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SQL Server DBA Training Online

SQL Server DBA Online Course from FolksIT in which you will learn about all the concepts of SQL Server. You will be able to administer and manage the databases in the SQL server. You will know about database design and its implementation and deployment. Official course material will be provided to you during the course. Our expert trainers will explain to you all the basic and advanced concepts so that you can handle the position of a database administrator or a database developer easily.

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Oracle SQL DBA Server Training

SQL Server DBA Training

Get SQL Server DBA Training to learn all the responsibilities of a database administrator through our expert trainers. They will let you know the ways if managing and maintaining one or more databases.

You will also know the methods of taking backup of these databases so that they can be recovered in time of emergency. A SQL Server DBA tutorial will be provided to you for reference and revision. SQL Server DBA interview questions will also be provided after completing the course.

SQL Server DBA Certification Course Key features

  • Understand from the SQL Server Database Administrator basics
  • Get an increment in your salary
  • Learn all the concepts of SQL server
  • Instructors will be available 24/7 for resolving all your problems
  • Mock test sessions will be arranged to give you an idea of the real exam
  • Get SQL Server DBA certification
  • Get SQL Server DBA Tutorial, Interview questions.
  • Become an expert to handle SQL Server DBA jobs after completing the course

Who should take SQL Server Database Administrator Course?

The SQL DBA Server course can be taken up by those people who have knowledge of databases. Fresh graduates who do not have any knowledge of databases can also take up the course to start their careers. You can also contact our professional industry experts to decide whether the course is suitable for you.

Course curriculum
    • Understand the concept of SQL server architecture
    • Different types of Protocols
    • Understand Storage structure
    • What is Database architecture?
    • What is Transactional architecture?
    • What is Memory architecture?
    • Requirements for installing SQL Server
    • 2005 installation steps
    • 2008 installation steps
    • 2012 installation steps
    • Get the knowledge of Configuration settings
    • How to perform Memory setting?
    • Understand the working of Processor
    • Create, manage, and maintain database connections
    • Types of database settings
    • How to create a user databases?
    • Using different database options
    • How to take database backup?
    • Different types of recovery models
    • Understand Backup types
    • Create backup strategy
    • What is backup destination?
    • Different types of backup options
    • Usage of enhancements
    • Permissions and history
    • Restorations and its types
    • Different types of Restoration options
    • Point in time restorations
    • Understand Recovery process
    • Recovery options
    • How to create jobs?
    • How to set schedules?
    • How to view job history?
    • Types of Logins
    • How to perform authentication?
    • How to create Logins?
    • Understand Server Roles
    • Understand Database Roles
    • Concept of Encryption
    • Understand Schema
    • How to create New Role?
    • How to make a Digital Certificate?
    • What are Orphaned Users?
    • Situations for migrations
    • Steps In Migrations
    • How to migrate System Databases?
    • How to migrate databases to Other RDBMS
    • Types of upgrades
    • Planning For upgrade
    • What is Upgrade Advisor?
    • What is Log shipping?
    • How to configure Log Shipping?
    • Concept of Failover Process
    • Steps in Mirroring
    • Types of Mirroring
    • How to configure mirroring?
    • Understand Failover Steps
    • Types of Replication
    • How to configure Replication?
    • Concepts Of Clustering
    • Types Of Clustering
    • Requirements of clustering
    • Configuring Clustering
    • Concept of Locks
    • Types of Isolations Levels
    • What is blocking?
    • Concept of Deadlocks
    • Using Performance Monitor
    • Usage of Profiler
    • Execution Plans
    • How to create Indexes?
    • What are DBCC And DMV’s
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SQL Server DBA Training FAQ’s:
1.What are the benefits of this SQL Server Database Administration course?

The course will help you in understanding the responsibilities of a database administrator. You will be able to satisfy most of the conditions of job description.

2.Will you provide the facility of resume design?

Yes! We provide the facility of resume design.

3.Will I get the facility of job assistance?

Yes! You will get the facility of job assistance.

4.What will be included in the mock tests?

Mock tests will include the types of questions that you will be asked in the real exam.

5.Will I get any SQL Server DBA Certification?

Yes! A course completion certificate will be given to you after completing the course successfully.

6.What is a Teradata database?

Teradata is a scalable relational database management system. It is widely used to manage large data warehousing operations.

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