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Cloudera Certification Training

Folks IT provides the best Cloudera training by the most experienced IT Professionals. The training course will present an opportunity for professionals to better equip themselves while opening better quality and high pay professional opportunities.

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Cloudera Developer Course Overview

Cloudera certification training

FolksIT provides Cloudera certification for both beginners and experienced professionals in one place. Expert Cloudera instructors with real-world experience in Cloudera concepts for Bigdata and Hadoop will provide the training. You can customize your Cloudera training according to your learning and business needs. Getting trained in Cloudera technologies allows IT professionals and developers to manage their data more deliberately and efficiently.

Cloudera Online Course - Key Features

  • Understand basic concepts such as what is Cloudera, parts, etc.,
  • Step by step process of software installation
  • Learn incorporated topics i.e., Data architect, big data, Apache Spark and Hadoop
  • Download Cloudera tutorial pdf
  • Check the interview questions provided by real-time interviewers
  • We conduct mock tests to understand the format of the online exam.
  • Get Cloudera certification finally to get placed easily 

Cloudera Online Training Eligibility

This Cloudera Certification Training program will be very helpful to anyone like Cloudera Online Course Australia Candidates who are looking to start their career as a Cloudera developer or Hadoop developer. Join now to start the online course.

Course curriculum
    • Problems with traditional large-scale systems
    • Requirements for a new approach
    • An Overview of Hadoop
    • The Hadoop Distributed File System
    • Hands-On Exercise
    • How MapReduce Works
    • Hands-On Exercise
    • Anatomy of a Hadoop Cluster
    • Other Hadoop Ecosystem Components
    • The MapReduce Flow
    • Examining a Sample MapReduce Program
    • Basic MapReduce API Concepts
    • The Driver Code
    • What is Mapper and how does it work?
    • What is a Reducer?
    • Hadoop's Streaming API
    • Using Eclipse for Rapid Development
    • Relational Database Management Systems
    • Storage Systems
    • Creating workflows with Oozie
    • Importing Data from RDBMSs With Sqoop
    • Hands-On Exercise
    • Importing Real-Time Data with Flume
    • Accessing HDFS Using FuseDFS and Hoop
    • Using Combiners
    • Using LocalJobRunner Mode for Faster Development
    • Reducing Intermediate Data with Combiners
    • The configure and close methods for MapReduce Setup and Teardown
    • Writing Partitioners for Better Load Balancing
    • Directly Accessing HDFS
    • Using The Distributed Cache
    • Hive Basics
    • Pig Basics
    • Sorting and Searching
    • What is Indexing and how to use it?
    • Machine Learning with Mahout
    • Term Frequency - Inverse Document Frequency
    • What is Word Co-Occurrence
    • Testing with MR Unit
    • Debugging MapReduce Code
    • Using Local Job Runner Mode for Easier Debugging
    • Eclipse development techniques
    • Retrieving Job Information with Counters
    • What is Logging?
    • What are Splittable File Formats?
    • Determining the Optimal Number of Reducers
    • Map-Only MapReduce Jobs
    • Implementing Multiple Mappers using Chain Mapper
    • Custom Writables and Writable Comparables
    • Saving Binary Data using Sequence Files and Avro Files
    • Creating Input Formats and Output Formats
    • Map-Side Joins
    • The Secondary Sort
    • Reduce-Side Joins
    • Introduction to graph techniques
    • Representing Graphs in Hadoop
    • Implementing a sample algorithm: Single Source Shortest Path
    • The Motivation for Oozie
    • Oozie's Workflow Definition Format
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Cloudera certification training FAQ’s:
1.What are the career prospects upon clearing Cloudera training and certifications?

Certifications provision to big data management paves way for vivid career profiles. Cloudera certifications are industry recognized and accepted globally. One can affirm for roles such as Data analyst, Hadoop developer and system administrator.

2.Who is a data architect?

Data architects are professionals who practice an IT discipline associated with designing, creating and managing the respective organization’s database.

3.What are the benefits of cloudera training and certification courses?

Cloudera certifications helps you find better jobs with high salaries. Also make Cloudera data analyst professionals eligible for salary hikes and promotions.

4.Is it a worthwhile investment towards cloudera bigdata certification training?

Yes, it is entirely worth to go for Cloudera bigdata certification training. Today, enterprises are in the midpoint of utilizing the data available to create and deliver products that are needed by the customers and one that meets the market trend. FolksIT is an accredited Cloudera training partner to deliver their certification training for both professionals and enterprise teams worldwide.

5.What are the objectives for the Cloudera developer training for Apache Spark and Hadoop?

The course objectives are:

  • Apache Hadoop ecosystem and how it’s fitting in within the data processing lifecycle
  • Data distribution and storage process within a Hadoop cluster
  • Writing and deploying Apache Spark applications on a Hadoop cluster
  • How to use Spark shell and Spark applications
  • Understanding query data by using SQL and datasets
  • Using spark cascade to process live data stream
6.Who should go for the Cloudera Apache Hadoop Administration training course?

The Cloudera Apache Hadoop Administration training course is best equipped one to system administrators and IT managers with basic Linux experience. The course doesn’t require prior knowledge of Apache Hadoop, all you need is just a strong willingness to learn.

7.Is FolksIT solutions a Cloudera accredited training provider?

Yes, FolksIT is an accredited Cloudera training partner to deliver their certification courses globally.

8.Do you provide Cloudera Internships?

We do not provide Cloudera Internships but we do provide entire Cloudera architecture through Cloudera developer training and we also provide Cloudera developer certification.

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