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GitHub Online Course & Certification

GitHub Online Training is a course from FolksIT in which you can save the changes made to a project. You will also learn about the installation of Git on various operating systems like Mac and Windows. The main usage of GitHub is in software development. Many changes are made in a project regularly and this information is managed by Git. You will also be able to learn about adding features like bug tracking, social networking and many more.

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GitHub Online Training

GitHub Training

The GitHub training will help you to manage version control. You will be able to manage source code and data in the database.  You will be able to use GitHub API in doing all these jobs. You can choose any schedule and learn GitHub.

After the completion of GitHub certification, a certificate will be provided to you. FolksIT will also provide GitHub training videos for all the lectures so you will not have to worry if you miss any class.

GitHub Certification Key Features

  • Know about what is GitHub used for
  • Get a GitHub tutorial and use it to understand the concepts more clearly
  • Get different types of GitHub jobs after pursuing the career
  • The instructors will be available 24/7 to resolve all your problems.

Who should take GitHub API course?

GitHub is not a complex technology so freshers and experienced professionals can take up the course and learn the technology. There are no prerequisites for the course but if people have programming knowledge, they can learn the concepts quickly and easily.

Github Certification Important Facts

  • GitHub technology helps in easy project and team management.
  • Code writing and safety is improved.
  • Documentation is easy.
  • Integration with various platforms is also easy.
Course curriculum
    • Version Control/Revision Control system
    • Different types of VCS
    • Advantages of VCS
    • Learn the concept of GIT
    • Differentiate between GIT and other VCS
    • Usage of Git
    • Web Scale architecture
    • Git installation on Mac/Windows/Unix/Linux
    • Understand the concept of Git file life cycle
    • How to create Git repository
    • Creation of Local repository and configuring it to GitHub
    • Creating and cloning a repository on GitHub
    • Learn basic Git commands
    • Shortcuts of Git commands
    • Git file lifecycle and Git terminology
    • Working with remote repositories
    • Configuring remote repository on GitHub
    • Understand the concept of Git buzzwords
    • Understand the usage of remote commands
    • Work with Pull and Fork requests in GitHub
    • Understand Downstream and Upstream
    • Branching in Git
    • How Git manages branches internally
    • Switching between branches and different commits
    • Two way merge and three way merge
    • Merging Strategies
    • Merging and rebasing (using Source tree)
    • Understand Git tags
    • Difference between branching and tagging
    • What is GIT workflow?
    • Advantages of workflow
    • Different types of workflows in Git
    • Centralized Workflow
    • Feature branch workflow
    • Gitflow Workflow
    • Forking Workflow
    • How to use Git in real time open source projects?
    • Install Eclipse IDE
    • Install IntelliJ IDE
    • Configure Git plugin
    • Work with Git using IDE
    • Git Workflow on Eclipse IDE
    • Explore GitHub UI options
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GitHub Training FAQ’s:
1.What will I learn in this course?

The things that you will learn in GitHub Online Training are as follows. ● Project creation and deployment using Git ● Hosting the code and reviewing it ● File life cycle in Git ● GitHub repository and its usage There are many more things that you will learn besides the ones listed.

2.Will we get GitHub interview questions?

Yes! We will provide you interview questions

3.What is GitHub used for?

GitHub is used for managing the projects and it also helps in project and team management.

4.How to learn GitHub?

You need to join a course and get the knowledge of GitHub. We provide this course at an affordable cost and at the schedule preferred by you.

5.Will we get the facility of demo classes?

Yes! You will get the facility of demo classes.

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