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Advanced Java Programming

FolksIT provides you the best advanced Java training by the most experienced industry experts. Our instructors are working in Advanced Java for many years and are chosen carefully to conduct best quality training in the industry so that the students can be benefited from the real-time scenarios.

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Course Overview

FolksIT has introduced this new course specifically for intermediate to expert level attendees. The program is designed for those software developers who have experience in programming languages such as Python, C, JavaScript and more. Object-Oriented programming in Java helps in solving complex problems through object-oriented design knowledge. In addition to that, the two Java development environments that are Blue J and Eclipse are also introduced which will help the students to gain knowledge of a graphical user interface so that they could easily design programs and are capable of handling large data.

Key Features:

  • This course offers in-depth knowledge about the Java Programming language.
  • It acts as a revision of lesson and upgrading of knowledge for the Java experts.
  • Access is offered to on-demand videos, articles and reading materials.
  • Highly experienced and amiable faculty teaches the attendees.
  • You learn about the methods to create new programs using the graphical user interface or GUI and design programs with high volumes of data.

Course Description:

The complete Java Masterclass is the most popular course across the globe. This course is offered by FolksIT which is a globally renowned company. This course is highly popular on the web platform. This course has also observed updates from Java 8 to 9 to make them useful and beneficial for the attendees.

Key Features:

  • This is a comprehensive course that carries all vital information that a Java developer should be aware of.
  • The in-depth knowledge about the concepts of Multithreading, Java collections, OOP, Data structure, Networking, Java 8 and Java 9 changes are taught.
  • The course is available along with access to thousands of articles and reading materials.
  • Regular sessions are taken to remove queries of the attendees.
  • Teaching starts from scratch levels and tools like Eclipse and Maven are taught which are vital for understanding Java development.
Who should take this course?

Program Advantages:

The main advantage of this course is you can take your java skills to the next level and start building real applications. FolksIT is committed to your success and can change the way you use the technology.

  • The course can be taken by both Java programmers and software developers.
  • After the completion of the program, you will receive Java Certification too.
  • Our professionals will help you learn the advanced Java concepts within no time.

Course curriculum
    • Temporary Storage Areas
    • Permanent Storage Areas
    • Query Tokenization
    • Query Processing
    • Query Optimization
    • Query Execution
    • Type 1 Driver
    • Type 2 Driver
    • Type 3 Driver
    • Type 4 Driver


    • Load and Register the Driver.
    • Establish the connection between Java Application.
    • Prepare either Statement or PreparedStatement or CallableStatement Objects.
    • Write execute the SQL Queries.
    • Close the connection.
    • Application on create
    • Application on insert
    • Application on delete
    • Application on update
    • Application on drop
    • Read only ResultSet
    • Update ResultSet
    • Forward only ResultSet
    • Scrollable ResultSets
      • Scroll Sensitive ResultSet
      • Scroll InSensitive ResultSet
    • PreparedStatement  with insert sql query
    • PreparedStatement  with update sql query
    • PreparedStatement  with select sql query
    • CallableStatement with procedure
    • CallableStatement with function
    • CallableStatement with CURSOR Type Procedure
    • CallableStatement with CURSOR Type function
    • Atomicity
    • Consistency
    • Isolation
    • Durability


    • Savepoint
    • BatchUpdations
    • Connection Pooling
    • BLOB and CLOB
    • ResultSetMetaData
    • DataBaseMetaData
    • JdbcRowSet
    • CachedRowSet
    • JoinRowSet
    • FilteredRowSet
    • WebRowSet
  1. Introduction

    • Standalone Applications
    • Enterprise Applications

    Client-Server Arch

    • Client
    • Server
    • Protocol

    Servlets Design

    Servlets Lifecycle

    User Interface

    • Static Form Generation
    • Dynamic Form Generation



    Servlet Communication

    • Browser-servlet
    • Web-component
      • Include Mechanism
      • Forward Mechanism
    • Applet-Servlet
    • HttpSession Session Tracking Mechanism
    • Cookies Session Tracking Mechanism
    • URL- Rewriting Session Tracking Mechanism
    • Hidden Form Fields Session Tracking Mechanism

    Servlet Filters

    Servlet Wrappers

    Servlet Listeners

    File Uploading

    File Downloading

    Web Security

  1. Introduction

    JSP Deployment

    JSP Life Cycle

    JSP Elements

    • Jsp Directives
    • Scripting Elements
    • Jsp Actions

    JSP Directives

    • Page Directive
    • Include Directive
    • Taglib Directive

    JSP Scripting Elements

    • Declarations
    • Scriplets
    • Expressions

    JSP  Implicit  Objects

    • out
    • reuest
    • response
    • config
    • application
    • session
    • exception
    • page
      • pageContext

    JSP Scopes

    • Page Scope
    • Request Scope
    • Application Scope
    • SessionScope

    JSP  Standard Actions

    • < jsp>
    • < jsp>
    • < jsp>
    • < jsp>
    • < jsp>
    • < jsp>
    • < jsp>
    • < jsp>
    • < jsp>
    • < jsp>
    • < jsp>
    • < jsp>

    JSP Custom Actions

    • Classic Tag Library
      • Tag Interface
      • Iteration Tag Interface
    • Simple Tag Library
    • Simple Tag Interface


    • Core Tags
    • XML Tags
    • Internationalization or I18N Tags (Formatted tags)
    • SQL Tags
    • Functional Tags

    Expression Language

    • EL Operators
    • EL  Implicit Objects
    • EL  Functions
    • Oracle
    • MYSQL
    • MS-Access
    • PostgressSQL
    • Tomcat
    • Weblogic
    • JBOSS
    • Glassfish
    • Eclipse
    • MyEclipse
    • Netbeans
Advanced Java Programming FAQ’s:
1.Why to take advanced java course?

Java is the most popular programming language, mainly because of its versatility and compatibility. Java can be used for numerous things, including software development, mobile applications and large systems development.
In this course you will be exposed to fundamental programming concepts like Object-oriented programming using Java.

2.What are the advanced Java courses?

There are various number of courses available in Java like Variables, Conditionals and control flow, Arrays and Array lists, loops, String methods, Access, encapsulation and static method, Inheritance and polymorphism, De-bugging, Two-dimensional arrays.

3.What are advanced Java interview questions?

i. Why Java is platform independent? Java is called platform independent because of its byte codes which can run on any system irrespective of its underlying system. ii. Why Java is not 100% Object-oriented? Due to it’s eight primitive data types Java is not 1005 Object-oriented. The eight primitive data types are: Boolean, byte, double, short, long, char, int, float which are not objects. iii. What are constructors in Java?
Constructor means it is a block of code which is used to initialize an object. It should have the same name as that of the class. It has no return type, and it is automatically called off when an object is created.
Two types of constructors:
i. Default constructor ii. Parameterized constructor

4.What is Inheritance in Java?

It is the concept where the properties of one class can be inherited by the other. It helps to reuse the code to establish a relationship between different classes. Two types of Inheritance:
i. Parent class ii. Child class

5.What are the steps to connect to a database in Java?

• Registering the driver class • Creating connection • Creating statement • Executing queries • Closing connection

6.What is the best Java certification?

Oracle certified master Java enterprise architect is the prestigious Java certification that a Java developer can have. With this certification, a professional is verified to have the necessary skills and expertise in Java to perform their duties well.

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