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Scrum Master Online training and certification

This Scrum master online training is carefully planned and developed by our leading team of experts in Scrum. The program will help you master the skills required to be a Scrum Master. This program is a foundation for the agile framework. This methodology can help you in maximizing your business while reducing the risk.

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Scrum Master Course Overview

Scrum Master Certification

In Agile Framework and Development, Scrum is used. Scrum is a process of software development. It streamlines the job structure. You will learn about Scrum and its implementation. The scrum process creates an environment of transparency in communication, responsibility, and progress for fast delivery at lower costs. The scrum master certification will increase your credibility and trust in the market. You will have the best concepts and real-time issues to become Scrum Master.

Scrum Master Key features

  • Learn fundamentals of Scrum framework.
  • Applying principles of Agile methodology
  • Understanding Scrum Master roles and responsibilities
  • Get guidance in taking Certified Scrum Master Certification
  • List you with some important Scrum Master Interview questions.
  • Guide you to become a professional Scrum developer  

Who should take Scrum Master Course?

This program is suited for professionals wanting Scrum Master Certification. It is also suitable for individuals who are interested in Agile methodologies and beginners who want to get into software development. There are no prerequisites for the Scrum Master certification course.

Course curriculum
    • Introduction to SDLC
    • Agile Manifesto
    • Agile values and principles
    • Types of Agile methodologies
    • Classic life cycles Vs Agile methodologies
    • Approach
    • Thought process
    • Brief history
    • Principles of Scrum
    • Values of Scrum
    • Introduction to Scrum Framework
    • Sprint
    • Product owner
    • Scrum Master
    • Team
    • What is Daily scrum and its purpose?
    • What is Sprint planning and how to run it?
    • What is the Sprint review?
    • What is Sprint retrospective and its purpose?
    • What is a Product backlog and who earns it?
    • What is Sprint backlog?
    • What is Burndown charts and its purposes?
    • Working with impediments
    • Planning in Scrum
    • Estimation in scrum
    • Working with teams
    • Working with co-located teams
    • Working with distributed teams
    • Product increment & DOD (Definition of Done)
    • Motivating teams
    • Collaboration
    • Risks
    • Estimation
    • Leadership styles
    • Closing the Sprint
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Scrum Master Certification FAQ’s:
1.Who provides scrum master certification?

CSM certification provided by Scrum alliance. Our team will help you with all details and information necessary for you to get certified.

2.How much does scrum master certification cost?

The cost of Scrum master certification is 29 USD. This exam will have 80 multiple choice questions.

3.How long is Scrum master certification valid?

The certification is valid for 2 years from the date of completion. Post this you have to renew by paying 100 USD for another two years.

4.What are the different Scrum master roles?

The different Scrum master roles are Scrum Master, Scrum project manager, Scrum product owner.

5.How much does a Scrum master make?

The average pay of a Scrum master is $94, 319/yr.

6.Is Scrum Master certification is useful?

Yes, Companies and organizations prefer certified people to do the required jobs.

7.Scrum Master vs Product owner?

Scrum master keeps scrum up and running by providing coaching, training, and mentoring teams. Scrum masterworks with the Product owner to increase the production.

8.Scrum master vs project manager differences?

As we know Scrum master makes sure the team follows the agile framework by providing coaching, training, and mentoring teams. The scrum team has a timeline to finish the project.

The Project Manager is responsible for setting goals for the project, planning the budget, and completing them on time.

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