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Nagios Training

Get Nagios training through Folksit and increase your knowledge and skills regarding the implementation of Nagios. After completing the Nagios certification, you can establish yourself as a Nagios Administrator, Senior NOC Analyst, Technical Engineer, Nagios instructor, and many more. All these Nagios jobs will give you a high salary. To complete the course to grow your career at a new pace.

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What is Nagios?

Nagios Training

The certification includes various aspects of the technology. The training will start from Nagios basics and will go through other topics like Nagios architecture, DevOps Developer, Nagios monitoring, Nagios core, and many more. You will also get the best Nagios Courses Interview Questions for your interview preparation. If you want to learn server-side implementation, then you can learn Nagios server.

Nagios Training Key Features

  • 24/7 support from expert instructors
  • Guarantee of completing the course  on time
  • Attend classes at your convenient time
  • One on one training facility available
  • Course completion certificate will be given to successful students
  • Get Nagios Interview Questions
  • You will learn Nagios support and Nagios core documentation
  • Learn the comparison Nagios core vs XI
  • Get the knowledge of Nagios core installation

Who should take this course?

If you are a network administrator then the Nagios XI course is for you. You will be able to learn Nagios network monitoring and you can become a Nagios network analyzer. The prerequisites of this course include the knowledge of some other technologies like JIRA, LINUX, AWS, NCP, etc. If you are aware of all these technologies, then you can easily grasp and understand the fundamental and advanced concepts of Nagios.


Course curriculum
    • Learning Objective:
      • Understand and appreciate Nagios as a Continuous Monitoring tool.
    • Topics: 
      • What is Continous Monitoring?
      • Need for Continuous Monitoring Tools
      • Overview of Nagios
      • Install Nagios
      • Use cases and features
    • Hands-On: 
      • Installation and setup maven based project
    • Learning Objective: 
      • Understanding Nagios architecture and how to add a remote server to Nagios.
    • Topics: 
      • Nagios Architecture
      • NRPE plugin
      • Add a remote server using NRPE
    • Hands-On: 
      • Install NRPE on a remote server to monitor using a Nagios web interface
    • Learning Objective:
      • All the above-discussed topics will be implemented to create and maintain a server using Nagios
    • Topics: 
      • Deploy a simple web application on a server
      • Add NRPE to monitor using the server
      • perform URL monitoring, HTTPS status, content monitoring, hijack detection, etc
    • Hands-On: 
      • Deploy a simple web-based application on a server and monitor the same using Nagios
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Nagios Training FAQ’s:
1.Tell Me About The Objectives Of Nagios Certification.

Nagios training will tell you everything about Nagios. You will be able to deploy and implement the technology at the client site as and when it is required. The Nagios basics will include the basic knowledge of the technology and then advanced concepts will be taught.

2.What Are Nagios Requirements?

In the case of Nagios requirements, you need to have knowledge about LINUX, NCP, JIRA, etc. All these technologies will help you in learning Nagios core and then you can learn the advanced version which is Nagios XI.

3.What Is Nagios Core Documentation?

Nagios core documentation includes everything that you will learn through Nagios Training. It includes fundamentals of Nagios, core concepts, and advanced topics.

4.What Will I Learn In Nagios Support?

In Nagios support, you will learn the ways in which Nagios can be implemented in an organization. Many plugins are supported by Nagios which are used in monitoring server security. These plugins also support many other software applications.

5.What Types Of Nagios Jobs Will I Get?

After the completion of the course, you will be eligible for many Nagios jobs like Nagios administrator, NOC analyst, DevOps developer, and many more. As LINUX and JIRA are prerequisites for learning Nagios, so you can get jobs related to these technologies.

6.What Will Be The Effect On My Career Through This Nagios Certification?

Nagios certification will give a boost to your career as you can get jobs in various fields with high salaries.

7.Are you giving Nagios Interview Questions?

Yes!!! We will provide Interview questions for beginners and experienced candidates also

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