automate rule-based and repetitive tasks. This course is suitable for individuals who are responsible for operations and want to streamline them. This course is ideal for businesses of all sizes who wish to eliminate unwanted tasks.

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What Is RPA Automation?

RPA Automation Testing Training

Robotic Automation Processing concentrates on automation technology for improving productivity and cost-efficiency. Through this program, it’s guaranteed to enhance innovation and profitability.  In simple terms, this course enables individuals to improve overall organizational efficiency for their organizations. Also, RPA developer jobs are on the rise, making them much easier to secure.

RPA Automation Online Training Key Features

  • Learn from scratch such as what is Robotic Process Automation and its processing systems
  • Training from industry experts.
  • Get to know about massive career and earning opportunities.
  • Envision basic RPA implementation plans
  • 24*7 Support
  • Live LED classes & flexible schedules.
  • Get the RPA Automation certification with tutorials.

Who Should Take RPA Online Training?

This Robotic Process Automation training program is suitable for people new to RPA automation. This course provides complete information about automation technologies. RPA Online course is suitable for anyone who wishes to make repetitive tasks more tirelessly, quickly, and accurately.

Course curriculum
    • Why to automate repetitive tasks/process
    •  What is Robotic Process Automation
    • Natural language processing and RPA
    • How Robotic Process Automation works
    • RPA development methodology and lifecycle
    •  RPA Solution Architecture Patterns – Key Considerations
    • Input Data Handling Solution Pattern
    • Exception Handling
    • Transaction Logging
    • Credential Management
    • Secure Execution
    • Monitoring and Reporting
    • Types of Bots
    • List of Robotic Process Automation Tools
    • Introduction to UiPath
    • Types of Projects
    • User Interface
    •  Domains in Activities
    • Workflow Files in UiPath
    • UI Automation
    •  System Activities
    • Various Properties
    •  How to create and manage Variables
    •  Output logs
    •  Arguments to invoke workflow file function
    • User Events in Uipath
    •  App Integration
    • Types of Recorder
    • Scraping methods in Uipath
    • About Selectors use
    • About Workflow
    • Importance of Orchestrator
    • Citrix Automation with UI Path
    •  What is Data Manipulation
    •  PDF Automation activities
    • Programming Concepts
    •  Project Organization
    • Error Handling in execution
    •  Deep Dive into Orchestrator Community Edition
    •  Know about different RPA tools and their trend
    • Customer Feedback Collection, Analysis and Reporting
    •  Health Insurance Policy Renewal Reminders
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RPA Automation Testing Training FAQ’s:
1.What is RPA automation testing?

RPA automation testing allows us to automate repetitive tasks and rule bases tasks. It helps automate business processes with virtual robots.

2.How do I get RPA automation testing certification?

We provide you with certification upon completing the course. Our certification is accredited with many leading organizations. It will be value add to your resume. It would give you trust and credibility among the companies hiring.

3.What if I miss the class?

We would provide you with the video of the class and also RPA automation material for self- study.

4.Do you provide demo class?

Yes, we do provide you with demo class for you to decide to go forward or not.

5.Is RPA automation testing in demand?

Yes, automation testing demand is increasing and many organizations are adopting RPA automation. RPA developers also get good salary.

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