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Chef Online Training

Chef DevOps Training is a configuration management tool and you will know about it in detail through Chef DevOps Certification provided by FolksIT. In Chef DevOps training, you will know about this open-source framework and you will be able to work on the platforms which are based on the cloud.

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Chef Devops Program Overview

Chef Online Training

Chef DevOps Training will let you know about cloud platforms and will tell you the methods of working on those platforms. You will get a Chef DevOps tutorial after you sign up for the course. This material will include everything that is mentioned in the course curriculum. You will also get Chef automation Certification, interview questions which will help you in preparing for the real interview.

Chef Certification Devops - Key Features

The key features of the Chef DevOps course are as follows.

  • Get trained on in-depth concepts from what is the chef in DevOps, differences
  • Learn about Chef vs puppet vs ansible
  • Clear the concepts of Chef configuration management
  • Know about methods of Chef deployments
  • Download the chef DevOps tutorial
  • Learn about automation tool and usage of chef DevOps tool  
  • Get DevOps Chef interview questions

Chef in Devops Certification

Chef certification DevOps is a course which will help you to learn about the technology from basic level to advanced level. People who can take this course are as follows.

  • System administrators
  • IT professionals
  • Freshers
  • System engineers
  • People who want to make a career in automation

Chef Devops Training Important Facts:

  • This is a powerful tool for managing, repairing, deploying and updating a server.
  • Write a code for management of server. No manual process is needed.
  • Install a software on many systems in very less time.
  • Configuration of applications is automated all over the network.
Course curriculum
    • Common Chef Terminology
    • Understand Chef Server
    • Working with Chef Workstation
    • Chef Workstation Security And Configurations
    • What is Chef-Repo?
    • Working with Chef-Client
    • What are Servers and Nodes?
    • Understand Chef Configuration Concepts
    • Getting Set Up
    • Starting The Apache Recipe
    • Adding Attributes, Recipe, and A Template
    • Understand Attribute Precedence
    • Adding HTML Templates Dynamically With Chef
    • Recipe Includes and Dependencies
    • How to copy Config Files to The Node?
    • Execution of Linux Commands On The Node
    • Adding Platform Support to The Cookbook
    • Adding the Local Chef-Repo To Github
    • What Is The Node Object?
    • Understand Search Concepts
    • How to search Node Attributes through Knife?
    • Understand Environments and their usage?
    • Procedure used in the creation and configuration of Environments
    • Steps to create a Second Version of our WebServer Cookbook
    • Deployment to Different Environments
    • Viewing and Deleting Environments With Knife
    • What Are Data Bags?
    • Creating User and Sudo Group Data Bags
    • How to Deploy Local User Accounts from Data Bags
    • What Are Roles?
    • Creating a Web Server Role
    • How to make a Simple MySQL Cookbook For A Role
    • Creating a DB Server Role
    • Creating a Base Role
    • Understand the concept of Knife Plugins
    • Chef Supermarket and Chef-Client Cookbook
    • What is Open Source Chef?
    • How to configure the Workstation and Bootstrapping a Node?
    • How to close Bootstrapping Nodes and Deploying Cookbooks?
    • What is Open Source Chef?
    • How to configure the Workstation and Bootstrapping a Node?
    • How to close Bootstrapping Nodes and Deploying Cookbooks?
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Chef Online Training FAQ’s:
1.What is Chef DevOps?

Chef DevOps is a tool which is used to update, configure, and repair servers over a network. It can also be used to install an application over a network and automate its configuration.

2.What are the prerequisites of the course?

You need to have the knowledge command line operations in LINUX along with installation of applications and their configuration.

3.What you will learn in Chef DevOps Training?

The things that you will learn are as follows
• Fundamentals
• Architecture
• Chef installation and environment

4.Will we get the facility of mock interviews?

Yes! You will get the facility of mock interviews. Interview questions will also be provided to you.

5.When will we get the Chef Devops Certification?

When you will complete the Chef for Devops course successfully, we will provide you the certificate.

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