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SPLUNK Admin Online Training

The Splunk Admin training and certification have been crafted by our leading experts. This training program makes you proficient and commanding Splunk administrator. Splunk is a software that is used for data analysis, data searching, and monitoring machine-generated data. It makes the data to access easily. Splunk administrator deals with maintaining the Splunk environment up and running. Thus this Splunk admin training will empower you with all the best practices required to solve the issues which may arise in real-time scenarios.

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Splunk Training Overview

SPLUNK Admin Online Training

Splunk is used to secure and manage data. It is primarily used in monitoring, searching, analyzing, and visualizing the generated data in real-time. The role of Splunk admin is to manage and keep up with various aspects of Splunk enterprise regularly. In this course, you will master the role of Splunk administrator. Our Experienced professionals can train from scratch, installation, and scope.

Splunk Admin Certification - Key Features

  • Introduction to fundamentals like what is Splunk, licensing, etc.,
  • Configuration and installation of Splunk software
  • Splunk administrator roles and responsibilities
  • Get Splunk Admin certification guidance on how to take the exam and pass
  • Provide you with important Splunk admin interview questions and answers
  • Assist you in getting  Splunk admin jobs.

Who should Learn Splunk Admin?

This SPLUNK Admin Online Training is beneficial for system administrators, software developers, and individuals with an IT background. Additionally, it benefits individuals who are beginners and are looking to get into the Splunk environment. This Splunk Admin Certification will help the individuals to gain trust, skills, and confidence in the eyes of the employers.

Course curriculum
    • Introduction to the course
    • What is Splunk?
    • Prerequisites of learning Splunk
    • Setting up Splunk search head, indexer
    • Setting up Splunk forwarder
    • Splunk Licensing, Configuration files on Linux
    • Configuration files on Windows
    • Difference of Splunk configuration between Linux and Windows OS
    • Types of files in Splunk: Configuring inputs.conf, Common Splunk configuration files, outputs.conf, Configuring index.conf, Configuring props.conf,  Configuring savedsearches.conf
    • User creation and management
    • Managing indexes
    • Importance of roles
    • Different permissions of each index
    • Splunk development concepts
    • Roles and responsibilities of Splunk Developer
    • How to configure LDAP authentication in Splunk
    • Admin role in managing Splunk
    • What is an alert?
    • Reports and dashboards
    • Coordinating with Splunk Support
    • Implement Search Head Clustering
    • Implement Indexer Clustering
    • Different keywords
    • Splunk Basic search queries and perform searches through various commands: fields, table, rename
    • Understand rex, erex, multikv commands
    • Different commands and their functions: Top, Rare, Stats, Addcoltotals, Addtotals
    • Explore the available visualizations
    • Creation of charts and timecharts
    • Omit null values and format results
    • Deploy Apps using Deployment server
    • Creating tags and using them in search
    • Defining event types and their usefulness
    • Creating and using event types in search
    • Creation, modification, and usage of alerts
    • Using eval command
    • Perform calculations
    • Value Conversion
    • Round values
    • Format values
    • Conditional statements
    • Filtering calculated results
    • Raw Data Manipulation
    • Extraction of Fields
    • What are lookups?
    • Lookup file example
    • Creating a lookup table
    • Defining a lookup
    • Configuring an automatic lookup
    • Using the lookup in searches and reports
    • Explore the available visualizations
    • Creating reports and charts
    • Creating dashboards and adding reports
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SPLUNK Admin Online Training FAQ’s:
1.How do I get Splunk certification?

Firstly, Splunk learning is important. Then, you have to fill a form, get authorization and details of the examination in your mail. Then register yourself at the VUE testing facility near you or your home through an online proctor.

2.What is the cost of Splunk admin certification?

The Splunk certification cost for Administration starts from 125 USD.

3.How long is the Splunk admin certificate valid?

Your Splunk admin certificate is valid for 3 years from the time you receive your certificate and then you have to apply for renewal.

4.What are the Splunk certification benefits?

This certification will have a huge positive impact on the candidate who is getting hired. This certificate demonstrates a person’s ability in using Splunk software. It administers confidence in the person getting hired.

5.Is Splunk admin test easy?

Yes, this course is in line to help you clear the Splunk admin test. It covers all the aspects of Splunk admin test.

6.Which two apps ship with Splunk enterprise?

The apps that ship with Splunk enterprise are apps browser, getting started, Alert_logevent, and many more.

7.Do you provide Splunk flashcards?

Yes, we provide all the required information, so that you can study at your own pace.

8.What is the latest Splunk version?

The latest Splunk version is Splunk Enterprise 6.5.

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