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Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Training

Master Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Training is a course from FolksIT in which you will learn many things about cloud services. In this course, you will learn different technologies which can lead you to a job of a developer. You can get the job of Java developer with spring boot, spring boot developer, Microservices lead, and many more. You can pursue the course to do all these jobs.

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Course Overview

The master microservices with spring boot course includes the basic and advanced topics related to Java, spring boot, cloud services, etc. You will be taught the topics with various examples like microservices architecture example. You will also get microservices spring boot tutorial which you can use for revision and preparation for the test. Different types of interview questions will also be provided and the list is given below.

  • microservices architecture interview questions
  • microservices java spring boot interview questions
  • spring cloud microservices interview questions

Key features

  • Learn how to start microservices
  • Know the concepts of spring boot and spring cloud
  • Learn how to combine Spring REST services
  • Attend the sessions of mock tests and mock interviews
  • Learn how to apply Spring Security in an application
  • Know about different types of Spring Cloud API's
Who should take this course?

Here is the list of people who can do Master Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Training

  • Development of RESTful applications with Spring Boot
  • Development and designing of Microservices with Spring Cloud
  • Building Docker containers with Microservices
  • Combining Kubernetes with Microservices

Course curriculum
    • Hibernate Introduction
    • Hibernate Architecture
    • Understanding First Hibernate application
    • Hibernate in Eclipse
    • Hibernate in MyEclipse
    • Hibernate with annotation 
    • Hibernate Web application 
    • Hibernate Generator classes 
    • Hibernate Dialects
    • Table Per Hierarchy
    • Table Per Hierarchy using Annotation
    • Table Per Concrete
    • Table Per Concrete using Annotation
    • Table Per Subclass
    • Table Per Subclass using Annotation


    • Mapping List
    • One-to-many by List using XML
    • Many to Many by List using XML
    • One To Many by List using Annotation
    • Mapping Bag
    • One-to-many by Bag
    • Mapping Set
    • One-to-many by Set
    • Mapping Map
    • Many-to-many by Map
    • Bidirectional
    • Lazy Collection
    • Hibernate with Log4j 1
    • Hibernate with Log4j
    • Component Mapping
    • One-to-one using Primary Key
    • One-to-one using Foreign Key
    1. HQL
    2. HCQL
    3. Named Query
    4. Hibernate Caching
      •   First Level Cache
      •   Second Level Cache


    1. Spring Tutorial
      • Spring Boot
      • What is Spring
    2. Spring Modules
      • Spring Application
      • Spring in IDE
      • Dependency Injection
      • IOC container
    3. Constructor Injection
      • CI Dependent Object
      • CI with collection
      • CI with collection 2
      • CI with Map
      • CI with Map2
      • CI Inheriting
    4. BeanSetter Injection
      • SI Dependent Object
      • SI with Collection
      • SI with Collection 2
      • SI with MapSI with Map 2
      • CI vs SI
    5. Autowiring
      • Factory Method
    6. Spring AOP
      • AOP ConceptsSpring
      • 1.2 AOP DTDSP AspectJ
      • AnnotationSP
      • AspectJ XML
    7.  Spring JdbcTemplate
      • JdbcTemplate
      • ExamplePreparedStatementResultSetExtractorRowMapperNamedParameterSimple
    8.  Spring ORM
      • Spring with ORMSpring with HibernateSpring with JPA


    1. SPEL
      • SpEL ExamplesOperators in SpELvariable in SpEL
    2. Spring MVC
      • Spring MVCMultiple ControllerRequest ResponseMVC Form ExampleMVC CRUD
      • ExampleMVC Pagination ExampleMVC File Upload
      • Spring MVC Tiles
      • Spring MVC Tiles
    3. Spring Remoting
      • Remoting with SpringSpring with RMIHttp InvokerHessianBurlapSpring with JMS
    4. Spring OXM
    5. Spring with JAXBSpring with XstreamSpring with Castor
    6. Spring Java Mail
    7. Spring Web
    8. Spring with Struts2Login Example
    9. Spring Boot


    • Web Service Tutorial open linkWhat is web serviceWS ComponentsSOAP Web ServiceRESTful Web ServiceSOAP vs RESTSOA
    1. JAX-WS Tutorial
      • JAX-WS TutorialRPC vs DocumentJAX-WS Ex RPCJAX-WS Ex Document
    2. JAX-RS Tutorial
      • JAX-RS TutorialJAX-RS Ex JerseyJAX-RS AnnotationsJAX-RS File DownloadJAX-RS File Upload
    • Weblogic Administration Interview Questions
    • Weblogic Commands used
    • Exception Names in WLS
    • Weblogic Topics
    • Architecture
    • weblogic Introduction
    • WLS Installation Steps
    • WLS Silent Mode Installation
    • WLS Domain Creation 2
    • WLS ~ Apache Configration
    • Creating JDBC Connection Pool/JDBC Data Source
    • Java DataBase Connectivity
    • Weblogic Server SSL Configuration
    • WLS SSL Configration
    • Differnce between WLS 8, 9 ,10
    • Difference between Webserver and Application server
    • Diff B/W Devlopment - Production
    • Difference B/W .out and .log
    • Differnce between Queue and Topic
    • Unicast - Multicast
    • Reset WLS username and password
    • Deployment Staging Modes
    • Console Deployment
    • Command line deployment
    • JVM
    • MyError Codes
    • Session Replication
    • Load Balancing in Weblogic Server
    • Thread Dump
    • Node Manager
    • BMC Remedy
    • Oracle WebLogic Server - Startup/Shutdown
    • Weblogic Monitiring CMD
Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud FAQ’s:
1.Why doing the spring boot certification is important?

The importance of doing spring boot certification is that you will learn concepts of Java and Spring Boot Framework. These concepts will help you in getting jobs like Java developer with Spring Boot, and many such other jobs.

2.What is the concept behind microservices spring boot Kubernetes?

You can make a microservice architecture with microservices spring boot Kubernetes. The Kubernetes can be used to create a microservice which has to be deployed on the Google Cloud.

3.Can we make spring cloud microservices architecture?

Yes! The course will let you know about spring cloud microservices architecture in detail so that you can apply it as and when required in your job.

4.How to learn microservices?

You can join Master Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Training course provided by FolksIT and learn Microservices and other technologies.

5.What will happen if I miss a lecture?

If you miss one or more lectures, we will provide you the videos of those lectures so you will not be at loss.

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