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JSP and Servlets Training

JSP and Servlets Training Online is a course from FolksIT for those students who want to make their career in web development through JSP, Servlets, and J2EE. The JSP and servlets training will cover different types of APIs that can be used in making websites through these components. You will be established as Java developer or web developer with JSP through this course. So join the course and be a certified professional.

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Course Overview

The certification in java servlets & JSP will let you know about developing web applications with this technology. You will also learn the ways of connecting these applications to databases. After pursuing JSP and servlets course, you will be able to great web applications.  The course will lead you to make a good career as a web application developer.

Key features: standard set of course features

  • Adding the applications to databases  through JDBC
  • Ways of using JSP servlet API
  • Understand JSP and servlet life cycle
  • Availability of the course for JSP and servlets for beginners
  • Instructors are available 24/7 to resolve your problems
  • Learn how JSP and servlet work together
  • Avail JSP and servlets tutorial
  • Get the training of latest version of JSP servlet version
  • Learn the technology through JSP and servlet example
  • Learn web application development using JSP and servlet
Who should take this course?

The course can be done by the beginners who want to make their career as a web developer.  IF there is any team who wants to start various projects through JSP vs servlet can also do the course. There are some prerequisites that people have to consider before joining the course. These prerequisites include the knowledge of HTML and object-oriented programming and concepts.  Knowledge of databases will be another advantage.


Course curriculum

    • Web Development Overview
    • HTML Forms
    • HTTP

    • Servlet and JSP specifications
    • Web application directory structure
    • Resources
    • Classes
    • Jar files
    • Deployment descriptor: web
    • Servlet, JSP and J2EE compliant products
    • Setting up for Servlet/JSP development
    • Setting up a web application
    • Setting up Oracle application server

    • Servlets
    • JSP
    • Listeners
    • Filters
    • Tag Libraries

    • First servlet
    • Request parameters

    • First JSP
    • Scriptlets
    • Expressions
    • Java expressions
      • EL expressions
      • Declarations

    • Session Tracking Overview
    • Session Tracking with Hidden Request Parameters
    • Session Tracking with PathInfo/URL Rewriting
    • Using Cookies
    • JSP Scopes: application, session, request, page

    • Use Bean
    • Accessing Properties
    • EL: JSP Expression Language

    • JDBC in a Web Environment
    • DataSources and JNDI
    • Creating a database application

    • Separation of concerns
    • Service to Worker Pattern
    • Dispatcher View Pattern
    • Front Controller Pattern
    • Forwards and Includes
    • JSTL
    • Creating Tag Libraries
    • Web Frameworks: Struts, JavaServer Faces

    • Security
    • Applet to Servlet Communication
    • Java Servlet 2
    • Web Services: XML over HTTP
JSP and Servlets Training FAQ’s:
1.What is JSP and servlet life cycle?

The JSP and servlet life cycle has three phases which are as follows.

  • The code of JSP is parsed to eliminate all the errors.
  • The JSP is converted into servlet.
  • The compilation od servlet is done.

2.Will JSP and servlet interview questions be available?

Yes! The JSP and servlet interview questions will be available after the course completion. You will also get the facility of mock interview.

3.Will we get the training of latest JSP servlet version?

Yes! You will get the training of latest JSP servlet version. Our course will be upgraded if a new version is launched.

4.Will we get any certificate after completing JSP and servlets training?

Yes! You will get a course completion certificate after completing JSP and servlets training.

5.Will practice test be available?

Yes! Mock tests will be available for your practice.

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