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Scrum developer training

Scrum developer training online course is being provided by FolksIT. This course has been designed for those people who want to make their career as Scrum developer. The demand of scrum developers has increased in the market and this scrum developer certification will help the aspirants to make a career in this field.

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Certified Scrum Developer Course Overview

Scrum developer training

The certified Scrum Developer training includes Agile and Scrum principles along with the skills of Agile engineering. The goal of the course is to make the students familiar with the Scrum environment, techniques, and tools. They will be provided with a study guide which is free of cost. The training will be provided through an expert trainer.

Scrum Online Course Key Features

  • 24/7 support of the trainer
  • Availability of exam questions for preparation
  • Get knowledge about developer role
  • Learn about methodology steps  and process flow
  • Become fundamentals certified professional
  • Availability of tutorial and study guide
  • Demo classes available
  • Avail the facility of mock tests and mock interviews

Who should take this course?

The scrum developer training online course can be done by those programmers who want to make their career as Scrum developer. Besides programmers, analysts, architects, managers, database developers, testers, etc. can also take up the course to enhance their career, designation, and package.

Scrum Important Facts

  • The scrum team may consist of programmers, marketers, and designers.
  • People can be empowered through technology.
  • The team can be made dedicated and cross-functional.
  • No requirement for overtime
  • You will become a professional Scrum Developer through real-time practices
  • Communication between teams and team members will improve
Course curriculum
    • Principles of architecture in an Agile environment
    • Design practices on an Agile team
    • Principles that enable testability and ease refactoring
    • Understand Emergent Architecture
    • Working together as one team
    • Including the customer in the process
    • What is Pair programming?
    • Using TDD (Test driven development) as a design approach
    • Red-green-refactor cycle
    • Unit testing principles and practices
    • What makes good tests/measuring test effectiveness
    • Concept of Test Doubles
    • Single command build
    • Creating automated, fast, and self-testing  builds
    • The importance of a single source repository
    • Increasing visibility & automating deployment
    • When to refactor
    • Refactoring for maintainability
    • Refactoring to patterns
    • Refactoring legacy code
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Scrum developer training FAQ’s:
1.How to get scrum certified?

Join Scrum developer training Online course and become scrum certified. After completing the course you will get a lot of job opportunities.

2.What should scrum team do in the case of technical issue occurred during a daily scrum?

A meeting should be held to resolve the issue. The meeting should be held outside the scrum so that nobody else should be bothered.

3.How much does scrum certification cost?

The registration fee of the course scrum developer training online is $50. After that, you have to pay the scrum developer certification cost according to the module that you have selected.

4.Can a scrum master be a developer?

Yes! A scrum master can also be a scrum developer.

5.Who will get the course completion certificate?

Students who will complete the scrum developer certification successfully will get the certificate.

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