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Maximo System Administrator Online Course

Maximo Administrator and Implementer Online Training is a course from FolksIT. People who want to learn asset management and work on Tivoli automation engine can pursue this course. The expert and experienced trainers will take your Maximo training classes. The interactive training will help you in learning the technology easily.

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What is the Maximo System?

Maximo Administrator Training

Maximo administrator course will enable you to perform various jobs in a company. You will be able to cut costs, maintain expenses, track the expenses and revenue, and do a lot more things. You need to understand the database system and its structure as the database is used by Maximo



Maximo System Training Key features

  • The instructors will lead the training live and will also be available 24/7 to resolve all your problems.
  • Job assistance will be provided to establish you in a company.
  • Get a course completion certificate.
  • The schedule is flexible so you can attend Maximo Training Classes any time.
  • Lab sessions will also be available.
  • Get Job Assistance.

Who should take System Administrator Training ?

This Maximo Administrator and Implement Online Course can be taken up by developers, implementers, system administrators, database administrators, and many more. The prerequisites of this course are that candidates should have knowledge of SQL, XML, HTTP, LDAP, SMTP, and many other things.

Maximo Training Certification Important Facts

  • Connection with IoT has become possible.
  • Mobile devices can receive push notifications.
  • Digital data can be imported easily.
Course curriculum
    • The Maximo Setup Files
    • Maximo in the Windows Environment
    • The Maximo Database and File Structure, Maximo.Ini
    • Adding and Relocating Modules
    • Developing “Cloned” Application
    • Application Setup Options for Each Maximo Module
    • Uses and Functions of a Custom Application
    • Creating a Custom Application
    • Capabilities and Use of Object Nationalizer
    • Customizing Drill Downs and Dialog Boxes
    • Customizing Screens
    • GL Account Configuration and Setup
    • Using and Customizing Hyperlinks
    • Overview of Security Groups and Privileges
    • Adding and Deleting Users To/From Groups
    • Defining Security Groups
    • Setting Purchasing Limits and Storeroom Access
    • Password Administration
    • The Maximo Database
    • Maximo Setup – Simple to Complex
    • Maximo Components
    • Managing Troubleshooting Maximo Problems and Logging Properties
    • System Properties Both Instance and Global
    • Application Servers and Settings
    • Rebuilding EAR Files
    • Generating Attributes and Configuring Settings
    • Lookup Lists and Crossover Domains
    • Generating Relationships Across Various Objects
    • Database Configuration Basics
    • Creating a New Application
    • Admin Mode and Configuring The Database
    • Managing Maximo Messages
    • Creating A New Database Object
    • Adding Signature Security to an Application
    • Configuring Toolbars
    • Adding and Customizing Fields
    • Configuring the Select Action Menu
    • Managing System Settings
    • Creating Conditional Controls
    • Managing Workflows And Routing Workflows Within Maximo
    • Formatted Messaging
    • Communication Templates
    • Set-Up And Management Of Escalations
    • Cron Task Review
    • Creating Workflows Processes
    • Creating New Roles And Actions
    • Establishing Object Structures
    • Asynchronous Outbound Communications and Publish Channels
    • Inbound Communications and Enterprise Services
    • Synchronous Outbound Communications and Invocation Channels
    • Error Messages and Message Handling
    • Data Integration With External Systems
    • Manual Integration and Database Events
    • Data Integration with External Systems
    • Data Format Review
    • Migration Object Set-Up
    • Establishing Specific Data
    • Building A Reusable Migration Package
    • Migration Groups And Data Dependencies
    • Troubleshooting Migration Issues
    • Importing Migration Packages
    • Managing Report Object Structures
    • Creating Reports Through Maximo
    • Administering Reports within Maximo
    • Installing the Business Intelligence Tool
    • Creating a Simple BIRT Report
    • Establishing Simple to Complex Queries
    • Creating Key Performance Indicators
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Maximo Administrator Training FAQ’s:
1.What are the objectives of Maximo training?

The objectives of Maximo training are as follows.
● Maximo application
● Configuration of the application by configuring asset management system
● Data elements
● Data structure

2.Why should Maximo courses be done?

You will get a good job after pursuing Maximo Administrator online training as there is a huge demand of certified Maximo Administrators and you will also get a good salary package.

3.What is the average salary for a Maximo Administrator?

The average maximo administrator salary is $42,593.

4.What does a Maximo Administrator and implementer do?

A Maximo Administrator and implementer have to administer the Database and modify data if required. He also has to modify application servers and do other kinds of administrative jobs.

5.Will demo classes for Maximo be available?

Yes! Demo classes will be available.

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