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Go Programming Online Training

This Go Web Programming is a high-level language that can use to make different types of programs and applications along with fundamentals and uses of programming Go. It being an open-source language After completion of the Go programming language certification, you can get the job of Go developer, backend developer, business developer, associate developer, and many others. No licenses is necessary as it is available for free.

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Google Go Programming Course

Go Programming Online Training

Learn Go language is a Compiled Programming Language and to avoid Complex Coding which is done in C and other languages. This Course is for beginners as well as professionals also. Here, you can learn about Go web programming which can be done with the help of IDE. In this Language, you learn to install third-party packages, Case study of MongoDB, Case study of REST server. After completion, you will get the course completion certification, a tutorial/ guide for reference, and interview questions with answers. 

Go Language Training Key Features:

  • Learn about Go GUI programming which can be done with the help of this technology IDE
  • Compare language vs python
  • Get interview questions after the completion of the course
  • Get a guide for reference
  • Get blueprints for self-study
  • Availability of practice tests
  • Assignments will be given after classes.
  • Get a certificate from FolksIT after completing the course.

Who should Learn Go Programming Online?

The Google Go programming language is an object-oriented and being an open-source language. The development of the language has been done by combining the C language with other languages. This language is easy to understand and avoid complex coding which is done in C, and other programming languages.Go Programming is an effort to combine the ease of Programming and Interpreted.It allows multiple process running simultaneously and effectively.

Programming Go Important Facts:

  • Concurrency in Go.
  • Go is an object-oriented language.
  • Comparison with other concurrency control designs
  • Go has abilities of the C language and easiness like Python.
  • The Testing framework is built-in.
  • No license is necessary as it is available for free.
  • This Course you learn using built-in packages in GO
  • You should have knowledge about Mongo DB, REST server you will learn this course easy
Course curriculum
    • Why Go programming language?
    • Installing and Configuring Go
    • How do you write Hello World in Go
    • What is Types in GO?
    • What are Random Numbers in GO
    • What is String in Go and how do you compare two Strings?
    • Define Variables in GO
    • How to use Conditionals in GO?
    • The general syntax of GO
    • What is Multiple return value in GO?
    • What are Scope rules in Go? And does it mean?
    • Why do we use defer keyword?
    • What is Variadic function?
    • What is GP Pass by value or reference?
    • What are First-class functions in Golang?
    • What is Function Closures?
    • What is an Array in GOlang?
    • What are GO Slices?
    • What is GO Map?
    • Usage of Pointers in Go
    • Looping techniques
    • Using built-in packages in Go
    • Working with JSON – a case study
    • Building your own packages
    • What is a Structure in GO
    • Methods in Go structures
    • Use of Interfaces in GO
    • Object Orientation in Go
    • Inheritance v/s Composition
    • Concurrency in Go
    • Comparison with other concurrency control designs
    • What are Goroutine functions in GO
    • What are Channels in Go and how to use it?
    • What Golang Buffer Channels
    • How does Golang Select work
    • What is Fan-in and Fan-Out pattern?
    • How do I Read File in Golang
    • How to Write Files?
    • How to handle I/O Errors
    • Exception handling basics
    • Error handling in Go
    • Installing third party packages
    • Case study of Mongo DB
    • Case study of REST server
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Go Programming Online Training FAQ’s:
1.Does Learning Go Prograaming have good impact on your Future?

Yes! this technology has bright future for developers only. It has been estimated that CTOs will also use this language very soon.

2.What are the benefits of this course?

This course is easy to do even if you are a beginner in the field of software development. This course completion certificate will help you get good salaried jobs.

3.Is there any prerequisite for the course?

No prerequisites are required to learn the course but if you have basic programming knowledge, you can learn this technology online.

4.Is there any refund policy?

Yes! If you are not satisfied with the demo classes, registration fee will be refunded.

5.What will I get after completing the online Go programming course?

Yes! FolksIT will provide you a Go programming certificate after course completion.

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