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Vertica Training Online Introduction

This HP Vertica training Online is designed and conceived by our leading industry experts to give learners the functional knowledge. Vertica is the unified analytics platform used to efficiently manage and analyze large amounts of structured and semi-structured data. It helps businesses accomplish various tasks like predictive maintenance and customer retention, financial compliance and network optimization. It features the industry’s broadest set of analytical functions and database machine learning capabilities to handle the workloads. This HP Vertica training will help you master all the concepts of data analytics and use the database efficiently. This Vertica training online will help you prepare and clear the Vertica certification exam. By the end of the course you will be proficient in Vertica and can handle all the real-time issues that may arise in organizations.

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What is Vertica?

Vertica Training

Vertica is a SQL database analytics platform. It features fast query performance, a standard SQL interface, compression, and support for programming interfaces. Our live instructor-led classes are designed to give you the best learning environment with classes being much more interactive and engaging than classroom teaching.

This Vertica training program will make sure you achieve great heights in HP Vertica careers. You will learn about event-based analytics, loading data, time-series analytics, and many more key concepts. The Vertica tutorials cover all the aspects from basic level to advanced level. This Vertica course will help you land the high paying jobs that you dream off.:

Vertica Certification Key Features

  • Fundamentals of Vertica database system
  • Installation and Configuration of Vertica
  • In-depth knowledge of Vertica architecture
  • Provide you with important Vertica interview questions
  • Hp Vertica training videos for self-study
  • Get Vertica tutorials for your reference
  • Schedule on flexible timings
  • One on one sessions

Who should take Vertica training courses?

These Vertica Training Courses are suitable for system administrators, database administrators, data analysis, and application developers who either want to shift or upskill in the Vertica domain. Individuals who want to choose Vertica careers in the Vertica domain.Professionals seeking Vertica certification to advance their careers.

Course curriculum
    • Log in to the training environment
    • Review the training environment configuration
    • Association of Management Console and a Vertica database
    • Start a database
    • Database state viewing in the system tables
    • Shutting down and restarting a node in the Management Console
    • Manage system messages
    • Load data into the database from a file
    • Identify and correct data parsing errors
    • Load semi-structured data
    • Correct a projection for data skew
    • Monitor the ROS (Read Optimized Store) container count
    • Manually run the Tuple Mover tasks
    • Monitor DELETE VECTORS
    • PURGE deleted records
    • Update the database statistics
    • Use adminTools for creation and deploying a comprehensive database design
    • Review Database Designer outputs from adminTools and MC (Management Console)
    • Use MC for creation and deploying an incremental database design
    • Review the database logging tables
    • Identify concerns with DELETE optimization
    • Use the SYSTEM table and database functions to find and identify epochs
    • Determine the duration those epochs can be used in a predicate
    • Finding the epoch having loaded data
    • Usage of historical queries for finding different epochs with loaded data
    • Create a new user password profile
    • Create new database users
    • Create new database user roles
    • Assign a role to a user
    • Create a role hierarchy
    • Assign inheritable privileges to a database schema
    • Limit access to database columns by role
    • Restrict non-administrative access to system tables
    • Define the default resource pools
    • Describe the purpose of resource pool parameters
    • Create and modify a resource pool
    • User access testing to the new resource pool
    • Analyze and correct a user resource issue
    • Determine the required backup disk storage space
    • Back up the database
    • Review the database backups
    • Restore the database
    • Identify the Vertica database version
    • Estimate the database size
    • Audit and update a Vertica license
    • Add a host to a cluster
    • Add a node to a database
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Vertica Training FAQ’s:
1.What is Vertica?

Vertica is a cluster-based, column oriented platform designed to manage large, fast growing volumes of structured and semi-structured data and provide fast query performance over traditional relational database systems.

2.How do I get Vertica certification?

The certification is provided by Vertica academy. Once you decide on the type of certification we can customize the training accordingly. This certification exam is conducted online, it is a proctored exam.

3.What is the Vertica certification exam fee?

The Vertica HP certification exam cost is 200$.

4.What is the average Vertica DBA Salary?

The average Vertica DBA salary is $59K.

5.Do you provide Vertica tutorials?

Yes, we do provide tutorials for your reference and certification upon the course completion.It will help you gain trust and credibility among the companies hiring.

6.Do you provide Vertica Interview questions?

Yes! We will provide sample interview questions with answers to crack the interview.

7.Can we attend the demo class?

Yes, you can attend the demo class and then you can decide if you want to continue.

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